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  1. An interesting aspect of alluvial fans is the often observed "reverse grading". This means that the heavier rocks (and gold) can often be found on the surface of the debris flow, not at the bottom like in water-only flows, such as rivers. This has to do with the density and strength of the flow material (matrix) which creates pressure gradients by which larger (and heavier) material are moved upwards, not downwards. This is why you don't have to look for bedrock in alluvial fans (good luck...), instead the heavy materials (including coarse gold) can be on the surface and within detector reach.πŸ€ πŸ€‘ GC "Reverse grading often forms due to sieving and density differentials during transport, which forces large clasts to the top" https://sites.google.com/site/wvugeol616advancedsed/home/alluvial-fans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graded_bedding
  2. That's why I haven't thus far come across a "professional" detectorist here in the US who is not living full time in a tent.....unless of course you have some sort of other income, like being a detector dealer. GC
  3. Thanks for posting. Looks like he run with 4 clicks gain. Although the button was rather large 18 inch of depth with 4 clicks is still pretty good. That combined with the higher stability and the elliptical shape makes this coil a really interesting option, also because you can get it better in deeper holes. I wonder if NF coils generally are quieter. The NF-Zsearch is also much more stable than the 14 stock. GC
  4. I really think the global supply chain crunch, due to Covid and other related factors, is to blame. All sectors are impacted, just look at the car industry. The question is just to what extend companies, especially those with high reputation, are willing to take a gamble and risk their good name by implementing lower end backup strategies.
  5. If technical issues with the 6k would indeed be a systemic and wide spread problem (note the word if) then I don't see how they could possibly release any more detector models anytime soon. Obviously, some major issues in quality control and manufacturing would need to be addressed first. Mine has no issue thus far however, but I surely acknowledge all the problems reported here. This brings back the king question to my mind.... GC
  6. Thanks, Norvic. You amaze me. And you really want to get rid of it? I always get so attached to my good old detectors with all the memories I have with them. And in your case, this would be especially emotional to part from such a beauty πŸ™‚ GC
  7. Very cool! I would keep it! ML should learn from you. I have hopes for a more modern SDC coming out sometime in the near future GC
  8. Super modded lightweight SDC? mmmmm...this sounds interesting. How did you manage? The regular SDC is so clunky. But yeah, the MPF timings can come in really handy. You guys are so blessed with your mild soils over there! I have grounds here where the SDC is the only detector that is working on shallow fast gold. GC
  9. I didn't say I wouldn't do it. πŸ™‚ It's just that you would be on your own warranty wise, and for some people with existing warranties (not me) this is something to keep in mind when cutting the cable. Personally, I would most certainly consider it if I would live in Australia. The 22CC pics you show should convince anyone! Here in the US this might be less of a pressing need and I am doing just fine with my GPZ/NF12 - 6000 combo pack. GC
  10. "does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, negligent act or omission, fair wear and tear, alteration, modifications or unauthorised service by the Purchaser or any other party" There is your answer, Rob. You will be on your own. GC
  11. And there is of course the easy way: if you can scrape the target off with your boots don't even bother. Simple but effective in many grounds. Relieves about 50% of the frustration. GC
  12. The alternative would be to change the detector settings such that surface targets become less visible, and dig all the rest. Like an inverse 6000 so to speak. This would probably increase the gold/trash ratio quite significantly for areas that have a lot of surface trash (which doesn't). The settings that JR described for the 7000 seem to fit that purpose. GC
  13. Thanks, Chet. This is the most comprehensive and best description I have seen on ZVT. I will have a few dozen reads of it to try to fully understand it πŸ˜†πŸ™ƒ GC
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