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  1. KiwiJohn!!! FFS! You could have bought more dud X coil for that! 😉 I wagged school and paid ten bob to watch the Rolling Stones at the St Kilda Palais back in 1966. Told dad it was for school books - - - Have fun!
  2. "Proof of the pudding" Rick. Nice lil' colour too. 👌 In the final analysis, that's all that matters - - PS: Hate those one colour patches!
  3. Plenty of cheap 19" "Dog" coils on Fleabay and Gummie here in Aus. Might be worth $AU700 to get the chip? Probably not worth putting the plug back on though. Price seems to have dipped since all those faulty x coils hit the market. 😉
  4. Bingo! Jasong: After careful consideration I think you just hit the nail squarely on the head. That would neatly explain JP's sometimes bizarre x coil criticism - and reluctance to publish results of his testing. He knows the x coils deliver the goods but would prefer people wait for the legit option - and can't say anything! It would also explain other key players silence on the topic du jour. Stay tuned - - -
  5. That's a good question Kiwi, but appears to remain unanswered. Why?
  6. - - - but users are not reporting such problems.
  7. Looks like instability in the Persian Gulf has had one positive outcome with gold topping AU$2000 for the first time. Certainly will run higher but may need to consolidate first. Traders taking profits may also push it down:
  8. Love those Xanthorrhoea (Blackboy) palms. They grow around my location as well. Off topic, sorry.
  9. Like to see you two Kiwi blokes work together on some coil and detector comparisons. I'm not rusted onto any detector and regard the Russian coils on the GPZ's and GPX's an interesting development, since I still have my 5000.
  10. Well done Simon. Looks like the "Kwed" will be a useful addition to your growing arsenal of detectors. Gold found usually pleases the Chancellor of the Exchequer and helps to keep things sweet! 👍 No gold where I live but mind blowing depth on historic artifacts, coins etc. Finds more even after the coin machines have been through :)
  11. Likewise Simon. Came as a shock to me - and even got me banned from one forum. Just ignore the knockers and reach your own conclusions. The QED is Howard's constantly evolving work in progress and most critics have not used the latest variants. For me (as you probably know from reading my posts) it's the ideal cheap, lightweight, battery efficient, multi coil adaptable PI prospecting machine - and has found many ozs at all depths and all soil conditions to prove it, ranging from over 2 oz to flys-it. Look forward to reading more of your results -
  12. Certainly sounds promising. Good hunting Simon -
  13. Not at all. You did your research with the maps. That's called prospecting - and can lead to serious finds. By contrast, fossicking generally leads to far less inspirational results. Once again, well done!
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