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  1. From what I hear nobody in the US has purchased a 6000 yet! Accessories?? Ask next year.....if current pace of "drip drip" release continues. Perhaps they should have waited all together until next year with the 6000 release so at least they would have had a better supply chain set up, including accessories.
  2. Thanks, Northeast. Great review! When you compare Normal vs. Difficult do you think you loose a lot of sensitivity in Difficult? You said you still heard the small stuff well, even with the 14DD/difficult? I don't mind hearing targets a bit softer as long as the threshold is stable. PS: Finally someone who likes listening to the threshold like me 🙂 Don't like it gone.
  3. That's why I tend to always go back to places where I found gold before. I know this is not always a smart thing to do, but in the desert finding areas that consistently make your jar rattle are not easy to find. When I get adventurous I often get skunked...
  4. 100% agree. In fact, IMO knowing where to look based on extensive research and knowledge about the location is perhaps 80% of what it takes to find gold. The detector, and how to operate it properly, contributes to perhaps 20% or even less. Many do this wrong and barely find anything. This was my mistake when I started years back. Not that now I find fistfuls every time I go out, but at least consistently, albeit mostly small stuff. I am sure I won't beat Steve though, nor will I ever. 😉
  5. Spot on, Norvic. The Covid related trend into outdoor adventure has been very significantly increasing here too, with sales from leading RV companies massively increasing. But even without Covid this trend has been growing steadily. But in order to reach this massive consumer base ML would have to pair up with companies that lead that segment. I am not sure if they would be ready to take this next big step. And there is of course the supply issue as you are pointing out. I am not sure if ML could produce their detectors on that scale. But besides hordes of 6000 swinging newbies invading the go
  6. I actually really wonder why that is. Most of the wealth is here in the US, and the entire West Coast is gold bearing, with grand history of gold discoveries. True, it won't reach the undiscovered gold potential that perhaps Africa currently has for individual prospectors, but with a smart marketing strategy, revamped to focus on different consumer segments (i.e. outdoor adventure-new prospectors, rather than existing ones), you should be able to make more than up for it. I think the US could be the number 1 market in a heart beat if ML would just adjust the marketing campaign. Just take a loo
  7. Well, I won't have that problem for long anymore. Will pick up my 6000 any day now. I wonder though if any "non ML-VIP" in the US already has a 6000, regularly purchased from a dealer?🤔
  8. The SDC will always remain a key member of my fleet. Not only because I hike a lot and it folds completely in my backpack, but also because it's superb performance in difficult mineralized terrain, such as small washes close to bedrock. The small 8 inch coil also will get to places where the 11 inch won't fit. 3 inch is a significant size difference. Just like the 7000 has it's terrain where it will dominate, so has the SDC. The 6000 is somewhere in between and rather is a 7000 light than a SDC successor, from all that has been reported thus far. Regarding gain, I hardly ever run the SDC beyon
  9. If it takes 5 min to get all the gear off before you can put down your backpack you know you are a X-mas tree 🙂 Time for going commando (to use Steve's words) 👍
  10. 😁😁 Love that phrase! Unfortunately, I am often one of them. But I have good resolutions to make this different for the 6! Pure enjoyment!
  11. Although I totally get Steve's point, I still will hold on to my 7. It is just such an awesome machine that has found me good gold in the past (albeit probably not by Australian standards..). For some situations it will remain the Undisputed champion of the world, even for non-professional Prospectors.
  12. Thanks, Nenad. I kind of knew the answer already, but thought to get confirmation (I love my hiking boots...). BTW, thanks for your awesome videos about the 6000! I really enjoy watching them.
  13. Do you still absolutely need metal free boots for the 6000? For the GPZ I strictly use metal-free shoes, but when I go hiking with the SDC in rough terrain I wear my favorite hiking boots that have a very small amount of metal in them (like all real hiking boots have, but composite toe protection). Works just fine with the SDC without any problems. But for the GPZ this is an absolute no. Just wondering how the 6000/11/14 would compare? Obviously, metal free is always better. But I just have not found any pure plastic boots that earn the title "hiking boots". And I have tried at least a half d
  14. What amazes me is that despite all the poverty it is still the biggest ML market. Interesting topic, thanks for brining this up Mitchel.
  15. Here a list of the average annual income per country. In 22 countries the annual income is below what the 6000 costs, including all in Africa. https://www.worlddata.info/average-income.php
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