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    Metal detecting since 1994. Several ounces of gold found from Arizona, Nevada, California, Idaho, and Montana. Largest nugget found is 6 1/2 oz.
    Deepest nugget found was 23 inches and 2 1/2 oz.
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    Gold Bug II, SD 2100 (First to buy one in Montana 1995), Garrett GTI 2500. Three Garrett Coils. Several Minelab coils, Nugget Finder coils, and CoilTek coils.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Jim has passed. My very earliest days of metal detecting were greatly helped by Jim. I have his books and the ICMJ articles in my library. I will dedicate my summer searches to Jim's memory. Bugler
  2. Reese, I definitely want a copy of your book. It sounds like you have put a lot of thought and knowledge in it. I am a Montana prospector who has spent many a winter in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and California. I am 74 but I know I am not too old to learn. Bugler
  3. Thank you all for chiming in. Reno, this property is up for sale as a building site and it just happens to have an old mine on it. The seller was trying to find out if the old mine would or could add value to the sale price. The property is within 10 miles of the "richest hill on earth". The comments about the assays were very helpful for the seller and it certainly gave me a better perspective going forward. I am a prospector who metal detects and am always keeping my eyes open for geological changes but my heart is with placer. By the way, Fists Full of Gold is a great publication and is well worth owning! Bugler
  4. I just bumped into this post and see that the word is out that Montana Cadastral is no longer functioning. It is working as I use it regularly. It does only show patented claims. I also am hoping the business in Missoula takes on the huge task of posting unpatented claims. Great Idea! Bugler
  5. Thank you again, Clay Diggins, I called both assayers and each has offered to run the samples again at no charge. Both assayers were professional and helpful. Your explanation was very helpful as well. Thank you, Bugler
  6. Clay Diggins, Thank you for responding. The samples sent were out of the same crushed batch. The batch was almost crushed to powder and completely mixed. 8oz. was sent to each assayer and it was fire assayed by each according to each report. I will call each assayer today. Not to challenge their integrity but to see what they think could have caused this result. Bugler
  7. I sent in a sample to two different assayers out of the same sample batch and received two very different results. One assayer returned results of 0 Au and 0 Ag. The other assayer returned results of .68 Au/ton and .36 Ag/ton. Anyone have some serious thoughts on what would cause this? Both assayers are professionals with 30+ years of experience. Bugler
  8. Beautiful gold! A nice story to end 2018. Bugler
  9. Happy New Year to you Steve and all the forum readers. This is the first site I visit on a daily basis and have really appreciated the information provided. Thank you, Bugler
  10. Jim, Outstanding accomplishment!!! I read the patent and it looks like you put a tremendous amount of work and thought into your invention. Bugler
  11. Go ICMJ! I just want to voice my support for this fine publication. I have received the Mining Journal since I started metal detecting in 1994. I have kept each and every copy. I must say that Chris's contributions have really been instructive and I wish you could write more, Chris. So much is going on politically and the publisher, Scott Harn, is supporting issues that effect all of us out in the gold fields. I hope there is a lot of new subscribers! Bugler
  12. Thank you, Steve! What a great story. So glad you were willing to share it. Bugler
  13. Adam H, I am still with you. I have used my SD2100 with various coils and the GoldBug II since 1995. I am still finding gold of all sizes and at various depths. No problems of any kind so far. Bugler
  14. Steve, The site is working great and I thank you for all the information you so willingly share. Bugler
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