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  1. I have the same issue with the ML Pro Sonic that I use with the SDC. It also drops out quickly if transmit/receiver are not in immediate vicinity. Seems to be a general issue then
  2. That happens to me too, a lot. I need to have the WM12 on the same side where I hold the GPZ, otherwise it starts dropping
  3. I have the Camelbak Ambush and have both the SP01 and the Wm12 clipped on the sternum strap. I secured them so it won't move around during digging. Alternatively, I put the WM12 in a small belt pouch. Just clipped on the belt and it constantly slips out while digging, so no good. In hot weather the ML harness is just too cumbersome and I overheat quickly with all that extra fabric The hipstick is the way to go for me. Pick behind the upper back? Then you better don't fall backwards.... PS: The dust mask I use on days where the air is really bad (from fires) or if it's very windy with sand
  4. Good idea Simon. Yeah, recovering those 0.001 g metal wire trash with the 14 in coil can be really fun. So, I nice pinpointer would come in handy as the ML PF35 would not register that small trash at all. My only worry would be how to carry it comfortably while keeping it away as far as possible from the Z during long detecting sessions, and still not being overloaded from all the other stuff (hipstick, hydration backpack, pic holder, SP01, etc....). Also, turning the GM on and off each time while keeping the Z away as far as possible appears a bit cumbersome. However, very cool set up that yo
  5. Who knows. But I bet ML has heard the complaining about the lack of coil options loud and clear. They may team up with someone (NF?....). Obviously, they know about the success of the X-coils and I would think they want a piece of the coil pie eventually...;). I think the GPZ even with the small coil would poke out from my back pack. At times, I want to hide all my equipment including pick in my backpack, so nobody knows what I am up to. If asked about my big backpack, I just say I am a photographer....;)
  6. I also like that the SDC is foldable. I can't think of any other detector with this performance level that I would take on a 8 mile hike into the bush (although I have done that shouldered with the GPZ.....). I could also imagine that more coil options would become available for the GPZ as the GPX 6000 is rolling out. Like a product refresh cycle.
  7. Explaining complex theories in simple terms is a sign of truly mastering the underlying content. I for my part rarely understand the complexity of gold formations, aside from simple lode or river placer deposits. Even less so is my ability to predict where to find it. I do my research, look at geological maps and learn about the history of the localities I go to. At times, it allows me to get a better view on what to look for, but more than often I find gold where I would have never expected it. Looking at mountain formations often does not help since the gold in many cases was already there
  8. So Einstein's quote is wrong? 🙂 If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein
  9. Planned to go up in there tomorrow. However, with all the current wildfires around here that are severely impacting traffic, in particular driving East through towards the Sierras into NNV, I will give it a pass (for now). So, go ahead an clean up before I get there...Checked the weather in Lovelock, heavy smoke expected from the fires in the entire basin area and 100 deg. heat. Enjoy!
  10. Here is an interesting read about it. Makes me wonder if there are more undiscovered locations with conditions similar to those at Rye Patch http://www.onlinenevada.org/articles/ice-age-nevada-and-lake-lahontan
  11. Did you ever find anything on the right of the street (east)? I haven't
  12. AMEN! I just started to use the hipstick very recently, used the ML ProSwing before. A few weeks in and I can't imagine ever being without it anymore.
  13. Where the placers are salt isn't actually that big of an issue. I can hunt in HY/normal without problems
  14. Yeah it looks different now. Whenever I am out there I hardly see a soul! BTW, I misspoke earlier. I of course meant WEST of the Majuba placers towards the hills, not to the east. But watch there are active claims beginning at the foothills.
  15. Hike towards the hills on the east site of the Majuba placers, away from where the crowd has been eating for decades
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