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  1. So true. This applies to a lot of subjects. This is actually a great Life Lesson........
  2. I've seen pictures of your warehouse and many years ago I was on my way to Rye Patch and when I was going over the hoover dam I remembered that I left my battery on the kitchen table which was almost 6 hours away so I found your shop when you were still in Vegas and was very lucky that your employee was still working. The shop was closed but he hooked me up and I couldn't believe how much you had in stock. You were the guy for Walco and coiltek back in the day.
  3. End of August would be perfect for me. Getting too hot in southern AZ.
  4. Clark look into the DOC's hat. It's not the sexiest looking hat but it does keep it you cool and keeps the sun off and nowhere near $90 LOL
  5. Costco has these on sale right now https://www.costco.com/hang-ten-men’s-long-sleeve-sun-tee.product.100701368.html They are cheaper in the store.
  6. I think you will have that cover well before you see a 6000. LOL I am also considering putting the cart in front of the horse. Thanks for the link.
  7. Just FYI If you order from https://www.opolar.com/products/2019-new-opolar-battery-operated-air-duster and use opolar20 promo code the price is $45.60 with free shipping. I purchased this last week but the 20% code still works as of today. 5/16/21
  8. Highly recommend this. No metal. https://docsdetecting.com/product/protector-detector-hat-protect-your-skin-extremely-comfortable-with-headphones/ As far as the shirts go. I have a bunch of 5.11's and Under Armour's and Columbia's all with sun block.
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