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  1. I knew the AT Gold vlf of was a decent gold detector but so were plenty others of this price point. However one day, not to long ago I saw one that really turned my head. A prospector buddy who is really into under water sniping (in the northern Motherlode) had one fitted out with a NEL snake coil. Says its tough, waterproof, easily packable and has found him plenty of totally hidden gold filled cracks. Says for this purpose it works excellent.
  2. Record post it would seem, had to make more tea before finished reading! Its all in the adventure, and welcome aboard. Good luck and stay safe
  3. More and more I prefer to prospect/dig in places WAY OFF the beaten path; pack on and hiking into steep and difficult to access placers. Farther away from any road the safer I feel. Try to get dropped off when ever possible. From my experience "dirt bags seem to prefer dirt roads" to conduct crime and won't wonder off far on foot.
  4. Been thinking about getting chest mount holsters for my SP101 & LCR .357's, something in Kydex would be great.
  5. Whenever I go into the desert & woods to fish or prospect, my Ruger is just as important as hiking boots and snake chaps.
  6. I never take to the bush without my Ruger .454 Alaskan, will not be the victom of anything 2 or 4 legs!
  7. Everest is one giant grave stone to the un lucky yet brave, some things are better left never discovered.
  8. Consider bringing a drywasher with you next time to the old spots. There's no shame in eating dirt and those fines really add up.
  9. I've recently talked to someone who was really in "the know" about what went down at White's. No, the company didn't go broke, actually it made a bundle in the over seas markets and the owner just decided it was over......I'm done. Some speculation was that he's fighting illness, no one's sure on that. Some of their better products will surely end up being sold to off.........just glad I dumped all my White's detectors couple yeats ago.
  10. I'd bet there are a few posting (or just lurking) on this topic that have been evaluating one of these new GPX6000 detectors all along. These "nugget shooter rock stars" get to play with all the cool new stuff........good for them.
  11. I use a USMC issue Marpat ILBE pack. Plenty big, lots of external pouch options and weight not too bad. They sure make some great stuff "Down Under" but often difficult to buy and ship too the states
  12. The Gold Bug Pro; super lite weight and probably breaks down better than any other VLF, used it backpacking/prospecting for years. Plus it runs off a singel 9v battery so bringing along a couple spares means no battery/weight hastles or need for recharging equipment. Kinda sorry I sold it as it worked so well in this capacity.....actually thinking of buying another one just for the pack. Switched over to the Monster for the same purpose, breaks down OK for inside the pack but the GB Pro still took up less space. Also I carry more batteries as well. Both work well for thi
  13. Unfortunately, Gold Buddy and parent company Jobe Mfg have gone defunct........a real shame. I would call Keene (ask for Abraham), they should have the material to re-do that riffle tray and it should be the right stuff. Most vibra static forced air drywashers operate similar enough and all use the same blowers. Oh and I would say its for a 151 or 140 .....if you know what I mean. Pat has always been kinda weird about helping the "competition". Although there is little of it left these days. I find myself doing mostly drywashing these days and still find an occasional nugget in
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