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  1. Kentucky Camp is nice just to walk around and imagine what life was like back then.
  2. Yes it's OK to detect there. If you are still not sure I would go downtown and ask the FS Rangers, assuming that the office is open with Covid and all.
  3. Thank you very much. I take it the those Footprint DVD's don't get updated any more. $80 is cheap compared to how long it would take me to locate the boundaries.
  4. So that Master Title Plat will show the actual boundary of the 50/50 correct? It was roughly pointed out to me years ago but I would like to see the boundary lines.
  5. There are a few private property parcels located there the biggest one is the town of GV (53 acres or so). Most of the GV is claimed however there is the large section of which is called the 50/50 land which still holds a lot of gold. Oh the 53 acres is for sale for $500K
  6. It would be nice if the manufactures would let you order a la carte. This detector with this coil and that coil. yea it would take longer and be more expensive but at least you are getting what you want.
  7. Exactly. If I am looking for info for my Nox I just go to the Nox section. Makes it easier to search what I am looking for.
  8. Do you think you may have a Whites complete shaft (upper and lower) laying around?
  9. Thank you. I can get one made if I had the dimensions. PM Sent.
  10. This may be the wrong form but here goes. I know Bill stopped making these but does anyone know where I could get the hand crank handle assembly?
  11. Can you get the book printed in Australia? You do have the best book out there hands down.
  12. What did you end up getting if you don't mind. I see Cobill already asked.
  13. I thought about asking Woody. I'll have to look into Detectronics. Thanks for this info.
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