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  1. Real interesting crystal bit John. Keep that piece.
  2. You can beat an egg, but you can't beetaroot. (Aussie humor) Sorry.........!!
  3. Yes Mitchel, Five bits with the 2300 will just about buy you one of your much loved 'Burger King' indigestibles.
  4. Most big ones are found at shallow easily detected depth, therefore lighter more maneuverable detectors are quite adequate when it comes to being in the 'right spot'. You won't find too many large nuggets in 'flogged' ground.
  5. SteelPhase, as far as life is concerned, the journey is far preferable to the destination.
  6. I'm with you on this one Northeast. What sort of a mongrel would try and take it off these folks?
  7. Jin, no problem with EMI at the back of the caravan park if you are using a QED. Mitchel, if you had asked Julie in the Wedderburn cafe for advice she would have given you plenty. Nice lady. You don't need the ring, unless it makes you feel better. Do a little dance and a quick prayer to the Great God of Nuggets, and it will have the same effect. My place is not exactly on the way to Wedderburn, but if you can't do without the 'pwecious', I shall leave it on the gatepost if I happen to be out. I have an extra one that I got somewhere along the line, and you can have that as well as it never served any purpose that I could see.
  8. Trent King has given you the same advice that I did.
  9. Both you and phrunt have really bad taste in food. Chain store rubbish. You can eat that crap in America Mitchel. That sort of food is why Australia and America have so many obese people. Bogun food. Should be banned.
  10. AussieDigs, research, research, and more research. Then when you think you have researched it all; go back and read it again. Get out and cover the ground, on foot. Learn the geology. When you look down at the ground there is a story looking back at you, and you need to understand what the ground is telling you. Not easy I admit, but it is not something that is beyond your learning. When I instruct, I liken it to to when an aboriginal person looks down at the ground and tells you that two kangaroos came by here chased by three dingoes. You look down and see nothing but gravel. Like the native man who knows the bush and the stories it tells, the experienced prospector sees more than just gravel. He sees the clues. He sees the faint clues that concentrate his attention, and he notes where the clues increase and clues of a different type or age accumulate to increase the chances of the magic cocktail occurring that will produce the metal he seeks. To me it is the ultimate thrill. The thrill of the chase. Financial reward is great of course, but the buzz from proving your detective work is something else. How can you put a price on that?
  11. I believe where you found gold Beatty, as I was there. You just needn't have told the farmer. (told you I would never let you forget it)
  12. Gotta love that dog. Look how he has his head just slightly on one side as he takes in what you are saying to him. He's a beauty.
  13. Simon, judging by the size of the gold you find, you would take a long time to find enough gold to justify buying a GPZ. You already have enough detectors and coils to open your own detecting museum. If you do the sums, your gold probably owes you at least five grand an ounce. You will be swinging a coil out the side of your mobility scooter before you ever break even. Even John after his X coil investment and his uncanny ability to find small gold will be a long time breaking even. You must break this obsession you have with finding at least some color, and take the next step from fossicking to prospecting. I refuse to believe that there are no undiscovered patches left in New Zealand. You have the determination and dedication to take this next step, and although it possibly looks like a 'bridge too far' I don't believe it is. The hard part is accepting that you may go for weeks, or even months without digging a color, but then comes the day when you dig gold where it has never been dug before, and by the time fading daylight forces you to stop digging, you have near a years wage or better weighing heavy in your pockets. You know how to do it. Take the next step, or you will still be just another crow on a carcass.
  14. There is no way on earth nuggets were found on Gold Coast beach. Total rubbish.
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