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$25,000 Reward For Finding This Meteorite

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3 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

I saw it was in Waite but Calais was on the the map I posted.  

No worries, I wouldn't have corrected you if I wasnt from there ?

Close enough for uptah camp.

Yes indeed!

All we usually get from the sky is pollution from west of us (It'a ALL west of us ?)

Jamie , you headed downeast ??

Not right away, but soon!

I'm imagining that there were a lot of locals buying detectors last week !   Maybe start a rental biz ?

Unfortunately there isn't anywhere close to buy one locally.  I could probably make around 25,000 in a week renting mine lol!


Where are you now ? I'm in the Brunswick area....

I am in Bucksport



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Buying a detector locally in Maine ? Not unless you live in S Portland around here ! Anything in Bangor?      FedX will deliver a beat up box anywhere ....

Yer 'bout half way there in Bucksport ! From me anyway.

 I know a keyboard player from Verona . And another (can play anything ) lives on Sandy Point (Love the new bridge to Verona !) and The Alamo was in regular rotation on my bookings calendar .

Is the haunted gravestone still there ??

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