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S Mint Bonanza V2 (with Some Phillies Thrown In)

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1913-S Lincoln is in that second tier of scarce date+mm Lincolns.  Any San Francisco cent prior to 1916, of which there are ten (including the two Indian Heads), only saw 6 million or fewer minted.  All carry at least close to 2 digit premiums if in halfway decent shape.  Yours looks quite nice.

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Yes GB, I've been fortunate to find a number of 1910s, 12s and 13s pennies in rather nice condition (all be it fully green), just missing 11s and 15s in the series starting with 09s.  They do hold up rather well.

Wish i found as many silver barber coins to match.  Afraid they are harder to come by.

I find a few Phili mint coins here from that early part of the 1900's. But I have never found a New Orleans mint and on very few D mint coins before 1935.  Seems nearly all of Oregon's supply was simply coming north on the train from the the SF mint for the later part of the 1800's up through the mid 1930s.  

I notice that when people find 14D wheats, they are commonly found in midwestern states - which is logical.  

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Great saves on the coins and they are nice looking for their age.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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