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Oh Crap, I Did It Again.. The Merging Of Metal Detectors And Smart Phones..

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My biggest reason for not wanting to see 'control box apps' become a reality too fast is that I leave my phone at home when detecting or prospecting.. Not just to avoid calls but mainly to avoid any distraction.. I like being far outside the 'real world' when I concentrate on the ground beneath my feet.. Besides my metal detector, I don't really need any other assist tools or clever phone apps to do that.. If anything they take away from the experience.. For me, checking GPS positions, logging finds, taking pictures/video, calling friends whilst detecting or even looking up information right there and then, all take away from the moment of the hunt.. They don't make the joy of finding something valuable any more joyful.. If anything the suspense of waiting until you get home to look up information is a great thing in itself, instant gratification is not always what it's made out to be..         

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