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  1. I'll co- sign all that, done some biz with him as well. Knows his stuff, likes to talk shop and seems to have a out going people personality.
  2. Detecting at the beach, I drag around a divers mesh bag attached to my belt. I keep all the garbage I detect (within reason) and it goes in that bag. I'm usually done detecting about the time the life guards come on duty in the morning. I purposefully empty that mesh bag in the trash can at the main lifeguard headquarters so they can see all the crap I've pulled out of the sand. There's an old saying; " Nothing wrong with keeping the bread buttered."
  3. I was out detecting in the desert some years ago when a BLM/LEO approached me and struck up a "friendly" conservation. He then went on to ask if I had found any interesting relics. I just said; "Nope, I'm prospecting and this detector is tuned only to find gold." He seemed more than a little disappointed that I didn't bite and quickly drove off.
  4. To people of conscience, an unpaid debt becomes a burden then curse until settled.
  5. Any pics of this mod would be much appreciated..............
  6. Thats what I thought, bought a TDI and a SGT from you at past gold shows in Vegas. Speaking of Vegas, what the hell was GPAA thinking by skipping that venue this year? The best prospecting party of the year........too bad
  7. Sit in on as many seminars (classes) as possible, talk to the venders (as most are real prospectors) and listen to those asking their questions to the venders. Most people at the panning troughs are new b's
  8. Looks like the SDC just got a vitamin B energy shot. Gonna be a fun year watching the reviews come in concerning these new loops.
  9. The Las Vegas GPAA Gold and Treasure show was always the "big event" of the year for this organization, and something I looked forward too attending as well. Yeh I know there are show dates in other places but there's no place like Vegas! What's up with this organization anyways.......any idea? I haven't been a member in a long time.
  10. Been going to Baja for several decades, caught lots of big fish and got some good gold too. For those considering a trip to MX without much experience here's something to always keep in mind; don't take anything down there you can't afford to loose.
  11. Why didn't I think To "call Doc"........Thanks!
  12. I need a new lower rod for my Gold Monster, any suggestions where to get one would be appreciated.............Thanks!
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