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  1. Was a loyal Whites guy for a long time and finally had it. Loved the TDI SL but they refused to make the factory modifications to the unit that eventually I (with an electrician friend of mine) found a way to "scab in" myself. Talked with Tom about it for over a year and he said just be patient; "improvements to the SL are coming soon"...........nada. Most every time I would call up there wanting to just talk, I would get nothing but attitude. One particular lady in customer service was exceptionally aloof and abrasive . I'd had about enough of these people. Then earlier this year an event took place that made it easy for me to say good by to Sweet Home forever. New coils came out for the Minlab SDC 2300, a unit I'd been wanting to buy for a long time but kept putting it off in my long patient wait for the Whites "promised" TDI upgrades. Thats it.......I'm out! Bought the SDC and loving it, spent the last 6 months selling off all my Whites detectors. Done all I could do to stay with this American detector company but eventually felt abandon by it, suppose I'm a Minlab guy now. Decided to keep my Sierra Gold Trac though in honor of Jimmy Sierra. He and I had many conversations.......great guy and another loss to this company. My hunch is Tom B began to feel the ship he was sailing on is headed for the reef. Time to get the hell off and move on. Innovate or evaporate the old saying goes, Tesoro may have some company soon. Hope I'm wrong but I think I hear the death rattle.
  2. Couple years back, a buddy of mine who lives in the desert had his shed broken into and a lot of expensive stuff sacked. Recently he bought a 40' steel shipping container for outside storage. Being a engineer and fabricator, he made a number of "custom & unique" modifications to it in addition to windows a door, etc. One particular window was somewhat larger and you might say could be "enticing" to the wrong kind of sort. One night he and his wife were awakened to this terrible screaming and banging coming from outside their home. Glock in hand, he walked out to find the noise coming from inside the shipping container. You see this one custom window was built so that once someone broke in, a trip mechanism engaged a heavy tension spring slamming down a steel cover over the window trapping the crook inside........just like a rat. Tom never gave the dirt bag any indication what was going on and after calling the sheriff, would occasionally strike the steel siding with a hammer. This loud echoing "BANG" coupled with the pitch blackness and uncertainty of his fate would cause the crook to wail in fear. Well eventually the deputies arrived and took the guy into custody. Coming out of the container hand cuffed; he was sweating profusely, crying , shaking and had blood running down his face. Oh, and it was obvious he'd shit his pants.
  3. The direction of the show (and the drama) has its roots in the producer, thats the biz and no getting around it. Still this "little guy" marine placer mining I find very interesting and dynamic. I'm out on Gold Rush though, just can't handle seeing one more rock truck or that punk running his mouth anymore.
  4. A very well read and to the point letter. Was a dedicated Whites customer for over 20 years but finally had it and ran out of patience. Sold off all my Whites detectors last year.They seem to be stuck in the past and I fear too far behind to catch up to the competition. A solid example; the GM 24k should have come out 10 years go if you ask me. Sure would hate to see Whites go the way of Tesoro and would like to see them prove us wrong. I believe a new multi frequency MXT would do just this. Anyone in Sweet Home listening?
  5. Nice pieces and vid. Time to bring in the crack vac & 141 and really scrape up whats left.
  6. Agreed, my Sand Shark is a PI . For above the waterline I use a Equinox 800.
  7. Well my Sand Shark is about finished so time to shop for a new dedicated (salt water ) beach detector. This machine will be dedicated to wet sand and/or surf only environment. Currently considering the ATX and TDIBH,, any suggestions / input would be appreciated.............Thanks! Rob
  8. Considering their obvious performance, it would appear these X Coils are; "From Russia with Love' Go figure.........
  9. I'll co- sign all that, done some biz with him as well. Knows his stuff, likes to talk shop and seems to have a out going people personality.
  10. Detecting at the beach, I drag around a divers mesh bag attached to my belt. I keep all the garbage I detect (within reason) and it goes in that bag. I'm usually done detecting about the time the life guards come on duty in the morning. I purposefully empty that mesh bag in the trash can at the main lifeguard headquarters so they can see all the crap I've pulled out of the sand. There's an old saying; " Nothing wrong with keeping the bread buttered."
  11. I was out detecting in the desert some years ago when a BLM/LEO approached me and struck up a "friendly" conservation. He then went on to ask if I had found any interesting relics. I just said; "Nope, I'm prospecting and this detector is tuned only to find gold." He seemed more than a little disappointed that I didn't bite and quickly drove off.
  12. Any pics of this mod would be much appreciated..............
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