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  1. For me, digging everything with a PI is still the safest method, in particular when paired with "selective detecting". What I mean with that is that I do alot of scraping and digging, before I even start detecting. By a river I think about where gold could be (think like gold), then I start removing rocks and dig holes before I even start firing up my detector. On a typical 8h detecting day I find myself roughly 4 hour digging and 4 hour detecting. This method can be productive, since gold is usually not just laying around (anymore) for easy detecting. So, if I just wander around by a river and detect I seldomly find anything, unless I really dig. In the desert I most often do the boot scrape method but then detect everything that's left when using PI or ZVT. The VLF I most often use for tailing piles and then strictly go by ID, but caveats need to be understood. GC
  2. You guys in NZ just don't have the kind of dirty hands we yankees have 🤪
  3. I think Steve H said it all. Why debating this issue? If there is reason for concern with the CF shaft being a problem (with ample proof now available), then just use a different non conducting rod. Problem solved. Same with metal containing boots. Just don't wear any if you have an alternative. Fact is that I bought a 1.6k machine for gold prospecting and I have a conductive rod that lights up in gold prospecting mode. That is a design screw up, plain and simple, unless you never would prospect for gold. I am already on Steve's lower shaft list. Whether it fixes all problems or not does'nt matter. I just don't want a conductive rod at all in principle. It would not make any sense. GC
  4. Thanks for doing all this Phrunt! ML should consider you as a tester. GC
  5. Whatever the reason, shaft issues, hypersensitive electronics, wrong wiring, I have no idea. But the Manticore sucks in bump senitivity in gold mode. Even when you don't touch anything just strong wind can cause the chatter. I am actually really suprised that the testers did not pic that up. Or, they just had relic hunters test it who never used the gold mode. However, no wind, no touching anything, no fly landing on the coil, and the Manti is brilliant for shallow gold in trashy sites. GC
  6. This is a forum like no other, and there is nothing out there that I know of that comes even close. Steve, I agree with Northeast if there is anything that you need for professional help to be paid to fix the problem, please reach out to me. This forum is and has been an inspiration for me, like I am sure for many others. Let's keep the dream alive. And besides, I bet virtually every detector company is following this forum to get feedback on their products, be alerted of issues, and to understand where the next product lines should go. In fact, I bet they would pay for all of what you need, just to keep this forum alive for their own sake 🙂 GC
  7. Size and depth matters for me when comparing 6k and 7k. For shallow <=5 inch fast gold the 6k beats the 7k when run hot, no doubt. For depth > 5 inch the 7k beats the 6k in HY/Normal, even when the gold remains very small. So, it is not just the coil size that matters, it is the ground processing ability that the Z has that is just unmatched and that favors small gold recovery at depth. So, there is no "general cleanup detector" IMO. It all depends on the conditions and for what type of gold size/depth the cleanup needs to be done. The NF!2 is the ideal coil for the Z IMO to balance depth/sensitivity and DOD configuration to support optimal ground processing. I have found gold with the 7/NF12 that did not register on a 3 digit scale. Pretty impressive sensitivity even for tiny gold. But important are also the settings used. With smoothing on and in difficult the fast gold is often too fast.... GC
  8. Beautiful finds. The Z with the NF12 remains my preferred detector for a reason. GC
  9. For hunting gold it is all about these faint targets. Subtle treshold variations is what you have to listen for. Getting IDs comes way later for deep targets once you have begun digging and you are within about 3 inch or less. Most nuggets I recovered had no ID nor any other visual indicator at first. It's all about your ears. GC
  10. The real difference for me would be to be able to accurately discriminate at depth with PI or ZVT technology. If you can hunt at a trashy mine site and punch a foot deep and still ID a 0.2g nugget, this is where the real value would come in. So much gold is still locked up in 12-15 inch depth zone at mine sites that currently can only be explored with a VLF at 1-2 inch depth. I think AI technology could eventually get us there, but would need some really smart engineering. And even better, solve the lead/gold problem! But the latter might just remain a pipe dream forever. GC
  11. That's right. Weight alone would not cut it for me neither. After a full day of detecting with the 7000 I need 4 Advil to feel almost good at night. That would give me 137 years of pain free detecting, assuming I spend 8k on advil ($0.04/pill) and detect every day, instead of spending 8k for a light weight (and otherwise nothing) gpz 8000. ? GC
  12. Could not agree more. The monster meter has probably fooled me in 90% of times, and I usually never paid attention.
  13. M8 performance is excellent, close to the monster with small coil in ideal conditions. Things change though in hot ground compared to air, sensitivity maxes out at about 20-22 for me before getting too unstable. Also, higher gain will make the target ID performance less accurate. For small gold the depth remains moderate (as expected for VLF), and I would say in trashy ground the target ID is usable down to 1-2 inch depth. GC
  14. I wonder if they would make a Sadie for that one. Would get you the really small stuff. ?
  15. He is one of the most knowledgeable gold miners on YouTube, and one of the most educational one to watch for river prospecting. One of the key points: look for gold where gold was found before. GC
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