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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/19/style/crystals-mining-quartz-herkimer.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage (Author's name is Alexandra Marvar. Title is: Got Crystals? Gem Mining Could Be Your Full-Time Job.) Ugh. More/less the typical article that makes finding gems sound easier and more profitable than reality. Besides jewelry applications, they mention the New Age pseudoscience proponents. (Hey, maybe a good sales opportunity for LRL snake oil peddlers!) I am cutting and pasting one late quote which many of us can relate to: Among those freelance
  2. That means you were into an old drop/loss area, I assume. Can you estimate how many detector coils were within arm's length of that over the decades? Maybe it was in your other post(s), but what detector(s) found these? Presumably a lot of hours expended, but IMO you're efforts paid off nicely.
  3. So much history in your area. Do you know the composition of those?
  4. Does this mean that a steady, repeating TID in the iron range can be safely ignored (i.e. not gold)?
  5. We seem to see this reaction quite a bit here. I think coffee cans (and paper cups) should be required to add the following: Warning: drinking this product while reading detectorprospector.com could be hazzardous to your health
  6. I've done a polycarbonate mod similar to Steve H.'s for my 6" coil. I attached it to the conventional coil cover rather than to the coil itself. Polycarb is tough (e.g. bullet-proof glass) although it scratches fairly easily meaning it isn't a good 'window' for many applications -- not relevent here. I agree that just covering the bottom allows rubble to collect on the top, requiring dumping it off often. You aren't alone with that wish. From day 1 (or even before) many have requested a closed eliptical like the 5"x10" that many other detectors (White's MXT, Fisher Gold Bug to name
  7. I hope my use of a well-recognized slogan doesn't result in a political discussion (or worse). Steve has made it clear that's not what this site is about. I don't know anything about White's political leanings, nor that of any other manufacturer, and I'd prefer maintaing my ignorance in that area. I consider detectorprospector.com kind of a club where everyone gets along. The best way to muck that up is to talk politics or religion. My bad, and I'm changing the original post.
  8. I'd say we have the spectrum covered now. All they way from Garrett will "take White's back to their heyday" to "they just want to make sure they're buried as deeply as possible so as to never be heard from again." Do you think they are sharpening the stakes to drive into the vampire's heart?
  9. Try seeing how your QED reacts, and vary the pulse delay if it responds at the lowest delay. My sister found a large (~8 kg) rock which appears to contain a lot of graphite and reads right around 40 on my Fisher Gold Bug Pro (break between ferrous and non-ferrous, as you know, but others may not). It even makes the Garrett Carrot sound off, but my White's TDI/SPP (locked at supposedly 10 microsecond delay) is quiet as a mouse when waved near it. (Yes, it's turned on!) However the QED reacts, that won't prove it contains a lot of graphite, but it's one more clue. You didn't mention the
  10. Did s/he say how deep and how loud/strong the signal was? Impressive, and thanks to both of your for inspiring us.
  11. I do. I wasn't aware that it corrected itself every time if a few seconds is allowed. I have noticed that sometimes, though. I'll try being more patient. 😁
  12. This has come up before, as many of you know. But apparently the problem hasn't been remedied as can be seen from the above link. I've also voiced my disgust here in the past for LRL's (and to a less vociferous and less virulent tone, dowsing in general). I'll let that lie other than to point out the following champion site for debunking LRL's. There's quite a bit of info on the pages in that site (sidebar) and some of it is particularly relevent to this discussion. In the very least I recommend reading the $25,000 reward, something quite similar to the late Magician Randi's One Million D
  13. It looks like you are comparing Apex MSRPs to Vanquish MAPs. Ebay is always a quick and reliable way to find MAP's. From what I can tell from there, the two fully loaded models are the same price. The difference being that 'fully loaded' includes two coils for the Vanquish vs. one for the Apex.
  14. Unfortunately very few users have the tools to do that properly. I guess you could roll-your-own but to do that correctly takes both ingenuity and understanding of the principles. Now you've got me wondering -- do the (authorized) repair shops actually go to the trouble of doing this correctly or rely on seat-of-the-pants methods? 🤔
  15. FWIW, I use the Eqx pinpoint mode a lot. When it 'quirks' I just toggle it off and on again. Now, sometime the pinpoint function pulls me off the intended target due to a nearby strong target. I also use other pinpoint methods in both cases (i.e. with accurate pinpoint mode result and without.) That way I'm suspicious when different pinpoint methods don't agree, and I investigate further. It's quite rare I don't find the target -- approximately 1 in several hundred. Find a target different than I thought it should be (ID-wise)? -- often. Find a target located away from where I thoug
  16. That's a good start, but will you actually be swinging a Garrett detector? (I recall you saying you have a fresh-in-the-box Apex....)
  17. Yes, that one seems like a slam dunk. After that, though,...? It will be interesting to see how much of the aesthetic part they keep. Maybe just stick with everything but the logo, or keep the White's logo and add a Garrett one beside it. The one I'm concerned about is the Bullseye TRX pinpointer. It's my favorite even though I also use the Carrot. From my standpoint they should keep both, but whether that works profitwise or not,....
  18. Uh, Mitchel, did you forget to include a smiley face, like this one?
  19. That part makes a lot of sense. Ditto the RF communation connection (pairing headphones, etc.) function. Where they really let us down, though, was the user 'profile' button. I take advantage of that feature often but it takes both hands -- quite inconvient. I wonder how many people just don't bother with it when they otherwise would have. Having only one storage option (in the user profile) is equally annoying for the way I detect. We'll see how much they listen to the peanut gallery when they come out with their next version.
  20. OK, I reread the full post and it makes sense. I disagree on a few minor points (mostly about definitions, though) and those aren't worth bringing up since it doesn't really add to the meaning/value of the topic. But the above (quote) has me confused. In your post I recall that the full scale range of the Eqx was 50 values and for the Deus, 100 values. Wouldn't that mean that 12-->14 on the Eqx (which in theory for a continuous scale is anything between 11.5 and 14.5 -- a 'distance' of 3) should be a distance of twice that = 6 on the Deus? So if the Deus sweetspot for USA nickel is
  21. Thanks, Hugh! I hope you didn't have evening plans (worse, with family) that you blew so you could write this. I need more time to absorb it, but on first reading I understand it, I think. I'll comment more tomorrow.
  22. CD, check out this (if you haven't seen it already): https://www.ebay.com/i/373120716088?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=373120716088&targetid=935694487826&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9016563&poi=&campaignid=10828927432&mkgroupid=110336956527&rlsatarget=pla-935694487826&abcId=9300396&merchantid=6338074&gclid=CjwKCAjw5p_8BRBUEiwAPpJO6_-3BDZGA0jJB6AyDqZ4myhkiy5SJx_e-al5M89n9Ji1lyNJbfvEQBoCVb8QAvD_BwE
  23. Have you found/identified any makers' marks? I know those salt glaze jugs can be valuable, depending upon maker (and condition, of course) but I'm particularly intrigued by that two-tone ceramic bottle. Good stuff!
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