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  1. "XLT style ...😁...always liked it." You took the words right out of my mouth cjc 😉 Now if they could slap "Mixed Mode" on that bad boy, I might consider one.
  2. Could be as simple as the headphones your using, I'm very picky to which headphones I plug into the GPX. For me, one popular brand creates an extra threshold or constant buzzing/wheezing sound that drives me nuts. While on the subject I will also mention the cell phone can cause a nuisance with the gpx. If I have to carry the phone while gpx'n, I switch it into airplane mode. Good luck with it.
  3. Chase, yes concentric, old habits are hard to kick.
  4. The true gap in XP's coil line up is the lack of Mono coils, not everybody detects parks and beaches. In fact as a relic hunter I only need a DD coil for about 20% of my detecting when hunting higher mineralization or early site iron rubbish. For example, a mono coil would be great when running Coin Deep or Gold 1 on the ORX, preferring the 9" DD for Coin Fast mode. My reasoning for getting the 13x11 is for that little extra depth that mono coils bring to the field. In my experience the mono coils ID iron and pinpoint better. Having logged in quite a few hours on my buddies D 2 now, I believe a mono coil would suit Relic and the Mono freq modes well, and maybe more.
  5. Tech changes, but this still holds true. Have always preferred a 2 tone setup, the low tone for the targets I'm not interested in, and the high tone for the targets I am. Really no need for different tones for targets that I know I'm going to dig anyhow, just my preference and why I still swing a White's Mixed Mode. 3 custom programs I've built on my buddies D2 I've got to run for the last couple months until his arm heals up are, #2 Sense in 2 Tone, Mono 17khz in 2 Tone, and a tweaked Relic mode program. Can't help but think a small mono coil could come into play in the scenarios mentioned if XP ever made one. Would love a big mono coil for the ORX, though the 13" X 35 is no slouch.
  6. Bought and have many hours use with this coil on the ORX. Expected it to be a lil nose heavy over my 9 HF, no matter because its a very light setup. The coil performs well and gets down to that next layer I like to hunt. Even performed well and cleaned up some missed targets at one of my GPX'd gridded hot spots. All I can figure is between my disc setting and the GPX's recovery speed, targets were missed. A thumbs up on this coil.
  7. Proper Modulation...Hey Now The higher you raise Audio Response the more shallow and deep targets will have the same volume, what you want to do is lower AR to get that depth modulation. Great tool, I run it low.
  8. Disc is set to low. I use this coil in Civil War sites in mild soil and like to dig some, but not all iron, and I won't set any lower than 7. This setting avoids small iron, and on larger iron which I like to dig, often there is a nice dig'able tone in the center of the target signal, though on the outer edges of the signal you'll get the iron grunt. I always know an iron target when digging one.
  9. Oh that's where we hunted next to Parking lot. Your tractor pic is of that field, I see the lil white church, so assumed that's where you guys were too. Funny, we met at the parking lot that morning and I was watching the first couple guys digging non stop in the freshly cropped field and told my buddies, I think we should stay. Then the disc tractor showed up and made conditions perfect for the day, it was on. My first steps on that field and I just started pulling relics non stop and never moved out of the 40'x40 square I grid all day, finishing with upwards of 50 bullets and some miscellaneous brass.
  10. Great post ! You guys had a nice hunt, especially considering that was our 7th dig on that farm, 6 of which was pounded with 250 really good relic hunters armed with GPX's. I also had to slide over for the tractor and spent the last 2 days on that same field. That field was one of the last sweet spots on the farm that was still holding plenty due to many farming and weather circumstances, so your relic senses were spot on. Looks like great company here so I'd like to share my DIV 50 fun as well for my first post. Once again nice hunt guys.
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