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  1. JR is off detecting for a few days, so I shall get him to respond on his return. We found the test coil could be moved quite quickly, however it needed to be used in smaller sweeps due to the configuration. Different to a large mono.
  2. Steve, the figure 8 coil has recently been made here in Australia and one was sent to Detech in Bulgaria where interest has been shown in producing it . Howard Rockey, the builder of the QED has one. It is incredibly light and has great coverage and surprising depth. The part that interests me is that it performs well on the QED, and makes for an even lighter QED set up. This combination blitzes the SDC in tests that I have seen.
  3. I'm going to have to talk Howard into modifying the QED to run DD and now concentric coils. If he could do that and make it auto ground track, then the QED would be sensational. I know he can do do it. I'll just have to keep up the pressure.
  4. It was tested on James's GPX5000 and behaved itself even in 'sharp'. Not suitable for QED as it behaves like a DD and on a QED it only runs on one winding like a mono. I am led to believe it will also be built in a 18 or 20 inch version, and if so Beatty and I want one.
  5. Paul, the biggest color we had for testing was only 10oz, so I don't know how far it would pick up something really big. I've played around with some pretty big coils in the past, but this thing takes the cake. It was picking up beer cans at about 5' or more. PS It ran smooth even in very hot ground.
  6. After two days of testing, JR Beatty and I agree that this is one very good coil.
  7. My rule is to at least move every target, even what sounds like surface junk. After many years of detecting I can usually tell a junk target, but every now and then there will be one that fools me, and after grudgingly digging what I have assumed by the sound to be just another bit of rubbish, out comes a slug of the 'real' thing. Some of these surprises have been pretty big.
  8. Seems a few posts disappeared "Like straw in the wind" (The Steel Woods) A bit one sided.
  9. While the standard of Minelab coils have been quite good up till the GPZ19", it has been the exception. Remember that when the GPZ first came on the market with its 14" coil we were promised a larger, lighter coil, and what we eventually got was over rated, over priced and definitely over weight. I can't imagine that Minelab will sell too many of those 'woofers' now, and for that they only have themselves to blame.
  10. I use liquid tape quite a bit. It is excellent.
  11. Norvic, a mate of mine in Maldon has a 7000 that on the odd occasion just shuts down for no apparent reason. It has done this for some time. PS He only has the standard 14" coil.
  12. The problem is Norvic that the real Minelab died years ago. The Codan wolf now wears the fleece of the Minelab lamb. It is now a multi national predator that cares only for profit. Easy to be the nice guy and replace a faulty unit when your product is produced for peanuts in the third world.
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