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  1. On another thread here it was mentioned that the announcement is (if I remember right) 3:30 PM CST (i.e. Chicago time). Or is it 3:00 PM...?? Anyway, you USA Pacific Time Zone detectorists get it 2 hours earlier, you lucky dogs. Pretty sure someone also said that's 8:30 (or 8:00) in the morning in some part of Australia (probably the Eastern states?) on 2nd December. So, yes, that date was apparently meant for us spoiled Americans (North and South continents). 😁 But they also timed it to be daytime in Australia, maybe just to make it easy for the Minelab workers responsible for this to have already gotten to work? Or is Minelab of the Americas running the show now?
  2. Well, it's the Codan report, not the Minelab report. I was surprised when digging through the slides that they were as forthcoming as they were about dip in metal detector sales. (Note that metal detectors are still their most profitable in terms of Return on Investment, just not totals sales.) They also mentioned some fresh debt which might (or might not...) explain part of their stock price dip. Then again, borrowing money for the right reasons (e.g. R&D investment) can be a positive effect. I almost LOL'ed when they highlighted our USA state of Iowa as one of their highlighted sucesses! 🀣 That right there tells you how desperate they must for positive news. Not picking on Iowa, they just happen to be in 4th place when it comes to states starting with 'I'. (That's alphabetically. I don't want to get in trouble with Steve. And note I didn't say who was #1, well, Idaho by the same measure. But even Gerry knows not to toot their horn too loudly. Just kidding around. No, really.... Gerry, I'll vote Idaho #1 overall if you'll move me up on the Manticore waiting list. πŸ™)
  3. You must be serious about getting your hands on one ASAP. Chicago isn't exactly on the beeline to Mexico from your place. And are you going to use "going to the Boise State (American football) Bowl game" as an excuse for holding up *MY* delivery, too? 😁
  4. You don't mean the one you called "a waste of plastic", do you? 🀣 I've noticed as the last few years have gone by, Gary Drayton on Curse of Oak Island (cable) TV show has been coerced(?) into using one. And every time he tries to find a target with it I'm thinking "surely it works better than that." I really wonder if they started paying him to use it on screen. It seemed like he held out for quite a while using the Garrett Carrot. Now you have me thinking that tomorrow's (or is it "today's" in Australia already) announcement might be at least partly about a new pinpointer.
  5. I was referring to the recent video in the USA (probably the Arizona one) where Minelab of the Americas Debby was demoing the supposedly only Manticore currently within our borders, at least the only one that's allowed to be shown.... (That is going to change very soon if we can accept the recent ML Facebook post.) P.S. I haven't watched the Polish video, but apparently Shelton has. πŸ€”πŸ˜
  6. You and I were thinking the same thing -- what is the chemical compostion? -- and I also went to Wikipedia. The article (which I'm glad was posted/linked here since I find it interesting) was a bit misleading in the first paragraph, saying "Two minerals never seen on Earth before..."; correcting that later in the article they point out (from interviews with University of Alberta scientists) that they both had been synthesized in a lab there over 3 decades ago. So IMO "first time found in nature" would have been the accurate way to say this initially. Still good stuff -- science in action. And does something to be classified as a 'mineral' require that it be found in nature? Naturally on the earth?? IDK.
  7. I had another thought after reading Strick's comment. Note that in the video both targets are on the surface. The coil winding itself (true on all coils, I think) has a strong field very close to the winding. That's why you often get double/triple beep when swinging all the way across a surface metal target. It can be even worse when there are two (near) surface targets with a separation of the coil width. That combined report can make one think there is a (good) target between them where there is nothing. So what happens when one target is centered and one is under the winding? Do you get one target trace or two? BTW, if you watch that recent video (was it the Arizona one?) with Debbie from the Minelab Americas office (Naperville, IL), she seems to think there is an unknown good target in between surface targets she has placed on the ground. I think she is just seeing the result of what I described above.
  8. It has them. Doesn't anybody read the specs? Relying upon videos (by less than experts...) to give all the details just doesn't seem realistic. And Lawrie said more than once in the September European Tour videos it will have full tones (may not be the name they're using now). BTW, Steve H. just put to bed (maybe in another thread) the idea that a performance feature/capability of the Equinox will be taken away on the Manticore. Enhanced? In some cases, yes.
  9. There could also be the added complication that the power grid in the USA is different than in Australia. Supposedly they were tuning units sent to the USA to accommodate that but being located half a world away while making those adjustments....?? (This is pure speculation on my part.) The only detectors I have that can consistently run at max gain in town are the ones that have built in 'governor' (i.e. you can't run up into the noise -- one of those idiot proof / dumb it down for the people who can't make adjustments). I got the QED for Western USA gold detecting. My TDI will do that too, but when I want to use it in town I just turn down the gain. (And, please, no lectures about how neither is as powerful as a GPX. I'm fully aware as is presumably everyone who owns one. Didn't overpower my wallet or my back, either.)
  10. See the characteristics/specs that Steve H. just posted in his detector database entry for the Manticore. Your answer is there.
  11. Given how they are dressed and the condition of the vegetation, I'd guess this was done in September during the European Tour. (And why would they send Lawrie back now with nothing new to say?) Regarding the outside tests with targets at the surface, that part is confusing to me because of editing and also because I don't understand French nor do I know how to convert French Closed Caption subtitles into English. But note that before they put down a coin near the nail, the detector is silent while swung over the nail. (Notching apparently has been applied.) Does notching vs. no notching affect the target trace reporting? IDK. As usual, the high specular reflectivity of the screen combined with the angle of the camera with respect to the screen make it difficult to view the screen in videos. Local knowledge (e.g. forum members here from France) may be able to add some more interpretation but I still don't think there is much of anything new here compared to the many videos posted back in September.
  12. "...made in Israel and the US..." I wonder if Uri Geller is behind this.... πŸ€” (Warning to others who think there's something new/worthwhile in this video. It's presenting a new LRL.)
  13. Welcome, Mike! Nice to read that you and your spouse are both into detecting. And you've got capable primary tools already. Hopefully you'll get some mild winter weather to allow you to get out, but if not you'll be even more fired up when spring arrives. Lots of history there in CT and I'm sure much is still awaiting discovery. (Oh, and some Atlantic beaches, too.)
  14. I would say you *did* sweat the small stuff. USA silver 3 cent piece on left is 14 mm diameter (~9/16 inch). I've never found one but do have one in my test kit. It really looks small compared to say a USA 10 cent (dime) at 19 mm. (Never found a 15.5 cm half dime, either.) The coin on right scales (from the photo) to 11 mm diameter. Are you going to tell us what it is?
  15. I was skeptical intially of interpretting this numerical representation as a date in the form common in the USA. Fortunately 12 January 2022 doesn't make sense unless one has a time machine. Lawrie answered that question in the negative during the September European Tour. It's on one of the videos.
  16. It appears the International Meteor Organization gets the data and post some of the info (but not as much as you are wanting, at least I don't see all of that). Having said that I'm so far not impressed with the American Meteor Society who manages the collection of these data from those cameras. There's a long (meaning centuries) history of involvement of amateur astronomers providing data for professionals. (example) I'm not aware of how available the data are. Professional data collected by nationally and internationally funded projects are typically kept private for collaborators who collected it and/or were involved in the equipment development & implementation for a certain period of time (~2 years) and then released via a proposal review method. But this isn't that and as you say if someone is going to provide his/her own equipment (cost) and data through a cooperative network then s/he should have those kinds of rights. If I were interested I would contact the people running the program and get more details. I suspect they would even talk to you via phone/zoom/etc. It seems like a backyard (garage) type of organization. (That's not a putdown. I'm in my 'garage' a lot doing all kinds of projects. 😁) From Wikipedia: A steadily growing number of fireballs are recorded at the American Meteor Society every year.[42] There are probably more than 500,000 fireballs a year,[43] but most go unnoticed because most occur over the ocean and half occur during daytime. As mentioned on this subforum before (but not this thread), 'shower' is AFAIK of comet origin whereas meteorites come from asteroid fragment meteoroids. Asteroids and their fragments don't tend to clump together, at least at this time in the solar systems long history. From that same Wikipedia entry: Meteors may occur in showers, which arise when Earth passes through a stream of debris left by a comet, or as "random" or "sporadic" meteors, not associated with a specific stream of space debris.
  17. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/11/19/meteor-toronto-c8ff042/ AFAIK there is currently no report of anything reaching the ground, but it's still possible that occurred. Beware when reports like this say "hit the earth". I don't think there is evidence for that, yet. From tracking the trajectory, Niagra Falls area is apparently where a meteorites can be found IF anything of measurable size survived. Keep an eye out for updates. And if they got anything like Buffalo, NY area (almost 6 ft. in some spots in last couple days) it may be tough to even access a fall area for a while.
  18. Nice video (as usual), Andrew. Cursing a Wheat cent find -- you really know how to hurt a guy.... Just for that you're going to have to answer a bunch of questions: Did you use the Deus 2 for all of DIV 52 and the GPX6000 all of DIV 53? Was the ground mineralization considerably different between the two sites? About what fraction of your bullet finds were Confederate? Do you have an idea of the date of the animal trap? Pre-CW? CW? Post-CW? Does the depth of targets give an indication of age there? I figure the tilling of the ground mixes things up but some of your digs appeared to be in really hard packed clay -- doubt that gets tilled. Good stuff and I appreciate you taking the time to tape and then edit, add music, and upload.
  19. Did you read this part? How do you go about training the dogs to work in mineral exploration? PB: You train them to sense certain smells that come from ore. We take ore samples from different mines and areas where we find the ore, and then we train them on that. Right now my dog can sense 20 – 30 different types of ore. They can discover an ore body that is as much as 12m under the ground.
  20. The National Park Service may have taken into consideration that Fenn contacted them to ask permission about revealing the location after that fact, knowing that it could damage the park he so loved. (Well, I think he did that but AFAIK he never stated such. And I guess he could/should have thought about the potential damage before hiding it there.) Would prosecuting such a high profile figure with its associated well known and popular story been accepted or turn into a public relations disaster? And in the process of prosecuting would they have to prove he hid it there by providing evidence for all the world to see the exact location? Seems like NPS had everything to lose and nothing to gain. Again, that's assuming Fenn told them it was hidden in the park and I'm not sure of the accuracy of that conversation.
  21. From the things I've read and TV show (Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates) interview and written interviews, Fenn was consistent from day 1. He gave the reasons he hid the treasure, what it contained, and refused to tell anyone where it was, not even his family. When some people took the voluntary risk of going to dangerous places and then died, and their families played results ("if it weren't for Fenn he'd be alive...") BS, and then even law enforcement requested he figure a way to end the quest, he refused. When reminded he was old and may die before it was found and that he should tell someone he refused. Fenn spent a life of adventure, some in the outdoors, with a profession of finding, collecting, buying and selling antiques and collectibles. He had a brush with death (cancer) which apparently gave him not only a reminder of the zest for life but also to share it with others by providing them with an incentive to get outdoors and enjoy more than just within four walls. Did he seek/enjoy fame? Probably. Should we burn him (in effigy) at the stake for that? The conspiracy theorists are calling him a liar and a cheater, simple as that. I can speculate on their motivation but there are probably many reasons, and I don't really give a rat's a__ since they are typically the kind of people who only listen to someone who goes along with their fabricated ideas and any evidence (what many call 'facts') against their theories will just be labeled more lies and fakes.
  22. Really, because I wouldn't have figured that from your record breaking number of posts on this new detector. πŸ€”
  23. I haven't been keeping up since the ridiculous lawsuit was filed, but here's a fairly recent article which gives more details. But I have to quote something there because it should tickle the funnybone of everyone on this site (even the conspiracy theorists): In November 2020, five months after the chest was found, MeatEater podcast guest and journalist Benjamin Wallace published an article in New York Magazine that followed a group of the treasure’s most feverish hunters. They too were certain the chest was hidden in Yellowstone National Park and even employed a dog that could sniff precious metals buried up to 40 feet underground. ... Once they searched that location and had a positive hit from their treasure-hunting dog, they determined they found where the chest used to sit. 🀣
  24. Well, the last clues (AFAIK) Fenn gave about its location were a minimum altitude (don't remember the number but easy to find online) and that it was in the backbone of the Rockies: {New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana}. Many people all along thought it might be in Yellowstone NP given that he was known to be fond of that area when visiting while growing up. You probably read/heard that one of the (many) searchers who contacted him privately told him where they were looking and turns out Fenn later said (still well before the treasure was recovered) that they someone was within a stone's throw. BUT he never told that person this, just said something like (paraphrased) "someone who contacted me was in the right spot...". I bet that person is really in regret now.
  25. From the linked article: To this day, conspiracy theories abound online about how the chest was discovered. Sounds like you have company. Heritage Auctions is legit, BTW.
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