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  1. Simon: Here's another one for you (I've been looking for this old video for ages - just knew I had it hidden somewhere) A 42 oz piece from the 80's. Also featuring my better half Meg: No longer in my possession unfortunately, sold it waaaay too soon as usual. Scotsmans Gully, Whipstick, Bendigo. Found almost on the surface.
  2. A few from a days work at a doze and detect claim I had at Kingower, Victoria about 1990 Top piece about 5 ozs, bottom piece 11 oz: Detectors used were Minelab SD2000 prototypes and my Minelab GT16000 Video here with Ian Jacqes (on dozer) and John Hider Smith, plus a much younger me (briefly)
  3. Bumping your post to the top, Bob. Nice pieces! Those hands have done some digging -
  4. "Still lots of people haven't submitted their find! I'm starting to think a fair few people are all talk 😀 I'm not at the point of naming any names yet but the time may come!" Ok, ok Simon! Here's my effort. Don't have a good image but here's a screen grab of a 30 oz piece (from many years ago) which three of us detected with the "Bismarck" Jim Stewart's home brew 36" mono. Full story here halfway down the page. Video here Also detected earlier that day was this 5 oz piece: My sentimental all time favourite find was not huge. It was this 68 grammer found at a remote NSW Snowy Mountains alpine goldfield. This required several days backpacking just to gain access. I still have it. Of course I was younger and fitter then :) Found with a Minelab GT16000:
  5. Elijah: You are certainly looking in the right part of the world for ancient coins. Never seen that winged sphinx stater before. All we find in Australia is boring old bits of gold!
  6. Got a few ancient coins. I'm guessing "Cimmerian Bosporos" for the little silver lions head coin with obverse starburst. Second coin possibly "Lydian electrum stator" (600 BC) extremely rare and valuable if real.
  7. Good to hear from you again Kiwi! Wondered what happened to you. At least we know you haven't yet fallen off one of those cliff faces chasing a colour :) I well remember three of us digging up a deep 30 oz piece with just the pick head years back - wasn't going to leave that one behind either! Old photo. Not much grass left here in the southeast corner, and even that's all dead - bloody drought! Mate, keep those gold pics coming - great morale booster atm. Cheers!
  8. Can't remember the original brand of my pick but I've modded it extensively over the years. Latest mod is a section of Cat D4 grouser plate steel I cut to a long point and "V" welded for strength with low hydrogen electrodes. Pretty well indestructible and extremely abrasion and impact resistant. Now all I have to do is "ding" a half reasonable colour with it (to stop it turning into lead) and I'll be happy :)
  9. Reg Wilson is away ATM so I thought I'd post his boring little flyshit for him :) "After turning on and ground balancing, I had only gone 20 feet or so when I heard a big wide signal. At first I thought it was a big charcoal noise from an old burnt tree stump, but when I took off a few inches of dirt it sounded too strong for any sort of ground noise. I kept digging, widening the hole as I went. My offsider (Murray Cox) came over and offered to help, but I insisted on digging this one out myself. At about twenty inches the gold began to show, and I was extremely careful not to hit it with the pick. Eventually, a great clay covered lump was unearthed. After a wash, it weighed in at a bit over 98 troy ounces. I named it the ' Orange Roughie' because it reminded me of an ugly fish of that name. We ended up with over 300 ozs from that paddock" More here.
  10. Interesting report PT. Pretty much in line with what I've noticed with CC coils as well, particularly the ground penetrating ability and minimal EMI. I still haven't had time to get away and have a proper play either, but this adaptable coil holds intriguing possibilities.
  11. Right! that does it. I'm spraying my gold silver from now on :)
  12. Bloody expert gold finder. Prof Dave might stick ;)
  13. Depends what you call a "decent sized nugget" :) Previous page has my amateurish phone vid of a sub oz piece at about 16". Biggest piece I've found with the Kwed was a 53 gram piece a few years ago, but that was dead shallow - and no vid.
  14. A short vid I made a few months ago. Shallow gold in a Victorian paddock. My battered old 14" Elite strikes again :) Ploughed ground often puts gold in the topsoil within a few inches of the surface:
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