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  1. The claim belongs to Ian Holland and is at Corindhap, south of Ballarat. It is on the 'Break o' day' lead, which at it's time of discovery was reputed to be the richest mile of alluvial gold in the world. There are two leads running from the north to the south in parallel, the other being the Frenchmans lead. Depths vary from surface to over 80 feet. Ten nuggets of over 100ozs were found in this gold field, the largest was found in very shallow ground and was reputed to be 375ozs. In 1987 in company with another detector operator I unearthed an 11oz lump in unproven ground between the two leads . This led to a surface run of very course gold, totaling 350ozs, the largest nugget being 98ozs.
  2. A bloke dedicated to making a cumbersome, heavy machine usable. Full marks to him. Just a shame that the detector manufacturer didn't design the damned thing properly in the first place.
  3. The guy on the left is Dean Smith, who is an expert on the casting of gold nugget replicas. His work is excellent, as you can see. He has actually taken casts of a couple of nice colors that I have unearthed. Neville Perry a Victorian gold buyer is in the middle and next to him is Mick Clark, his partner and excavator operator. The two have a successful license north of Dunolly in central Victoria. These gold shows give the impression that gold is easy to find in Australia, however as Mitchel can attest this is not the case. I was approached by one of these film companies some time back but decided against it as i suspected that facts would be, shall we say, flexible.
  4. Ah, Norvic, you are indeed a philosopher. You know I have spent some time thinking about success and how I could increase such. After a deal of inspiration (whiskey) I have come to a significant conclusion. It seems upon reflection that I have spent an awful lot of days where no gold has been the end result of digging holes for things other than gold. No future in that. It's obvious. The days when I found nothing I could have been engaged doing something useful. The days when gold was recovered were well spent. All I have to do is stay home on the wasted days, and get out there and dig like hell on the good days. All I have to do now is work out which one is which.
  5. Will be most interested in your analysis Elijah.
  6. The Australian list of nuggets only refers to pieces of twenty troy ounce or better. So in earlier times a lump of gold had to be twenty ounces or more to be recognized as a nugget. The largest nugget recorded was found at Moliagul in central Victoria and weighed approximately 2,200 troy ounces.(The Welcome Stranger) The Hand of Faith was the largest nugget found with a metal detector at KIngower, also in central Victoria, and weighed in at over 800 troy ounces. It is on display at the Gold Nugget casino in Las Vegas.
  7. Now that is a coil that could unlock some deep secrets. I'm already thinking of some of my special spots.
  8. One thing that I do agree with is just how good the Bose earbuds are. Expensive but brilliant. My other option is the Aldi Bauhn noise cancelling headphones. They work better than many of the more expensive options. (AU$40.00). I use both these audio systems in conjunction with Quest WiFi (not necessary with GPZ of course). The Quest Rx has a volume control, so I have not found the need for a booster, but for those with reduced hearing this could be an option. Quest is not the most expensive WiFi, but the best that I have used so far. Add an X coil to these, and you're 'cooking with gas'.
  9. 19 ounce is not a monster nugget, although these days it probably seems to be for some.
  10. "I think you have some private tanks".......... Sssshhhhhhh. Neither you nor Beatty can keep a secret.
  11. Well Mitchell, some don't seem to have the 'luck' and others have been 'kissed on the member by a fairy'. There always will be some who could fall into a tank full of breasts, and come up sucking their thumb.
  12. Well Mitchell, you did seem to rush all over the place when you were down here. But I guess that is understandable when you only have limited time.
  13. The last three cases here in Victoria Australia have been traced to the USA. It appears that there are a lot more undiagnosed cases in USA than the government there are aware of. The American health system is such that many people do not seek treatment because the cost of doing so can put you in the 'poor house'.
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