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  1. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    Steve: Handy looking vehicle, but never saw those over here. We farmers used Willys Jeeps as runabouts, also Sherman and Stuart tanks converted to bulldozers for clearing bush - you could buy them cheaply at military auctions. - - - of course - - a scoop!
  2. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    Steve- - a late starter to detecting but sure making up for lost time! Out of curiosity, In the last image, what's that in your pocket? I'll refrain from quoting Mae West - - 😉
  3. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Correct Reg, along with the 5 ozer, they are shown above. My 2100 (run in conjunction with the "Bismarck") was standard but we only utilised one channel when hunting big gold. Jim had another Candy "tricked" 2000 box but we found it insensitive to anything much under 20 oz, so we rarely used it. Would have been great for finding UXB's though - - -
  4. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    We Aussies weren't shirkers either, Wes. The giant water flume Lightning creek, Omeo, VIC
  5. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Tried it Northeast, almost nothing. An awful lot of other big gold came out of there. It was pushed in the late 80's but they must have been using Tandys. Jim Stewart specked another 5 oz piece there under a bulldozed rock. I did a full story on it here in the Reg Wilson album.
  6. - - - over an hour from the Nineties. I haven't successfully transposed it to digital format yet but I'm still working on it. The sound is present but my capture device isn't yet picking it up. I'm a bit over the moon about it really, some welcome good news following a tough week shooting drought weakened sheep - - Starring are some memorable characters from the earlier years of gold detecting, as well as some nice gold. Here's some early screen grabs, hopefully the final MPEG's will be of higher quality. 5 oz from Guys Rush, Rheola VIC. found at depth with Jimmy Stewarts 36" "Bismarck": 30 oz from Guy's Rush, Rheola VIC, found at depth with Jimmy Stewarts 36" "Bismarck":
  7. jrbeatty

    A ½ Ounce Of Small Stuff

    Phoenix: Gold is gold. Well done and keep listening for that big one - - 😉
  8. jrbeatty

    Any Canadian Detector Prospectors?

    Blasted Anzacs everywhere -
  9. jrbeatty

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Yeah Northeast, very different sounds. It takes some getting used to after the Minelabs, which is why new users sometimes adapt more readily. Threshold is present in that vid as a mosquito like background hum. This is fully adjustable, as is the pitch. With the Minelab GPX's you are limited to certain preset timings (fine gold, sharp, sensitive smooth etc) The selectable variability between "Mode" and "Bias" on the QED means these timings are, by contrast, infinitely variable. Just about every detecting parameter is fully adjustable, and the trick is to set them to the particular ground conditions you are working. In this respect the QED is not a switch on and go machine. It can be set to a "hair trigger" for locating faint deep targets or can be run in a far less sensitive way for patch hunting. It is whatever you, the operator, set it to be. A review from a previously somewhat skeptical Moderator on PA forum (TathraDJ, bottom of page) here:
  10. jrbeatty

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Still killing them, Phrunt. I reckon it would shine in NZ conditions as well, but you guys are overloaded with detectors already - - -
  11. jrbeatty

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Syncline: Hollers just as well on the deep ones - - -
  12. jrbeatty

    Latest News On The QED ?

    "Looks like the area has been freshly dozed ? Nugget was very shallow as a result, and could have been found with a cheap VLF" Correct. Doze and detect operation. Thousands of ozs found that way with VLF's in earlier times. Welcome aboard.
  13. jrbeatty

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Unearthing a colour. Love that white Tertiary gravel. A video just sent to Howard (QED inventor) from Queensland, Australia:
  14. jrbeatty

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    Ah! Jin. The old hollow stump again - - - Even extremely experienced prospectors can get fooled sometimes. The late Jim Stewart once confessed to me how he wasted an afternoon chasing an excellent deep signal in the roots of a tree with one of his big loops - only to find it getting fainter as he went deeper. Finally he looked up and saw a short length of chain wrapped around a large limb - - -
  15. jrbeatty

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    Toolong as well, Phil. Sadly, nearly all of the good NSW alpine detecting is off limits.