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  1. That's a great story. That is great that the young kids were there to witness the find that should provide a life long memory.
  2. That is a fantastic find. Thanks for the links.
  3. If I were to buy a new detector these are the only two I would buy from. Rob Allison https://www.robsdetectors.com/ Keith at http://www.fortbedfordmetaldetectors.com/
  4. I came across it on one of the Facebook groups.
  5. There will be another Telescopic Equinox rod option available soon. Hopefully by the end of April. You won't need any adapters either. I believe Serious Detecting will be the US supplier. Detectorbits Uk February 6 ยท Totally Telescopic Equinox stem Currently in Manufacture at Detectorbits. Watch our website and Facebook pages at Detectorbits. Coming very soon. We have had it designed by an expert with some nice features that others do not have. Currently in manufacture and will not have any part 3D printed. Perfect for taking on a plane in your luggage and the Carbon has a nice two tone Red & Black colouring to it. The three piece stem has a unique feature running throughout its length Inside that makes it impossible to twist or wobble. For more details call Tony at Detectorbits for details or to get in the queue. Photos will follow very soon.
  6. Have you had a chance to read it? How was it if you did? I have a feeling it would get the brain going.
  7. I am still curious why Minelab doesn't offer this discount to the Australian Vets.
  8. Looks like a new contest from minelab. I don't know whats in a Minelab Mystery Prize Box. https://www.minelab.com/bonditreasurehunterchallenge?fbclid=IwAR3xAuOd4D-iNX1g-QoyKn07IBK3eKv4fQsmJDHb9d97i41g51ohF8YqLo8
  9. I wonder if all US dealers are offing this. So far I have only seen three offering this.
  10. They counterfeit old Griswold cast iron pans. If they can money on a product you can bet they will counterfeit it.
  11. Very Strange to say the least. I just copied this from the Tesoro Metal Detectors facebook page. That quote was posted on Feb 10th 2019. I did try and call them but it goes to an answering machine. I didn't leave a message.
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