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$25,000 Reward For Finding This Meteorite

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You beat me to it! Pretty cool story and very nice reward for somebody.

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If you find a larger piece of this meteorite then the 'sky is the limit' price wise,the lucky finder would be over the moon and out of this world ??? 

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Is there currently snow on the ground in that area?  @rvpopeye should know.

I hope this doesn't lead to people bringing in false specimens (aka 'meteor wrongs'), innocently or (particularly) otherwise.  I wonder what the chances are that a piece as big as a kilogram even exists, but they did say they would buy smaller pieces.

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Hope someone finds a piece of this! 

The only discouraging thing here is the terrain. Heavily wooded areas with lots of snow. But there's still a chance. This is also the first radar-witnessed fall in Maine, which is pretty cool.

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I just checked this out ,, It's in Calais. That's right on the coast where it meets Canada. 

It's bare there. No snow. 

There is also a lot of people , including a U of Maine campus just down the road in Machias.. 

They'll all be all over it ! 

I have an older cousin that lives there but is traveling IIRC.

4-5 hour drive for me. , being with mom every day is worth more than $25k to me and I'd have a very small chance of finding anything anyway...

The locals will have seen it or know somebody that can give a pointy finger  !  

I wish them all luck. OH AYUH !


Too cool ! Missed me by THAT much !?

Sorry 'bout that Chief !

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This is crazy! 

It is actually in the town of Waite.  I Lived there from birth to age 14.  I played in the woods there.

There are logging roads running all around that area.  I learned to drive on those roads.  I still have lots of family in the area. 

Very heavy woods, but pretty flat terrain.

I should take all of my machines and get 30 people to make a "FOD" walk line in those woods lol.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in a town with a population under 200.


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Now that’s some hot rocks!  Shame it didn’t fall over in Idaho, all we get is China’s crappy balloon going over. 

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I saw it was in Waite but Calais was on the the map I posted.  

Close enough for uptah camp.

All we usually get from the sky is pollution from west of us (It'a ALL west of us ?)

Jamie , you headed downeast ??

I'm imagining that there were a lot of locals buying detectors last week !   Maybe start a rental biz ?


Where are you now ? I'm in the Brunswick area....


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