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  1. This so true. it's not the tools but the operator.
  2. I love the cover. Looking forward to reading your book.
  3. Your PDF files opens fine. The reason I asked about the adverts is that I purchased a Book on Metal detecting and it was loaded with advertisements to the point that I threw it away.
  4. I somehow missed this post. Well done Andy.
  5. Will your book be filled with a bunch of advertisements?
  6. Best post I've read in a long time. Thank you Reg for your words of wisdom.
  7. That's a great story. That is great that the young kids were there to witness the find that should provide a life long memory.
  8. That is a fantastic find. Thanks for the links.
  9. If I were to buy a new detector these are the only two I would buy from. Rob Allison https://www.robsdetectors.com/ Keith at http://www.fortbedfordmetaldetectors.com/
  10. I came across it on one of the Facebook groups.
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