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  1. Keene actually increased prices on much of what they produce going back last year. Gov't says inflation forecast little over 2%..........Anyone who's been to a grocery store or Home Depot lately knows thats BS!
  2. People smarting up to the fact Bitcoin is nothing more than the greatest Ponzie/Pyramid scheme of all time..........God's money will always prevail.
  3. Mostly the SL as it ran (mostly) on AA's with the usual White's slide in clam shell..........but even the Pro with its larger rechargable battery pack was still no depth demon. You could never trust the low battery light indicator to signal when the voltage dropped below the point where the batteries should be replaced or recharged. Every 2 hours of run time I would check or change them out in the field. If nugget shooting with this detector its been my experience that loops 6 x 10 or SMALLER were most effective, especially the (5 x 9) folded over mono. The larger DF coils were the wo
  4. Sensitivity to smaller non ferrous targets objects. The TDI always lacked the power to effectively use the larger loops to any decent depth, especially gold.
  5. Those DF coils really sucked down the battery juice causing the TDI to become un stable (and difficult to ground balance). I would check the batteries every couple hours of run time. The smaller DF coil for sure better than the larger one.
  6. Wish I'd heard of this scheme while still in high school.
  7. Retired recently from the county fire department, I was probably on the fire!
  8. Bear fence = good night's rest. Have used mine often, don't be grudge the extra weight a bit.
  9. In my day pack, I usually carry a small single burner backpack stove just for heating some things up (hot food on a cold day always better). In my day pack, these are the (variety) foods I carry ; Pork n Beans, salami/crackers, Spam, tortillas, bagles, Bumble Bee pre made tuna or chicken salad(comes in a kit with crackers), Ravioli or chili (in a can), instant coffee/coco, candy bars, fruit coctail, PB n J, trail mix, jerkey, Cup of Noodles soup and most important......Pop Tarts!
  10. That Bazooka Sniper was probably the best of the model line as it ran well in low flows. Difficult to find one , shouldn't last long.
  11. If your serious about volume, a highbanker, sluice or drywasher should be part of the program. Just being realistic and good luck.
  12. How about a 4x6 coil for the Monster? Couldn't help myself........Sorry
  13. I knew the AT Gold vlf of was a decent gold detector but so were plenty others of this price point. However one day, not to long ago I saw one that really turned my head. A prospector buddy who is really into under water sniping (in the northern Motherlode) had one fitted out with a NEL snake coil. Says its tough, waterproof, easily packable and has found him plenty of totally hidden gold filled cracks. Says for this purpose it works excellent.
  14. Record post it would seem, had to make more tea before finished reading! Its all in the adventure, and welcome aboard. Good luck and stay safe
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