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  1. You must be joking! Do you mean that we must develop some type of gantry to enable us to swing this monstrosity? What about the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide a user friendly product? The problem is that lack of competition has led to this situation where the manufacturer who has a technical advantage does not need to compete. They can be as lazy and slack as they like, and have a 'like it or lump it' attitude and get away with it. Get rid of any critics in favor of 'yes men', and cruise to a world beater reputation. Any competition can be dealt with by farcical legal action designed to overpower by way of superior finances. Every dog has its day.
  2. All this is totally unnecessary. Instead of palming of some cumbersome converted military mine detector with minor modifications onto the prospecting fraternity, and a message of 'kiss our arse in gratitude', and then coming up with a pathetic truss to support the weight of this ill begotten monster, they could have designed an ergonomic prospecting specific detector. I just can't believe the way this cynical opportunism has been accepted by the detector public without so much as a whimper. They say that you get the politicians that you deserve, well that must apply to detectorists as well, and if so, we must be a bunch of suckers.
  3. You undersell yourself Simon. I think you are a bloody good communicator and an asset to this forum. You are honest and never 'big note' yourself.
  4. Yeah, madtuna, when I was younger it was bearable, but now it is just an avoidable pain in the buttocks. Duel speakers, Really?
  5. Madtuna, I have had similar experiences. I once saw a photo of a rather large piece that was displayed in the window of a well known detector shop. I asked the shop owner who had found that nugget, and he told me the so called finder was looking for investors in a project he had pegged. It seems that 'Rattlesnake John' who had purchased the nugget had then on sold it to the guy who was claiming he had found it. The 'Washington nugget' was another example of fraudulent claims.
  6. If you are happy to be trussed up like a Christmas turkey then go for it. All you need now is how to do the little bugaloo figure eight dance and you are away. How easy can it be?
  7. Good news re GPX compatibility with QED X coil. I tested it outside my house, and although there was some EMI with the GPX it picked up a tiny color that does not register on my scales. The response was very sharp all over the coil with the toe and heel being especially so. It was tested against the 11" Commander with the X coil being noticeably better. Having 12" of sensitive coverage makes this a good coil for gridding, plus good penetration. I tested the QED as well and in all honesty I would say that the GPX was very slightly better, but only by a tiny margin. The QED however had no EMI response at all. The ground here is typical Central Victorian goldfield, and I have detected gold about a hundred meters from my house, so the ground showed no favoritism to either detector.
  8. So, AussieMatt, are you a potential buyer or just a 'tire kicker'? To try and answer your concerns I shall try one of these coils on my GPX and see if it performs.
  9. AussieMatt, I'm not trying to give you lessons on anything. ( I charge for that service) You are asking questions that I neither have the technical knowledge nor the experience to answer. I feel that Davsgold via phrunt has given you a satisfactory answer to your enquiry, or to put it plainly, the QED X coil will perform perfectly well on a GPX or earlier ML PI.
  10. AussieMatt, what you assume may not be necessarily so. The QED is a different beast to a GPX and although they are both pulse induction detectors, they differ in many ways. Our Russian friend is aware of these differences, and it must be painfully obvious to most that he is a lot smarter than other coil builders who have been unable to match the performance of his coils. I am not privy to the secrets of his coil windings, and even if I was so, I doubt I would understand the technicalities. What I do know, and have a history of knowing, is when an advance in detector technology takes place that I am 'hip' enough to know when to run with it, and to be be there at the cutting edge. It is quite feasible in that designing a coil to utilize the best features of the QED that this development has inadvertently opened up an improvement for GPX as well. Like you AussieMatt I am assuming rather than stating, because although I may have some knowledge of X coil development, there is much that is still a mystery.
  11. Hi Simon. The 12x6 X coil is now available in a QED package as the PL2X and is available in three configurations. Detech straight telescopic stem, handle and armrest. PL2XD Whites straight 'tower' handle and armrest PL2XT Whites 'S' stem handle and armrest PL2XS The two Whites versions are available with internal power lead, but the Detech is not as the handle is solid and does not lend itself to this conversion. QEDs are now making their presence felt in five continents.
  12. Nice morning here for detecting NE, hope all is well with you. phrunt probably knows more about the wiring secrets of the 12x6, but I gather it is some sort of hybrid wiring system. However it has been wired it sure works well, and is very smooth and able to run in mode 1 over most ground. I find it most impressive.
  13. Today a parcel arrived from Russia; 12" x 6" X coils designed specifically for QED, but also fully compatible with GPX. Both phrunt and myself have been using these coils for some time now, but this is the first time here in Australia that they have become available to the prospecting public. Like Simon, I love this coil and could fill a page for the reasons why, but this would be unnecessary as Simon has already outlined his feelings and I would be hard pressed to better his observations. For QED owners and prospective buyers there are great introductory price deals, but GPX owners also will be interested in improving their machine's performance by the addition of an X coil.
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