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  1. Minelab have distanced themselves from the new coils - - - Edit: Old news - carry on - - - :)
  2. Not wrong there SP. My late mate Jim Stewart used to consume vast quantities of VB. They don't call it "Green Death" for nothing - - - Coopers Premium my favourite atm. Sorry Mitch, off topic. I'm easily sidetracked by the mere mention of beer - - :)
  3. WTG, Northeast! My favourite. Even wear them for my day job - - - :)
  4. Mitch: Free Telstra Air wifi in most towns - part of the deal on a Telstra Prepaid Max sim plan I'm on the $30 one personally. With bonuses and a databank, I never seem to run out of data and almost never use the free wifi..
  5. For sure, particularly in rural or remote areas. Word of caution though - avoid the far cheaper Telstra network MVNO's such as Aldi, Belong, Southern Phone, etc. These lack (among other things) voice access to the 4GX network (VoLTE)
  6. Mitch: Woolworths supermarkets, Telstra shops, whichever is the easiest. Probably dearer at the airports, like most things- - -
  7. Not wishing to hijack Geoff's excellent thread unduly but just to clarify some misconceptions from the video posted earlier, here's some notes and portion of a map from that excellent prospector, goldfields historian and really interesting conversationalist John Tully: (Credit: John Tully) The short, shallow northwestward trending lead next to the Woolshed reef is the discovery location for most (but not all) of the big pieces. This is a branch of the main NE trending Poseidon lead and is sometimes erroneously called the Woolshed lead on many modern maps, whereas the actual Woolshed lead drains the eastern side of the reef and was worked in the 1860's. The notes on the Poseidon lead is from a small booklet published in 1988 entitled "Dunolly and Tarnagulla Goldfields" by John Tully and now, sadly, out of print. Incidentally, the video also shows a piece of roadside conglomerate. This, and much of the roadbase for the original road came from the nearby tailing dumps of the "Poseidon", "Poseidon United" and other claims along the lead. Naturally, it was rich in detectable gold. This led to that stretch of road being nicknamed "The Yellow Brick Road" in the 1980's by local prospectors - - - :)
  8. Mmm! A bit off with his location for the Poseidon nugget discovery site. It was actually in a short, narrow, shallow tertiary lead very close to the Woolshed reef, as were most of the other big pieces. The Woolshed Reef is in a patch of forest (owned until recently by the Harris family) a kilometer or more south of where he is filming. You can occasionally see it when he pans his camera. He is pointing towards the spoil heap of the "Poseidon" claim, a deep lead shaft located in deep ground. the entire Poseidon lead was eventually worked at depth right underneath the Loddon River.
  9. The area has been bulldozed beyond recognition since I was there years ago. Much more gold was found at depth.
  10. Nuggets from the Poseidon Rush. Left: "The Christmas Box" - 18 December 1906 Middle: "The Poseidon" - 18 December 1906 Right: "The Federal" - 12 December 1906 David Gordon Collection. Poseidon Nugget. This is the actual hole from which the monster nugget came to light in 1906. Looking west down the course of the lead. David Gordon Collection. The above images are from the excellent Tarnagulla.Org website. Well worth a visit. Found only a few small pieces here personally, but was following up on Jim Stewart, Reg Wilson and John Hider Smith. These guys didn't miss much!
  11. Back in 2015 Reg and I found ourselves one evening camped in a farmers paddock in central Victoria. Following a hearty meal and with a roaring fire going to deter the frost, we offered a toast (or several) of Reg's home brew to the "Great God of Nuggets" Amazing what a good inspirational home brew can lead to sometimes - - - :)
  12. Not wrong there, NE. Pity MN's on the wagon - - - :)
  13. I selected one with an Irish accent - brought back happy memories of hitch hiking Britain years ago as a randy young man - - - :) US smartphones are apparently compatible with Aus providing they are unlocked. Both use the GSM standard
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