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Garrett, Send Me An Axiom And I Will…….

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40 minutes ago, jrbeatty said:

What's a skidplate? Never needed the unnecessary extra weight personally but sure used a lot of epoxy resin as "hardfacing" underneath coils over the years.

Must be the result of my early years operating and rebuilding ground contacting earthmoving equipment :wink:

I often detect in quartz mining areas. With lots of broken out quartz thats like glass and cuts the bottom of coils out really fast. Razor blade stuff. After yrs of doing so I wear leather gloves. Not because im a sook, but because i have cut my hands on it seeing blood squirt out like from a water pistol. Some detect in areas like open ground , others have areas to there liking. Thats mine. Dig a hole or grab what I do where I go and see how long you last until you look for gloves and a skid plate to stop your coil getting destroyed in a ridiculously short amount of time or go to hospital. Nobody is immune from what I do unless you are superman! I wear sunglasses too. Not just for the sun, but to me they are my eye skid plates. A few times when not wise not wearing them cut my face from flying shards of glass sharp quartz. Baddly too at times. Once I had to go to hospital to get a bit removed from an eye. It aint fun that I can tell you. A bit sticking out of your eye, 2 hr drive to the hospital trying like insane not to blink. Ill tell you, you blink without trying over and over and over every minute, it was one of the most painful things I went through, then a thing holding your eye open as they remove it then 2 weeks with an eye patch on hoping you can see again. 

Chuckle away.....

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