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  1. 18" coils have always been my favourites. Found a lot of deep gold with the old green "Dustbin Lid" and for many years, the red Coiltek 18" DD coupled to an SD2200, my current favourite is the Elite flat 18" and I'm certain next it will be the 18" Detech CC. 👌
  2. I'm out of it for awhile Simon. Life now revolves around feeding cattle and drenching sheep. Victoria already seems like months ago - but "I'll Be Back - - - " Hopefully picking up an 18" Detech co-planar in a couple of days, from Stinky Pete on his way back from Queensland 👍
  3. You could have filmed it as well, Mitch. Bloody hard working alone with just a phone -
  4. Back Home. I attempted a couple of videos but I'm certainly no Cecil B DeMille: At least the shadows caught the action I missed - Sorry! It turned out to be the biggest piece of the trip at .84 Troy:
  5. Gotta be honest Kiwi, if there's one thing I care about less than discrimination it's "thugby" 👎 Anyway, you Kiwi's always win!
  6. Fred and MN: Discrimination is not a feature I have much use for. Because I work on "new" ground I rarely encounter junk at depth. It's too easy to get locked into relying on discrimination. I've lost count of the number of times Jimmy, Reg or myself have dug good gold under an old bolt or such on previously detected ground. Moral of the story, don't rely heavily on discriminators when prospecting. All I can say in relation to the CC coils is that the iron reject function works, as to whether or not it is as good or better than a DD then you'll have to ask someone who cares!
  7. You set the "iron reject" level of your choice on the GPX's for the CC coils, just like you do with a DD. As I said, no discrimination available on the "Kwed".
  8. Fred: I've used the 32" Detech coil and it blanks out iron like a DD on the 5000. This feature isn't available with the QED as it doesn't have discrimination.
  9. Fred; These coils discriminate the same as DD's on the GPX's
  10. RRP: $A 850. Two orders now placed with Pete (Detech Australia) 😀 PS: Howard has made a simple modification to the internal electronics of the "Kwed" to enable it to run these coils.
  11. My dream coil is coming soon: No price yet but putting my order in ASAP - - -
  12. Good to hear from you Mitch. It's impossible in this day and age to keep a new gold area quiet for long. The trick is to leave as little as possible, but nobody or nothing gets it all - - - At least Reg and I can legitimately claim to have discovered an entirely new Victorian detectable gold field three years ago - one that not even the "Old Boys" picked up on, despite a few desultory test holes - and has now resulted in many ozs in our kitty, plus an unknown amount to the newcomers, with the final extent of it still to be prospected up.
  13. Tally so far: With rain forecast for my last few days that may well be our blooming lot - - ?
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