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  1. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Good question Jin. Using the "Bismarck" Jimmy and I found about 50 odd ozs, but Jim and Johnny Morley worked together for a far longer period and would have scored far more than that. Sadly, I believe Johnny had a stroke some time back and is now invalided. Jimmy also worked alone with good results, but I'd have to ask Robyn (Jim's widow) in order to get more specific figures.
  2. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    The "Bismarck" was a real drawcard whenever it appeared in public. This scene was fairly typical. However, here it struggled to handle salty ground. With Jim Stewart near Goongarrie, WA mid 90's. Copied from HI8
  3. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Here's that hardy young character again. Brilliant detector operator but junk this time. He was shyly courting the "Chicken burger lady" who ran a takeaway stall at Laverton, WA, hence the banter. I wonder whether the relationship flourished into permanence :) Featuring Jim Stewart and prospector Ian McMaster's better half, who's name now escapes me. Shot at Hawks Nest north, Laverton, WA mid 90's You certainly meet some characters outback 😉
  4. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    I've never been back, but judging by other areas done with proto's and big loops, only deep small gold would remain.
  5. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Thanks Northeast. That run was all in new ground, as was the nearby 6 ozer, also the 70 oz nugget found nearby in the fifties. This undisturbed ground consists of short runs (or "Necks" as Jimmy and I called them) draining into Yorath gully. The main gullies in that paddock (Fortunate and Sheepwash) were extensively worked during the Gold Rush years with nuggets up to 200oz found. As shown in the other vids, we only found junk in them. Working separately at around the same time with JHS, Reg found a good patch elsewhere on Kens property. Ken Leach was a cantankerous old bugger who hated prospectors and this was the reason he finally did a deal with us, since his property was constantly "moonlighted" As you probably know, Rheola was historically fabulously rich in very big gold. Ken died of skin cancer not long after this was filmed. His son John took over, and at the time I sent copies of this footage to him. He described his father to me as having become "gold obsessed" in his later years, to the detriment of the property.
  6. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    While Jim Stewart, Johnny Morley and property owner Ken Leach were chasing large deep pieces with the "Bismarck" I got to work with an SD2100 with the green 18" "dustbin" lid and recovered a few smaller bits. This 6 grammer was one of a small run of tiddlers heading towards deeper ground. Shot at Sheepwash Gully, Rheola, mid 90's PS: Note to self: Vids embed better with Chrome than IE :)
  7. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Featuring the same rough, tough but excellent young prospector from the "Cap Rock" series but seen here crushing quartz specimens (some of which came from that hole) This bloke works right through the heat of a WA summer and made a more than adequate living from detecting. We enjoyed his company immensely - "water worn lovelies" indeed! With Jim Stewart and prospector Ian McMaster (sieve) Shot at the Laverton, WA caravan park mid 90's Edit: Thanks Steve. I'll remember that (maybe)
  8. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    I can only echo what others have said above - an inspirational well written story set amongst stunning vistas. Latter day prospecting at the highest level in every sense of the term - thanks for sharing your gold journey Steve.
  9. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Here's a more laid back one featuring some campfire chatter. I never did find out what the "red dress" was all about, thankfully - - Also, attempting to calibrate the tow coil with a buried 2 oz piece I'd recently found - - - Usual cast of characters: John, Reg and Jimmy. Lifted from old HI8, mid 90's WA.
  10. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    Breathtakingly spectacular country of origin Jim, Love to see it one day. Would be best prospected by younger legs than mine though Steve - - waiting impatiently - -
  11. jrbeatty

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Here's one timed for this weekends annual "Laanecoorie bash" in the Golden Triangle. Reg reports it's another huge success WA mid 90's Hawks Nest near Laverton I'm using Powergel to loosen a multi target in caprock detected at depth with an SD2200 and 18" DD coil. Ran out of film but they were specimens. The trouble with using explosives for this work is not destroying the target (that's a matter of charge placement and quantity) but the damn detonator fragments! Better to use Pauls jackhammer. Featuring Jim Stewart using early model Coiltek pinpointer and hammer drill. I can't recall the name of the young prospector, but he was damn good!
  12. jrbeatty

    The Chisana Story

    Dontcha hate it when well thought out theory fails to produce? - - happens a lot in this game. For me, part of the fun of it.
  13. jrbeatty

    Sweet New Detector

    Here's a "portable" two person version in the Dunolly Museum, Victoria AUS: The valve electronics and batteries are in the wheelbarrow arrangement. Used on the Rheola goldfields post WW2 with "limited' success
  14. While rattling through a cupboard I located a film canister I'd "hidden" once containing these finds from years ago using an SD2200 and 18" DD Coiltek coil. The 6.8 gram specimen was found about 50 meters from the monument where that rather large specimen was found by John Deason and Richard Oates. I'm sure they'd have lost sleep worrying about not finding it: I think the brass object (about 30mm in length with lead backing) is part of a knife handle and was even closer to the monument, buried deep in the brick red clay of the huge surfaced area surrounding it. I've no idea of the nationality but the combination of stars and what looks like a bird of prey had me thinking it could be of American origin- - - ? Update: it's a silver handle piece from a civil war era "Liberty and Union" gentlemans folding knife. Thanks again to "Professor Google"
  15. jrbeatty

    First Nugget With My New 5000

    Darn right there GS - - - that and a good positive attitude is the key to detecting