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  1. Damn that was quick, still very good gold machine and cant beat the simplicity!
  2. Was a huge White's fan for years and owned many of their machines. Anytime I had a question just call Jimmy (Sr) no problem as he loved to talk detectors and nugget shooting. Then he and White's had a falling out (pretty sure his knuckle head son had something to do with that) which seemed like the beginning of the slide for White's. Tried calling Sweet Home several times after words and was rewarded with crappy condescending customer service or flat-out lies. Decided to keep one White's detector (Sierra Gold Trac), mainly as a reminder of all the great conversations I had with Jimmy. As for the White's forum, I vote the bone yard
  3. Whats the story behind the new head gasket? Pretty major repair, did you have it replaced or the previous owner? Did it over heat and does it leak any oil?
  4. Gold has been flat for a while now so prospecting interest from greenhorns is lagging. If the price of gold were over $2000.00 / ounce, I'll bet most of your mining gear would be gone by now. Somethings are all about timing I suppose...... Good Luck
  5. Ah yes, my brothers and I grew up under a very "firm hand" as well. Nothing quite like the taste of a new bar of Irish Spring soap.
  6. Pat and Mark are always trying to come up with a better "mouse trap" to catch the gold. Some ideas have worked out quite well, a few not so much........just the nature of engineering and fabrication I guess
  7. Used one for several years, very effective at catching small gold. For sure good choice for a serious dry placer operation involving 2 or 3 guys.
  8. This won't explain everything but it seems like a lot of items currently built since Covid hit have quality control issues.
  9. The Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull was made for such moments. The Alaskan guide's best friend
  10. Beautiful MT gold, well done. Spent the last 2 weeks in Montana, my daughter was married last weekend at Chico Hot Springs (also gold country). Had a great time not just at the celebration but hiking around the country and just sight seeing. Lots of talk of grizzly encounters and couple maulings in Paradise Valley. Locals all say a hunt for griz is long over due.
  11. Looks like a new version of "Nitrox" mixed air breathing for scuba. Heard of supply chain issues but this seems a bit desperate.
  12. Flooding like nobody has seen in over 100 years is taking place in some of the historic gold districts of Montana, Idaho and beyond. An impressive late season snow pack followed by warm temps and rain has the rivers and gully''s a boom'n. Material that hasn't moved in over a century is on its way. Time to get your detector, sluice box, highbanker, dredge suits, etc. ready. Could be once in a lifetime prospecting opportunity, still keeping in mind the property damage is extreme & tragic for many and our hearts go out to them.
  13. Does the coil come wit a complimentary rotaror cuff rebuild? HA! just joking Frank, seems like a good price for someone tougher than me.
  14. In CA, boot leg pot growers drop portable pumps by the hundreds onto any river or stream they please and govt. regulators just turn a blind eye when brought to their attention. I know a guy who uses a mini high banker with a 12v pump and in a closed recirculating system near a stream at least a 100' away. He buckets the water over to his basins (3 ...of which are 30-40 gallons each), which flow from one into another as the material settles out. He is able to run quite a few buckets of pay in this process and feels he's within the law.......or close enough as he's not discharging into or pumping out of the stream or using any gasoline powered equipment. Periodically he shuts down to drain out the muddy water (via a 100" garden hose out into the boonies) and scoop out silt he spreads around the bushes. He told me he as operated this way for nearly 10 years and hasn't been pinched yet.
  15. Yep, couldn't have said it better. Most of my gold detecting these days for is jewelry on the coast. Too bad nugget patches don't get replenished with each new beach season.
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