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Live Dig Umasking Settings

Kaolin washer

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I showed starting out at 7 disc how a in ground live target was not heard until i put the disc back and i had not gone over this using this setting and was getting no new targets untill i did 3 things .  1, up the frequincy from 8.4 to 17.2 , No2, increase the reactivity past 2 . and No,3 dile back the disc from 7 to 5.5 and this spot came alive again.

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You've been telling us to use disc 5.5 on the Orx and you proved it why. I enjoyed the video. Good job on the video. It really enhanced the Orx for relic hunting. I love finding square nails. I keep them all. 

I used to hunt with a T2 in single tone with disc at 16. It makes sense to lower the disc into iron range. I don't mind digging some iron either. I forgot about doing that and I'm glad you posted it again. I've seen your post to use disc 5.5 and it didn't kick in. I kept think nails aren't disc out but it works good that way. Keep posting it and it will sink to our brains. Going to make me keep my Orx too.

Good post.

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