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  1. Awesome. They look handy. What’s in the bottom of the largest diameter one? Is that a Garrett classifier?
  2. Have you ever wished for a smaller classifier that fits your small pan for remote, hiking and sampling purposes? Here’s something that may work at least until any manufacturer decides that small pans deserve matching classifiers, too. 1. Select a pan that nests inside the one you want to use. 2. Download and print a steel perforating template. 3. Use some water soluble glue to affix the template to the bottom of your extra pan. 4. Once the glue is dry, drill small pilot holes through the center of each circle on the template. I used a 3/32 inch for the pilot hole. 5. Next, use a larger drill bit to match the size of the holes on your template. I used 5/16 inch holes. Advance the bit carefully so as to not bite to quickly and crack your pan (like I did). 6. Afterwards, soak and rinse off the template and glue. The picture below is a 10” black pan nested inside a 10” blue pan.
  3. I've wondered about coating them with either silicone or epoxy. Supposedly, once the nickel/copper coating wears off the magnets will degrade. I haven't ever seen anybody coating his or hers though. Maybe someone with more experience here has.
  4. I suppose it makes sense from their point of view. Why should they want to lose money on giving away free accessories? The SDC has always been popular without them. In contrast to a new owner’s point of view, it’s like they are fixing know issues. (Yeah, we know the steering wheel gets really hot in this car, so we’ve included a plush steering wheel cover for you with your purchase. 😁) At the end of the day, to them maybe it’s more like a new version than a fix. Makes me wonder if there is a new MSRP.
  5. Yes. That may be a decent idea. I believe some of those circular K&J magnets have a #10 countersunk hole. I haven't gone as far as taking the screw out of the Harbor Freight magnet to size it up. There is something to be said for not to having to kneel down for every flake of iron.
  6. That's it. The price was right and I was in a rush. 🙂. The downsides are that it’s an extra tool to handle and it’s not a neodymium magnet. The upsides are that it is cheap, it can be used while standing, it is easily pushed into and through loosened dirt. It got the job done nicely.
  7. I thought this testing method was an interesting choice. It’s a good idea of what to do when it’s too darn hot to go outside here in AZ. One question I had was how does a moving target in motionless dirt affect the results? Wouldn’t the dirt need to be moving in order to create a signal that the detector would sense and also trigger auto ground balance? Maybe that’s what you’re getting at with a manual sensitivity setting, Phrunt. Because of that, I took it as a relative depth test between coils, not as an accurate depth test even though it’s using a fixed soil barrier. Thoughts?
  8. It’s been a while of meaning to reply to this thread. I certainly don’t want to hijack it, rather follow up with the results of the good advice given here. Shortly before reading the above comments, I was hunting some trashy tailings piles, as well. I chose the 5” coil on the GM1000 and found 2 nuggets. The amount of trash was profound. As has been said, I figured it meant few others had bothered with it. After seeing VAnursePaul’s timely post, I went back to the same piles, but took along a dirt-cheap Harbor Freight Pittsburg Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool for $7.99. I couldn’t wait for the order of K&J magnets that Rob recommended to arrive. (By the way, those magnets are amazing! Thanks for the recommendation.) In the meantime, the cheap pickup tool worked great. It wasn’t neodymium strength, but there was no way I could have processed that pile without it. The second time around, the EQX 800 with the 6” coil put up a good fight against the Gold Monster. In a strange way, the Equinox is more pleasing to the ear, but I digress. After a filling a pouch with iron bits, two more nuggets popped out. VAnursePaul, thanks for the great question and, as always, the generous sharing of responses. Thanks, guys.
  9. Hopefully, it's solid for you when you get it back. I took the plunge and performed the bathtub test, last night. After soaking it 8 hours in 1 foot-ish of water, all seems normal. Any ideas if it takes deeper water/more pressure for the failures to occur?
  10. After some time has passed for further clarification, it appears that the upgrades will not be covered under warranty. Owner's are told that they should contact their local dealers and see what they might do to accommodate for the changes. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but that's the official story.
  11. Called Minelab, N.A., today. Asked if there was information on whether there would be any accommodation for those still under warranty. Phone support just received the first official upgrade info, yesterday. Sounds unlikely, but further details need ironing out. One point made was that current old stock is still needing to be consumed. It sure would be nice for those of us who just got one to not have to pay a lot for some of the "fixes". I haven't seen any prices, yet, either.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I received one of the first units available here, but have been chicken to test it. Has anyone here done the bathtub dunk check or the like and recommend doing it?
  13. It was the last straw for a detector that tips over on any and every bit uneven ground. It actually worked not so bad. If anybody needs to just get through the day, you could give this a try. Fifty cents of nylon braided rope, a juniper branch, and some good, old-fashioned Boy Scout lashing. Just make sure the frapping is good and snug. It might work even slightly better to carve a groove for the shaft into the stick. If it loosens a little, just re-frap and you’re good to go. Yes, there are more elegant manufactured versions available, but isn’t the saying “frustration is the mother of invention”?
  14. One of the coolest American coins ever made! Congrats.
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