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  1. Interesting feedback. Even with a smaller coil wouldn’t a PI have less reactivity to hot rocks than a hot VLF? P.S. Not a challenge to what you have seen. Just trying to understand theories. The only thing I can compare to here is the SDC.
  2. Since people are throwing in votes, I would love to see a coil further unlike the currently available Minelab selections. One that diversifies the machine even more. A smaller elliptical coil, would be a nice crevice hunter and perhaps allow leaving the Gold Monster/Equinox/other VLF behind. I’d love to see a 10x6” or 10x5”.
  3. My observations have been that there is obvious EMI related to air traffic and other unstable threshold due to unknown factors. For instance, overhead airplanes always disrupt the balance. Those at lower altitudes are noticeably worse. Then there are times it just seem to get a little wacky without any obvious cause. Some of the time a noise cancel seems to quiet it down and other times not. The latter leads me to wonder if EMI is indeed not the end all cause of the erratic episodes.
  4. …hoping Minelab takes my money for some GPX 6000 accessory coils.
  5. So, seems to be the truth. I had passed over this area before using only the GM 1000 and had nothing to show for it. I’m right there with you in trying discern the differences between the normal and difficult modes. As of yet, I haven’t been able to decide what differences the modes make on these targets. Hopefully, it will become apparent with more flight time. Simply based on history with the GPZ, I’ve been trying to keep it in normal, as much as possible, but as of yet I can’t tell. There are other things I have noticed, but it seems variable as to when they occur. At times, it has been a little less sensitive to EMI when in difficult mode. But, what really shocked me was when on this recent excursion and passing from exposed bedrock to silty overburden, switching to normal mode significantly calmed the threshold. It had me scratching my head with how striking it was. Coincidentally, afterwards I read JP speaking of the same thing in another thread. I’m all ears if someone else is noticing a pattern with the modes on targets.
  6. I was just looking back at this thread trying to understand which were the 5. Did anyone find a 5th patent? I wonder, what is considered a key product? It seems a key product might be considered more than a coil. Of course, I don't really know.
  7. Do we know what the 5 key products for the year were for sure now?
  8. Here are some recent finds using the the Minelab GPX 6000 with the 11” monoloop coil and the Gold Monster 1000 to finish the job. What was impressive to me was how small and rough/reefy/prickly/spongy were the pieces. The location was on an extensively worked, old club claim likely pounded by every previous detector. I collected very little trash. In a half day of work, there were only two pieces of bird shot, 3 pieces of rusted iron flake, 3 bits of aluminum, and many small hot rocks found. The small hot rocks were picked up when trying to localize the targets with the Gold Monster. Only a couple larger hot rocks were heard by the GPX. This would have been different if there were much ironstone. So far, it has seemed to me that the new GPX really prefers the signal from rounded gold. Nevertheless, it was able to sniff out these very rough pieces even at sub-grain weights. They were mostly only ghost-like deviations in the threshold betwixt the warbles. (You know the kind of change that is so subtle that only your subconscious brain picks up on, but then when you focus with your conscious brain you’re not really sure, so you decide to dig anyway.) I was pushing both the machine and my attention pretty hard. This is the same area I’ve previously mentioned that causes a lot it EMI for the 6000 due to heavy overhead air traffic. The settings were Auto 2, either Normal or Difficult ground, and with the threshold on. The two largest pieces are just over 2 grains each. The rest were less than a grain each. Impressive machine.
  9. Found a nice couple of bits under about 8-9 inches of damp sand and dirt in normal auto 2 with the 11 inch coil making an obvious mellow “yes” tone. Twenty grains and 11 grains.
  10. I’ve always just done once. But, Geof has me hypothesizing maybe multiple wraps work better for eventual clean removal. How many times do you other guys wrap?
  11. Well, to any others reading here, fiberglass tape goes on very nicely, but is a horrible mess to remove after the tape begins to break down. The adhesive is extremely gummy and doesn’t dissolve easily with citrus oil based adhesive removers. Be advised to not go there. For those of you using electrical tape, how often do you change it out? I’ve been wondering if more frequent changing may keep it easier to remove.
  12. Sent a PM to Steve about it yesterday, but understand he is rightfully away having a fun time and will pop up when it’s a convenient.
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