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  1. Don't know any thing about the detectors but the Quest WiFi systems are very good and I use them.
  2. Great setup, but where do you hang the Colt 45, TV, and portable toilet? It looks like a torture device.
  3. I can understand Northeast not using a harness. He is built like a brick dunny, (outhouse for the yanks) and could swing a GPZ and 'dog' coil on his little finger, plus he still has youth on his side, but for an old buzzard like me, this is out of the question. I couldn't think of anything worse than trying to detect that mountain goat country that Phrunt endures trussed up like a working mule. One stumble, and it's a long way down. I use a light weight detector (QED), Quest WiFi, noise cancelling headphones, and a small pick on a wide 'tradie' belt which gives good firm lumber suppo
  4. I ditched all that crap some time ago. Best thing I ever did. Not my idea of enjoyable detecting.
  5. That's a problem that you will never have to deal with.πŸ˜„
  6. The big test of course will be an in ground comparison with the standard coil. If Nuggetfinder has managed to do what X coils have proven, and that is to out perform the ML coil then NF will have a seller, as it is also lighter. Only independent testing will tell if this coil is a winner.
  7. I would guess that this will be an updated GPX and as such would utilize the already available range of coils. If not it will be another cynical exersive in trying to monopolize the industry. Undoubtably it will be more expensive than the GPX5000 which it appears to be replacing, as if the current range are not already overpriced, considering they are built in the third world and not in the USA or Australia.
  8. A few more bells and whistles, and able to find even smaller gold deeper. You'll get a free magnifying glass with each detector.πŸ˜„
  9. The best processing happens between your ears. It's the difference from being able to drive formula one and an auto family sedan.
  10. You have to love the 'toy' wash plant. Take a bloody long time to put a ton through that thing. What a joke. If BS was gold this mob would be billionaires.
  11. Well Simon, there's one born every minute, and that show is designed for them. Every man has his price so they say, and it seems the producers have found theirs. Only a 'greenhorn' swallows such fakery, but hey, it sure sells detectors for the sponsors. As we say in Ozz, "come in spinner". Just a pity that they can't get stock out of China and Malaysia at the moment, but that hasn't stopped dealers from taking deposits with no sure delivery date. Not easy getting your deposit back either when one runs out of patience after weeks of waiting.
  12. What sort of a person would be low enough to remind an old bloke of his creeping senility?
  13. Rob Allison, you state that you can buy big nuggets at below spot price. Not from me you can't. I used to sell into USA for spot price and above, but now the Chinese will gladly pay spot price or better for big slugs. Times have changed.
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