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  1. Shush, quiet mate, or we will have all these yank prospectors setting sail for the land downunder. Be warned. Our immigration thugs will not roll out the welcome mat but will lock you up on some God forsaken island forever and feed you on gruel. The welcome mat was thrown on a bonfire some time back.
  2. Jeff, I don't know why there have been complaints about the EMI in regard to the 6000. Is it just the USA or other parts of the world as well? Mine purrs like a kitten, but it has been suggested that perhaps it is the audio system that I use. Is the speaker the problem, or maybe the Bluetooth, neither of which I use. It has been suggested that I am just lucky. Maybe, but it seems unlikely.
  3. Jeff McClendon, I am hoping that the QED that you purchased is the PL3 which was a good unit for the price. I am no longer involved with QED as I had a major falling out with the builder who insisted on putting the PL4 on the market without any testing. The new model was, in my opinion, inferior to the PL3 and after voicing my thoughts I was dismissed as a dealer.
  4. Hi Jonathan, all the best for the next detecting season when the weather cools off. I have mounted the Quest Tx on the arm cuff as far from the electronics as possible. No discernible interference and the WiFi sound is very good. The Rx has the added advantage of volume control. Bauhn have Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, but lack volume. They can also be used with cable or the Quest Rx unit which solves the volume problem, but not much point in paying more for this unit when the cheaper non Bluetooth unit is fine when matched to the Quest system.
  5. Well my luck still holds out. When I bought my GPZ (one of the first cabs off the rank) my machine was perfect and paid for itself within a couple of weeks, my best find being a 27oz lump found a couple of years later. Upon cranking up the 6000 it also purred like a kitten finding gold within hours of use. No EMI problems at all that I was expecting to occur due to reports that I had read. Now after using it for a couple of months I feel more familiar with the settings. So far no bigger gold, but boy oh boy is it dynamite on small colours, and so light and well balanced. In a few months when our hot Aussie summer wanes I shall really give it some work. I do not use the speaker nor the ML Bluetooth, but use the Quest Mate WiFi system and Bose noise cancelling earbuds or the Bauhn n/c headphones. This set up works for me and gives me a great stable machine. Can't believe how deep some of the very small targets are.
  6. Eric, I did find some of your videos entertaining. Better than some of that 'reality' garbage. Maybe I'm just hard to please.
  7. Watching paint dry would be more entertaining.
  8. I once had a shot at a mate (JHS) who had found a massive amount of gold, but had a habit of 'dinging' his nuggets with his pick. He explained to me that he did it on purpose as it was necessary to 'stun' the bits before they could turn themselves into lead. Alchemy????
  9. When gold is used for visors on space helmets it is so thin as to be transparent and is green in colour. It is used to screen out radiation.
  10. Lost a pup to wedgies a few weeks back. They are on the ball and got a pup that got out of the pen.
  11. Just might be a chance in that gully as it is Crown land all the way down to the fence line where it would be too deep for a detector. I have not detected it due to the easier pickings out on the flat country where the Nuggetty lead meanders for miles over granite country. The bush reserve where the old Nuggetty school used to be might be worth a punt as the ground is shallow and I know of a guy who got small colours on the edge of the road there. Once again I have not detected that spot although I did get a patch of eleven ounces quite close by. The best bit was over three ounces.
  12. Just keep your 'cotton picking' drone out of my spots. At about the two minute mark I can clearly see where I worked four different patches, one in the company of JR Beatty, which yielded over a hundred bits. The land owners were on percentage All of that lower country is private property, and if an eagle doesn't get your drone a 12 gauge just might. (just kidding) Fence jumpers not welcome.
  13. What? No Xcoils, which in my opinion for what it is worth, are superior to any of those.
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