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  1. Be great if this new engineer could take First Texas to the "next level". BTW; I don't just mean keeping the life support machine running.
  2. Thought about getting one but like most prospectors these days; we're pretty content with either the Monster, Equinox or 24k to fill the VLF need. Still I'm open minded if (eventually) and when more info on the unit presents.
  3. Actually, for reasons unknown to me, my SDC seems to do better than most detectors in the area. It will sometimes ignore the smaller pieces of andesite and basalt when going over my drywasher tailing piles. But the bigger volcanics....forget it!
  4. Know the area well, volcanics are intense and drive detectors insane. Lots of old timer tramp trash too. Always have done best running my drywasher here, lots of grams of gold. Sometimes you just have to move dirt.
  5. Jim's a good guy and nice to see a detector shop open again in SoCal. Looking forward to seeing him at the gold shows.
  6. Been going down to Baja for over 40 years, fishing , diving, exploring and in recently prospecting. There is a lot of gold in Baja, especially the central peninsula region. Big nuggets too as much of the geology is made up of mineralized quartz reefs and schist. I've seen a specimen the size of a basketball, huge chunk of quartz marbled through with over a dozen ounces of gold. It was found by a prospector friend of mine who lives down there part time and has been very successful over the years. There are a handful of American prospectors in Baja swinging detectors and finding lots of gold. Part of their success is knowing how to stay off the radar and blend in........so to speak This type of prospecting isn't for most, as the dangers in Baja are many and I'm not just talking about desert survival. Violent crime and high value theft, once rare in Mexico, is becoming much more common. Never bring anything down you can't afford to loose. Speaking the language helps a lot especially if in a tricky situation. Having a Mexican prospecting partner or being married to a Mexican national is the best form of insurance to keep one out of trouble. This is a land of isolation, danger, adventure and raw natural beauty. And for that special breed of rugged intrepid prospector..........high risk stakes for the very real chance to find large gold nuggets
  7. Careful with the SL in the marine environment. That control box is nothing more than a un sealed "patio cover" over the sensitive electronics.
  8. Too many arrogant aloof people living in the comfort of first world nations, quick to pass judgement on those around the globe just trying to feed themselves day to day. Practical cost effective solutions (like sluice boxes of different sizes, elevations and flow rates for final clean up......Thanks Steve H) are the realistic way for those to get ahead while lessening impact
  9. What a country; fantastic fishing, hunting, gold prospecting and just drop dead beautiful scenery. New Zealand is paradise on Earth. Too bad they disarmed their citizenry though.
  10. Gold seems to be more than welcome as tender in (failing) Venezuela. Guess some things never go out of style. I don't recommend eating, drinking or smoking it though
  11. Back in the 90's, the Dale gave up POUNDS of gold to the first guys smart enough to swing through there. Know of one guy who took out several pounds from one area, where the nuggets bled off an out crop, down slope with his Goldmaster. My first time in there was in 2010 and I did OK with my White's If I just had a time machine........
  12. Virginia Dale is a straight shot east on I 10. Your about 20 years too late for most places but this one still kicks em out occasionally. Look for recently left drywash tailing piles, spread them out and swing over. Hard to believe some people STILL don't detect over their own piles before taking off.
  13. Sure doesn't seem to have stopped the hobo miners as they little regard for government over reach. When you've got nothing.......there's nothing to loose.
  14. A telephone spotted on one of the desks looks to be of the 1980's (electric multi push button directory)
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