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  1. I haven’t even looked at the GP Extreme. I’ll have to read up on it. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Funny you mentioned that. I messaged that seller and asked him if he was selling it for so low because it was counterfeit. He never responded. 🤔
  3. Thanks for the response. I’ve been wondering how Arizona compares to elsewhere. We don't have crazy red dirt all over here like I see in some photos of Australia, but it seems we have a lot of hot rocks. Anybody here with experience in Arizona vs. other states?
  4. Thanks. I did some minor cleaning to the Barber. The Franklin and the Mercury didn't need anything!
  5. Looks like citrine in a sterling band? Nice job.
  6. Thankfully, we made it to the mountains. Maybe I would have died in the heat if I tried doing that here in the Valley.
  7. I've found that works really well for cruddy coins, as well. I wanted to baby this one, so I brought it home dirty and put it in the sonicator.
  8. Not too shabby for an Arizona weekend. (We don’t have the old stuff you others have got in the ground.) Three straight days of detecting yields an 1898 Barber Quarter, 1945 Mercury dime, 1951 Franklin 50 cent piece, Utah state tax token, 13 Wheat pennies, some other trinkets, and a 14k gold/platinum setting diamond ring. Not shown here was also a serial number stamped on a plaque from an 1880s sewing machine and a whole pile of other junk. I’m most excited about the Barber and the 50 cent silver. The quarter was about 6-7 inches down and on edge. It sounded good both ways, but swinging inconsistent numbers on the Equinox 800 in Field 1 with the 15 inch coil. I surmise the yard had been cleaned out before even though the owner thought it had not. That was one of it’s only few coins in 8 hours of detecting it—and the yard was massive. Conversely, the Merc., Franklin, and most of the Wheats came from the another small 8’ by 16 ‘ front yard that took only a couple of hours to detect. The diamond ring came from the old school house. Left by someone else unwilling to dig a repeatable number 12 target. Can’t wait to do it again, but going to need some muscle recovery time from all those lunges and precision digging.
  9. I’m curious to how you all see the mineralization of the soils you detect compared to other locations. Our soil here in central Arizona seems to be fairly mineralized. But, we haven’t been detecting anywhere out of state to let us effectively compare. Here’s a USGS map showing relative iron concentration in US soils. There appears to be heavy iron concentrations in the Pacific Northwest. Does this reflect your experience on the ground? If so, has this affected what you choose to swing? If not, how do you think your soil compares to elsewhere? us iron concentrations.pdf
  10. What is that rake like tool but without any tines? I’ve never seen one like that. It looks like it would be great for moving dirt on tailings piles.
  11. Cell phones are fun to image too, but aren't really relative here. I thought of posting a picture of my foot here that I took on Monday after stubbing my toe on the way to prospecting, but again, probably doesn't fit the topic well enough. Fun roentgenograms you have to show here. 👍
  12. I appreciate the opinions. From scouring forum discussions and detecting classifieds, it seems the prices for used GPZs can be in the mid to upper $4000s, even for one in "excellent condition". A thread in this forum from early 2017 suggested a ball park used price of $6k. That was 2 years ago and maybe not long enough after the 2016 price drop to see it pull down used detector costs. Based on current eBay listings, it looks like people want more! Three of the recent listings "sold" for $6400+ . Out of skepticism I messaged the sellers. They each said they still had the detector due to non-paying bidders. There was a pair of GPZs that sold for $3300 each out of Russia. ;) Any recollections of recent sales by those who have been around here for a while? Unfortunately, there isn't any history of them in the classifieds here to get an idea.
  13. Here’s the inside of my coil.
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