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  1. Paul look into these. https://www.ravelco.com/aboutus.html A little pricey but a lot cheaper than buying another vehicle.
  2. Sorry about your engine. I guess you figured out what JEEP stands for. Just Empty Each Pocket. I do miss mine sometimes.
  3. Congrats on the ring. Did you have time to look for the stone that popped out of the setting?
  4. That 1 million dollar value is probably worth quite a bit more today.
  5. You can still access a lot of it. https://web.archive.org/web/2002*/http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/
  6. I don't dredge so I don't know the regs. but with that said I see people dredging in the Bradshaws and in southern AZ when there is water. So I know it's allowed
  7. What does the X coil have to do with Minelab giving away a 19in coil with a GPZ purchase? Absolutely nothing.
  8. I call this soil depletion. Same thing just a different term. It is surprising how much real estate the wind and water can move.
  9. Hi Rob nice nugget congrats. I guess it depends on location. South of you in GV I have found much more nuggets on the hills than in the stream beds lot less trash too.
  10. They should know nothing gets by the Hound dog. 😁
  11. Congrats on the gold. Nice to see that you guys are getting the young ones involved I think that is the real gold and the yellow rocks are a bonus.
  12. Your lucky my wife keeps everything she finds in my pockets.
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