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  1. Yes Reg. John gave up the gold not long after the belated release of the Minelab SD2000. He was the principal Minelab prototype tester here for many years. Took to teaching detecting lessons for awhile, but soon moved on to farming tourists on Victoria's "shipwreck" coast. He once mentioned to me his greatest prospecting regret was ignoring a 250 oz piece, calling it a junk signal. He has never returned to prospecting. His "sort" of gold was now rapidly disappearing and chasing flysh*t had no appeal at all. John with his kind of gold. Tertiary piece found not far from Longbu
  2. The current US Army PSS-14 (incorporating both conventional detector and ground penetrating radar) could have interesting civilian potential. Anyone over there tried one?
  3. Same here Dave. All weed spraying and cattle feeding for me till Victoria opens up again. Good to see those faulty X coils still delivering the goods. Well done Rick! :)
  4. Top stuff Simon, one of my favourites :)
  5. Geof: Rarely use a pinpointer either, Coil on edge works fine - but now avoid digging holes in the dark :) Damaged 30 oz piece:
  6. Rick: Damn oath it matters! Always dig around the target location with the pick, using the pointy end to prise up the centre part. That way nothing gets hurt and the piece remains collectable. Some friends and I once dinged a lovely 30 oz piece digging in the dark -
  7. First published in 1963, historian Geoffery Blainey, in his excellent book "The Rush That Never Ended" detailed the numerous significant pre - Hargreaves gold finds already mentioned above. Nothing new in the "Herald" article indeed. Blainey credits Hargreaves with being a master self publicist who found little gold personally, but by telling all and sundry where and how gold may be recovered (In order to obtain governmental financial reward) forced the government's hand to legalise gold mining long before it was ready or prepared. This led to the hurried introduction of the licens
  8. I remember the legendary John Hider Smith once cleaned out a very rich patch at Wychitella, Vic, except for the 7 ozer he always parked on top of . Some unkind soul left a note there telling him he needn't worry about it anymore - :) Another prospector cleaned out a rich "doze and detect" MRC at Waanyarra Vic, except the richest part was under the vehicle park. John H S found that one, so he more than broke even -
  9. Nice GB. Another one colour patch - dontcha just hate it when that happens!
  10. Jerry: The US sure has better crystalline colours than Oz. Not jealous, much - OK, a bit!
  11. Asia! Wow! That narrows it down to a mere 30% of the worlds total land area. Better than saying it was found on Earth though - marginally - - And Reg thinks I give too much information away :)
  12. And: Thoroughly enjoyed that. Like others here, I rarely watch gold videos, but I'm glad I made an exception for that one. Steve: That's one hell of a nice piece. Like many, I've also found some crackers that others had started digging - and probably also left a few "junk signals" for others. :)
  13. That's a great read Chet. Captures the essence of the early gold rush years extremely well. Sadly, no images survive.
  14. Count me in Jim. I prefer prospecting to fossicking. All or nothing - quite often nothing, but then you can get very lucky sometimes. bigtim1973: best to approach it as a hobby with occasional benefits. 👍 Prospected gold found miles from any known goldfield:
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