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  1. Have a good celebration guys 🤝
  2. I don't think this will work well as there is no power source, you are just relying on the speaker. The sound will be very weak without an amplifier of some kind.
  3. Hi Mark I find this one very strange as I have never heard of it before. Try updating again, remember to update your headphones at the same time. If you still find the same issue, please send a short video into XP customer service.
  4. I think it's good housekeeping to always update the headphones whenever the RC has been updated. Also it's good to get into the habit of turning the unused RC volumes down after the update. This will significantly improve your battery life.
  5. I really enjoyed reading that review. Great skills, thanks for sharing 🤝
  6. Thanks for your thoughts guys, yes XP are aware some people are not comfortable with the new platform, and I get that. However it needs to be made clear that XP have also received overwhelming positive feedback. Recently I have seen videos where the D2 has clearly been set up to fail, sadly in this new world of social media negativity and drama will get more clicks than positivity. Some have limited knowledge having only used the update for a few days, Audio Response 7, Sensitivity 99, graphic equalizer not working (It is only activated with the headphones connected)......the list goes on. it's a new platform and will take a little time to master. I hope XP can find some middle ground with the next update to keep everyone happy. Once again thanks for your thoughts guys.
  7. I find the audio filter should be used with caution. Higher levels 3-5 take the iron buzz out of the deep targets, let's say ground saturation at depth. Also I have been told higher levels can offer advantages when hunting in the surf. The downside is higher levels can soften iron signals and you may be fooled into thinking they are good targets. Also shallow targets can sound a little wooly. Lower levels 0-2 can give better iron identification, as they are "pure" unfiltered signals. Lower levels are best for iron contaminated sites, I find my go-to settings are mostly 0-1 for UK inland. But I have some deep pasture and will be testing higher levels once the grass is cut. I would love to hear your thoughts. Hope this helps Gary
  8. Great feedback Mick, thanks for sharing 🤝
  9. Just checking in to see if you have managed to update yet.
  10. Great feedback sir, thank you for sharing.
  11. Thanks guys, I read with interest, and fully understand people are excited about new updates and future products, I can assure you XP are constantly working hard. As with any manufacturer XP will not release information regarding updates and new products via e mail or public platform until it is time to do so. So can I politely ask for people not to send in e mails of this nature, as it ties up valuable resources. Many thanks Gary
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