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  1. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    I selected one with an Irish accent - brought back happy memories of hitch hiking Britain years ago as a randy young man - - - :) US smartphones are apparently compatible with Aus providing they are unlocked. Both use the GSM standard
  2. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Mitch: for communication, Mobile coverage is pretty good in Victoria. You can rent a smartphone here, or buy an Aussie Sim card for yours. I recommend Telstra for best coverage.
  3. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Thanks for the clarification, my mistake. Looks like Houston is the go-to place for cheap fuel, according to that map. Lets hope we meet up!
  4. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Are those per litre prices? Golly Molly! I'd be riding a Vespa over there! It'll feel like stealing it at our prices - - - :)
  5. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    I calculate .84 US$ per litre for gas :) and .94 US$ per litre for diesel. How does that compare back home?
  6. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Prices in Bendigo, Vic ATM: unleaded 91 = 1.19 A$ per litre Diesel = 1.32 A$ per litre https://petrolspy.com.au/map/latlng/-36.75871120000001/144.2837459
  7. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    The only person who calls me that is my bank manager. JR is fine and I hope you don't mind being called Mitch! Others may, but I can't smell mine! Aren't they the ones with silly slogans painted on them? Personally I've had no experience with rentals but your travel people should be able to organise something in advance from there. Remember we drive on the "wrong" side of the road though - - - :)
  8. jrbeatty

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Mitch: Highly recommend a campervan for prospecting in Vic. I use a diesel VW T5 poptop 4wd and basically camp anywhere I damn well please. I do my laundry at laundromats in towns (or coin washers at caravan parks, although I never stay at these) Even at Reg Wilson's spacious and comfortable mansion I still prefer sleeping in my van! The amount of money saved touring in this way is immense and more than justifies campervan rental. You don't need a large van, indeed the smaller the better for following bush tracks. I'm getting softer as I age (disgracefully) and have now fitted up myself with a hot water system (with a shower out the back door) Most towns in Vic are RV friendly so water is usually available free somewhere.
  9. jrbeatty

    Moore Creek Adventures

    Beautiful crystalline specimen George. Yes, bulldozer pilot startermotors. Many not so fond memories of those damn things. Great stories you tell Steve - - -
  10. Damn right! Look forward to meeting up Mitch. I usually get away about then.
  11. Ah yes, John Tully. Dunolly's resident historian and top bloke. Also pioneering electronic prospector and finder of many sizeable pieces in the early days. Back in the day, you could see signs of where he had once surreptitiously scraped a patch or two with his little grey Fergy tractor. His excellent published series of maps and books have led to many good finds over the years.
  12. Yes Holtermann. Just another boring specimen - - - 😊
  13. I missed that Kiwi.. Bugger! Question du jour: Is their another monster at shallow depth awaiting discovery? Of course. But, obviously, it won't be in any regularly detected area. Moral of story: Start working new areas. Do your research - - -
  14. jrbeatty

    PTSD And Detecting

    Heartwarming story Paul. :)
  15. Yeah Jin, the real problem with the Fluoreons is that, under test, they just don't have the claimed MAH output - which means you are carrying extra weight for nothing. As you mention, they also don't last very long. I can recommend the mid price range Turnigys for both endurance and correctly rated output. You can pay much more and get lipos with even better specs but why bother? After three years mine is starting to lose capacity so I'll probably replace it with a 6000mah cell. These weigh much the same as a 5000mah one.