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  1. PI snobbery will go South quickly when ferrous indicators are needed to keep your mental sanity. No 6000/7000 will find any gold in some of the areas where I hunt (at times), unless you accept trash/gold ratios of >1000. Come and hunt with me at some of the old mining districts along the Yuba river. Only VLF's will produce there. 😁 GC
  2. I agree with you. IMHO, no VLF will come anywhere close to what a high end PI or ZVT can deliver, in particular at depth in mineralized ground. I also have a hard time believing that the GM (or Nox?) will hear gold the 6000 can't, although I acknowledge that others have different experiences. And since I don't own the Nox I will let others speak on that. But from the limited GM/6000 comparisons I have done thus far (for whatever it's worth) I can say the 6000 will hear everything the GM will find, not the other way around. My GM and GB2 quickly loose out at depth, so no comparison to the 6000/7000 whatsoever, IMO. I use the VLF for trashy areas and shallow gold (i.e. tailing piles, bedrock, etc). This is where it shines, if the conditions are right. Although I kind of feel naked without my 6000 and 7000 in my truck, certain areas are only productive with a VLF and iron probability meter (meter used with great caution and only if target is directly under the coil). GC
  3. Just let me know the GPS coordinates of the site of interest and I bring it to you 😉 I use my mask for the same purpose all the time....
  4. Great points, JP. And I can't wait for those little elliptical coils neither. I just hope that Coiltek won't run into supply constraints due to Covid. There will be a huge demand! GC.
  5. That's exactly my experience. But while the SDC remains unstable in unfavorable EMI conditions the 6000/11 can stabilize itself more effectively after some work, especially after a factory reset. GC
  6. I am already in party mood with the 6k (started 1st day). However, I just seem to be too busy picking up all the microscopic shallow stuff to ever get to the deeper targets. GC.
  7. The placers are east of Big Bear. Jim, any more information on where precisely? I googled it, but did not find anything. I plan to camp there soon..... GC
  8. As long as you don't expect any reality it can be entertaining to watch. You just have to know what it is and what it isn't, and get at peace with it. After a long day at work it is still nice to see "gold hunting" and the beautiful Australian landscapes. Fake or not I don't care and it serves my needs to relax after a long day sitting in the office surrounded by skyscrapers. We all know what the real deal looks like anyhow, so who cares. And as I said, better than watching the news or the stupid soap operas my wife is watching. GC
  9. Gpx 6000 with 14DD in conductive ground cancel mode. Works great at RP when the ground is wet. GC
  10. Some perspectives from Miners Den Australia. https://m.facebook.com/MinersDenAustralia/videos/choosing-between-a-gold-monster-1000-and-equinox-800-metal-detector/812032102752685/?refsrc=deprecated&_rdr
  11. Certainly better than watching the news, but perhaps not by much
  12. I don't own the Nox since my focus is on gold prospecting only, so I don't need the additional features the Nox has to offer. However, several prospectors I spoke to, including very seasoned quasi-professionals, who own both the Nox and the GM told me that the GM with the 5 inch coil has a slight edge over the Nox/6 for the really small gold. But there are different opinions on this forum. I happen to like the GM as part of a larger fleet of PI/ZVT detectors and it fits my VLF-gold needs perfectly. It certainly is a much better performer than the GB2 in hot ground and the iron meter works well for shallow targets (use iron meter in deep-and with discretion!, don't use disc/shallow). The GB2 is unbeatable for shallow tiny gold in very mild ground, but gold rich/ mild grounds are not very common. If you like versatility and are also into relic hunting then the Nox seems to be the much better choice and with more bang for the buck. But if you want to get those tiny flakes off of bedrock without missing anything, the GM will do a really good job with that. After all, the 6000 is called a PI-GM for a reason 🙂 GC
  13. Interesting, perhaps we are looking at a new SDC soon? Perhaps one with some sort of ZVT? GC
  14. That makes much more sense. Please help us poor US detectorists out and send Rob a nice big shipment so we can buy them. Such a simply tool and yet so impactful. I am really surprised that they are not readily available everywhere. Every operator should have one. All non-believers will be converted once they try it out (unless you are as fit as Simon) 😀 GC
  15. And you did not have the problem with the D ring snapping out?
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