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    Prospecting Geology History
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    GPX6000. GPX 4000. Polaris 4x4 & tow coil. (QED prototype)

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  1. Open invitation to Garrett. Send me an Axiom and I will soon tell you how well it performs 'down under'. If it performs well, you will tell me to keep it, if not I will send it back. I am not married to any make, and have a reasonable idea of how to use a detector. If it is good, you have nothing to lose, and neither do I.
  2. WA was never very kind to me. Best effort was a 6oz speci. Mostly small stuff. Sold nearly all the gold I ever found. Porsches or gold? If you've ever driven a Carrera the answer is easy. You only live once, and if you do it right, once is enough. PS I have to say that is one very pretty piece. Don't blame you for keeping it.
  3. Some people insist on dragging their own political views into historical events. I couldn't give a rat's patooty for their interpretations. Perhaps they should just study the facts without getting on a soap box. Some of the worst people imaginable drape themselves in the current flags of the USA, Australia, and other nations. The Eureka flag has a positive and brave history for me at least. (I am not a union member, nor have ever been).
  4. Silly videos like that one just make Aussies look ridiculous.
  5. And that's big gold? Good grief! If they got so excited over that bit, what would be the reaction if they found a real big piece?
  6. Well Simon, I wouldn't bother waiting by the letterbox for your Christmas card from Minelab this year. Mine failed to turn up after my posts on my impressions of the GPZ19" coil.
  7. Pity you won't get to Bendigo Victoria as I live less than an hour from there and would have liked to catch up.
  8. Me thinks our very recent member here may know a little more about Finders demise than he he lets on.
  9. Finders was the oldest forum in Australia. It has fallen foul of sabotage from a most undesirable forum.
  10. Found a five ounce piece in the morning and this ninety eight ounce lump in the afternoon. The Orange Roughie (Washington Nugget)
  11. Just got back from O S and have a problem with the supplied ML headphones for my 6000. The Bluetooth refuses to pair. Up until now I was quite happy with the set up being clear and with plenty of volume, but It is either send the phones back to ML (maybe the detector TX is at fault), use my Quest Wireless Mate system with Aldi Bauhn noise cancelling headphones, or Bose NC ear buds. The options are workable, but not quite as loud. The one negative with the factory phones is that they are susceptible to wind noise.
  12. jasong, I can vouch for the fact that James does in fact prospect unproven ground with that monster coil and has success with it.
  13. I got Covid three months ago and still not back to where I was before, but getting there.
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