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Has The Sea Ghost Housing Been Discussed On This Forum?

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I’m surprised I have not seen much chatter on this mod but it seems pretty well done. He has same mod for the Vanquish and maybe the CTX


Not something I’d do under warranty but maybe after warranty was up?  Or buy a $200 Vanquish or used one and this kit?  

I think the kits are under $300 and I think that includes the headphones?  Heck the waterproof headphones are half that price. Wish I knew Russian...


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I like the button arrangement but the rewiring looks like a lot of delicate work.


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1 hour ago, Badger-NH said:

I like the button arrangement but the rewiring looks like a lot of delicate work.


I’ve tried to ask him on some post but the guy is kind of vague with responses and videos are in Russian. 

I’m not certain but the detector pod may have to be sent to him. The unboxing video about what you get had an operating pod in it. Otherwise not site how good of instructions you would get to undertake this yourself. I guess with some instructions I would try this after warranty or a cheap deal on a broken one etc. 

The Vanquish probably would not be as hard as it is not a sealed unit and only $200 for the 340 and probably cheaper in the used market after some time. 

If anything, Minelab should take some hints.... or hire this guy. 

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Awesome. Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

How does this work with purchasing from seller?  Is it a kit and DIY or do you have to ship him your pod and then get it back in this housing?

it does look like a great product. I like it for the Vanquish as well. 

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I am Ukraine born, but currently located in EU. 

Unfortunately the EQ kit is not DIY type of product, so you have to ship your detector to Ukraine. Ones the modificación is ready you are getting back ready to use equinox along with a charging cable, waterproof headphones and the grip.

There is the same story happen with vanquish: you have to ship it. There are some soldering to be done, thus kit is not suitable for self installation.

Although some older housings (explorer/etrac series) were suitable for DIY assembly.

Different installation variants are available. Here is my EQ600 (pot is made by seaghost, the rest is done by me):



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