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TDI SL Training Video's Question

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I bought my TDI SL just as White's was closing.  Due to other time commitments I have had only limited time to learn the machine.  Reading various posts here and on other forums I realize that there are a lot of techniques that I need to learn, whether for gold, relics or coins.  My primary interest is gold, but I occasionally search for relics and coins.  I have tried searching this forum for information on techniques and videos but no luck.  When I use the search term "TDI SL"  I do not find any results.  I have found just a few videos on YouTube.  Any guidance on search terms, links to training videos here or elsewhere, or links to text on techniques would be greatly appreciated.  I realize that I may have missed the obvious, and if that is the case, I apologize in advance.  Thanks for the help.

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Here's a good one on coin detecting:

Although this was written before the SL model was released, it's still relevant.

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Steven, I recently bought a TDI SL and am curious how you like your machine and if you found any coins yet? And where?

I also have a White's V3i which I like a lot. I found 25+ coins on my parents property using it. They bought new in 1958. My oldest, so far, is a 1951 wheat, no silver yet. I thought for sure we would have lost lots of coins.

Trying to be smart, I brought my TDI over to test there. I was only searching for low tones in an area I hadn't searched yet and must have dug 15 holes with rusty iron nails.  LOL, still fun since it's my home where I was raised.



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My understanding is that my TDI Beach Hunter is essentially a TDI SL in a "waterproof" case. You might find more information if you seek out info on the Beach Hunter. I love my Beach Hunters and they have been my "go to" beach machines for the past 3 years during which time I have found around 100 pieces of gold jewelry with them. 

I don't know if you meant natural gold or gold jewelry but I don't know about nugget hunting with the SL. The SL/BH is pretty sensitive and I have found BB sized targets but it won't compete with designated gold machines.

IMO it is one of the better detectors for use on black sand beaches where other detectors may struggle. It gets decent depth although I think other pulse detectors may have an edge in that area. 

The best thing that I like about the BH is the "ground balance" feature that can be used to separate high and low conductors. There are times at the beach in the wet sand when the heavy surf has washed away much of the lightweight trash leaving behind heavier targets in dense concentrations. In these conditions I will often set up the BH and only focus on digging the low conductor targets (high tones).

It is a  risky and debatable technique since you could miss silver, bigger gold targets (>10 grams) and higher karat gold but you won't wear yourself out digging clad when you are after gold. Besides, after you have found a few gold rings you could always start digging everything again. Some might say that you could do the same with a non-pulse detector with TID but heavy black sand usually makes TID wildly unreliable.

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Regrettably, due to too many prior commitments I have not had the opportunity to use my SL as  much as I had hoped.  I am still in the testing and self-training phase.  However,  so far I LOVE the machine.  It does everything I need it to do for my level of expertise, time available, and areas available to hunt.  I bought it primarily for gold hunting, but do occasionally also hunt for coins and relics.   So far I am very satisfied with my purchase.  I use it in conjunction with the Goldmaster 24k, so that I have "all bases covered" for varying search environments.

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