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New To This Forum From South Carolina


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On 4/25/2023 at 8:50 AM, Michaeldoc2u said:

Thanks, Popeye! Is there any source that I can go to and find coil covers (skid plates) for my Whites detector coils? I noted one post that discussed 3D printing of a coil cover. Not sure if that is cost effective except for the person printing.

Any sources in the states or overseas?

Thank you

Welcome... Another Indiana Jones ... Come to join the Quest of the Whites Holy Grail... Where to find Scuff Covers for Our Whites coils...Yeaaa Though we may buy many "For Parts Only Detectors".... To find Upon receipt... The Cover has been pilfered... The Quest is The Quest... It never Ends.... And Hi... How's it going Doc... ?

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Welcome from East Texas.

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