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  1. I recall a big nugget found in California a few years back. It was called the 'Washington' Nugget, and sold for $460,000.
  2. Norvic, not sure what ails NE, but it aint ales. Probably neads a good nugget fix.
  3. Dave, the Quest setup has become my system of choice. Matched to my Bose noise cancelling earbuds, it is the 'ducks guts'.
  4. Now there's your problem NE. A man needs a drop of 'inspiration' to set his mind free, and to give him the imagination to go hunt where others have not. Besides that, a man without any form of vice is as boring as bat droppings.
  5. You'll never make from Kiwi land mate.
  6. Paul, it's my shout at my place.....I make my own.
  7. Highly sensitive settings may work in NZ and elsewhere, but are problematic in most Victorian goldfields.
  8. mn90403, can't bear to watch that guy or listen to his voice. Embarrassing. (ye har baby) barf.
  9. Well Simon, there will be many who don't agree with me (nothing unusual) but like Norvic I don't use them these days. As pointed out by a well known Australian prospecting personality, boosters cannot create a signal that the detector has not already recognized and audibly responded to. In earlier days of the VLF detectors, some had a volume that seemed a bit soft, so signal enhancers were widely used to boost the response, however the latest generation of pulse induction machines have more volume control, and generally do not require further enhancement. I prefer to have noise reduction to eliminate distracting outside sound, and even 'white noise' that is not even noticeable until noise cancelling is switched on. Most of the WiFi systems, which I favor have, have a volume control, with the Sennheiser system having volume control on both the transmitter and the headphones. (These H/phones are not noise cancelling, but very good) With TX volume control and N/C I find I have as good a clear and unobstructed audio as I could wish for. It's a 'different strokes for different folks' scenario, and I've had situations where I have picked up a mates detector to have a listen to an uncertain signal he has picked up, only to think, "my God how can he run a machine like that?" Threshold way up, with the machine 'screaming its tits off', the pitch so high its deafening, and running a booster as well. The perfect way to go deaf. Maybe some people are partly deaf and need a booster. The way I like to run is with threshold only just there, tone way down low, noise cancelling on, and cordless.
  10. Different boosters react differently to various speakers, headphones and earbuds. While giving a background hum or hiss on one system, on another the audio may be fine. Transmitters too can effect the performance of boosters, and the consensus of opinion seems to be that any booster should be on the RX rather than the TX. I guess it is a matter of taste, as some people find boosters beneficial, while others do not.
  11. You never know Beatty, that record slug may just have our name on it. Looking forward to when you can get away from your farm, so we can get back to hunting for it.
  12. phrunt, you should be able to get a battery in NZ as they are widely used in model aircraft. Most hobby shops stock them. Both JR Beatty and myself use these. I have one fitted on my QED prototype.
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