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  1. That’s what I’m picturing with potential 40 mph gusts. 😂
  2. That’s an interesting thought. Do you have any experience with comparing the noise canceling buds to stock the over the ear cans? I’ve found the fit on the stock GPZ and SDC leave a lot to desire. They blunt the wind noise, but not enough for my liking.
  3. The last couple of times I’ve been detecting gusts of wind were up to about 20 mph. Today is forecast for gusts up to 30-40 mph. How does it affect your approach... or attitude?
  4. I’m sorry for your health challenge, Norm. Absolutely no one wants to go through that. It appears to be on the more serious end of things by looks of your surgical hardware. Wishing you better health along with heavy doses of patience and courage.
  5. I did, but ended up back at the stock setting due to FOMG (fear of missing gold).
  6. Thanks. I did. For me, the multifrequency setting seemed to handle the hot dirt and bedrock better in this area. These pieces were fairly shallow on significantly variable ground. Even though Minelab says Gold 2 is for difficult ground, it was too reactive here. Gold 2 also wasn’t as capable sniffing out the smaller specks. I found that Gold 1 mode was the way to go along with frequent manual ground balancing. I also did as some others here have mentioned elsewhere here by canceling out signals in the -9 to -7 range. That really helped to better handle the noise. It’s much more in
  7. I use the GM1000 when I want to find smaller bits, go headphone free, or not think too much about settings. I use the EQX800 when I want to have better discrimination, manage heavier mineralization, or tinker with settings. In the picture, the inner ring are all GM1000 finds from the same area. Outside that includes some GPZ and EQX results. As a particular experiment, after thoroughly cleaning out an area with the GM, I came back to see what the EQX with the 6 inch coil could scrub up. A few larger leftovers were simply masked by mineralization that the GM seemed to be struggling
  8. It would likely not be possible to use GPS to measure sweep speed. That could be done with an accelerometer. It would be more likely, and consistent with the picture, to use GPS to measure walking speed.
  9. GM 1000: For the teaching me how to listen for nuggets of decreasing size all the way down to under 0.1 grain in variable, mineralized soils. The ability to quickly flip into and out of auto sensitivity was a super helpful learning tool.
  10. To follow their own marketing terminology, what would the experienced user say are the best features for the SDC and the GPX 5000?
  11. This is my comment/question, exactly. I’ve liked my short time with the SDC, but am sure hopeful for some improvement. The ever warbling threshold masks some of the tiniest targets for me. Anyone with past experience have a guess on how long Minelab spends repurposing the military model into a consumer version?
  12. One of my biggest regrets is telling a couple of fellow club members about where I found a larger nugget. After all, one of the club’s mottos is “no secrets”! In trying to be careful, I gave the name of a small claim that was nearby and seldom visited. Later on, I decided the claim name I had given would be a desirable location to look into in more depth due to being closer to the source in the same drainage. Upon revisiting the “decoy” claim, the landscape had been totally changed. It had been intensely creviced and dredged to smithereens. Needless to say, I’m a lot more careful about sharing
  13. Sounds like they are pretty well hardened. The tip seems sharper than any other picks I've seen.
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