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  1. It shows you how versatile the GPZ is and how it can deliver results in so extremely different ground conditions. Here in the Motherlode country HY/difficult gives the best results (at least for me) as in normal mode faint deep targets are missed due to high mineralized soil response that masks anything deeper than about 3-5 inch. If I run in HY/normal I only pick up shallow small gold. But as always, not one method fits all. I have not heard much about the extra deep mode though. Even with the 19 inch general/difficult seems to work best. I wonder if anywhere else in the world so much gold ca
  2. Thanks, JP! Amazing gold and amazing operator! Every GPZ owner on this forum should be greatful for your detailed explanations and advice!
  3. Incredible! Out of curiosity, is HY/difficult your right away setting in this ground, or do you try normal always first before switching? Thanks
  4. Thanks, good to know. The best would be to check with the local authorities. From what I heard, the "tolerance level" varies from county to county based on the local sheriff. The question is in what trouble you might actually get really into if you ever had to use it (god forbid). CA gun laws are super strict.
  5. Awesome, Gerry!! These timeless magazines are worth the gold they are describing. No, I won't show you what magazines I had under my bed....🤪
  6. I personally had no luck with the Bates. Poor quality and cracked after 2 months. Perhaps it was a lemon. But it really all depends what you do with them. On flat terrain they are a acceptable, but when you hike into steep rocky canyons you need something more solid
  7. Sorry, did not mean any offense. I enjoy Vodka myself every now and then.
  8. Good luck for you out there. Might be worthwhile to have an associate with you at all times. Gold mining was unfortunately always married with crime. Probably not different now in some places. Like many booming mining camps, Bodie soon earned a reputation for violence and lawlessness. Killings were sometimes daily events and robberies, stage holdups and street fights were common occurrences in the camp. In its day, Bodie was more widely known for its lawlessness than for its riches. Of Bodie, the Reverend F.M. Warrington would describe it in 1881 as “a sea of sin, lashed by the
  9. I would nominate both GPZ and SDC. Two very different machines but superb in their own ways. Shared gold medal in my view. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  10. It depends in which state you are in. Definitely not a good idea in CA.
  11. I think there is a big difference between folks who come there over the winter from colder states to spend some time for prospecting and desert fun, and those homeless who are mostly locals and just live out there. Not to say that all homeless are dangerous of course.
  12. My last "encounter" was in North Nevada desert. The guy was actually pretty nice until he found out that I am from California. Then, he got angry and accused me of being a f...ng Socialist, like everyone else in California. However, he eventually calmed down after hearing my German accent and also after I assured him that I am not in any way of form related to Nancy Pelosi (one of our state representatives). He then even offered me a beer.... 🤣
  13. That's exactly my mindset, Simon. Well said. The problem here is just: where to go? Most gold bearing land in the US with rich mining history is either on private land, on state owned land, or on open BLM land which can be claimed. It is the latter land, in particular in remote areas, where you see all sort of weirdos living in their tents or old campers. Encountering them can be very unpleasant and dangerous, especially with expensive detector equipment. They could put a bullet in your head and nobody would ever find out.
  14. Well said, Dave. Bringing a weapon is no solution, and where would you even carry it with all the gear already on your belt for the detector. I often go alone in remote areas and I mostly worry about bears and mountain lions. But I guess I have to add this to my list as well. Recently, here in the Sierras a father has been shot and killed while hiking with his daughter.
  15. Looks like he had a fair amount of Vodka 😉
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