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  1. Simon: It's the frequency difference that required alteration. 50hz in Aus and 60hz in the States. The voltage is irrelevant.
  2. No one's going to admit to doing that Dave 🙂
  3. that'll have future archeologists scratching their heads - wtf???
  4. John Hider Smith claims that you have to ding them hard with the pick to prevent them turning into lead :) As the video shows, we certainly dinged that one - although there were mitigating circumstances - - -
  5. Nah Busho. Jim never claimed to pioneer flat wound coils. How do I know? Because I worked with Jim for many years both as a prospecting buddy in WA and Victoria, and also helped him wind many coils. He was intrigued by flat windings and understood the principle very well (after seeing what Bruce Candy and others had achieved with them) and we even attempted a 36" DD using flat wound Litz wire, but it was not a success. Jim did, however, wind many successful coils. As Reg points out, Jim's major success and big money earner was the 36" bundle wound "Bismarck" coil, although he also wound different sized coils for the SD2000 prototypes (in collaboration with close friend Bruce Candy) Here's the "Bismarck" with a 30 oz and a 5 oz we found with it at Guys Rush: If you are attending the Laannecoorie bash next weekend then you can fact check the above statements with resident prospector Tony Honey who carries on Jim's tradition of homebrew coils, and worked in close collaboration with Jim until his unfortunate demise.
  6. Had a free half day to work on the album, got to the end of page 8. Phew! Hell of a lot of fiddling about, but this website is absolutely brilliant for editing. Simon: The file names you supplied don't match the original images I have (perhaps they were Tinypic names) Now I can't always remember precisely which were the original images used, and there are hundreds and hundreds of them on Jannines memory stick, often multi images of the same piece of gold. Some are self evident, others may now be different but I have tried to be as faithful to the originals as possible. Let me know here if anyone has comments, advice, etc, best not clutter the album pages. Thanks everybody.
  7. Thanks DG, I have all the images (albeit scattered somewhat) Part of the problem will be working out which ones fit the narrative. Another part of the problem is the sheer number of images scattered over many pages. The main problem will be finding the time to do it Simon has helped considerably already swapping images available from the Wayback Machine. Thanks mate!
  8. Ahh! the good old Wayback Machine! Simon, I'll take you up on your offer - PM on it's way -
  9. Yeah Simon - should have indeed - didn't think it through enough. The gold album has been up a long time, so I guess most people have seen it anyway. Reg's better half (Jannine) has a book coming out soon on the topic anyway.
  10. - - - which means all my uploaded images have vanished, including the "Reg Wilson Gold Album" and "Gold found with the QED" Wasn't even given the option to transfer my images to parent company Photobucket for a fee. Huge amount of work to edit and transfer images to another host - so shock and apathy prevail for now - need a beer and time to think - - - :<(
  11. Nah Reg, Ticking the post, not the rubbish bit. BTW, Worst rubbish I ever saw was at a Rolling Stones concert back in the 70's next morning while looking for my wallet. Naturally, never found it - but found some illegal substances - - -
  12. I should add that I still haven't been able to put much time in with the 18" Detech CC, but impressed so far -
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