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Santa Clarita Valley 8 Lb Nugget!

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On 10/10/2023 at 9:42 AM, xracer550 said:

I remember when the creeks in Canyon Country where closed because of the Stickleback fish , It stopped all dredging in the area ! ,  San Francisquito Canyon was one of my favorite places to sluice below where the dam broke. now you can't even park on the side of the road.

Unarmored Three Spine Stickleback Santa Clara River to Santa Francisquito Creek Rescue / Relocation

Years ago, I went into the area that has a big parking lot with the bear proof trash cans.  Someone had told me at a Keene Meeting that there was a hill on the other side of the stream where they had found a few small nuggets.  At the time I had my 5000 so I decided to figure out the story.

I went across the creek and headed up a little gully.  It was a big mistake.  It seems that everyone had used the parking lot for a place to shoot everything on the other side!  Some of it was old lead with the 3 rings and a few other pieces but no gold.  After that I gave up on the area and went to other places much farther away with less trash.  Maybe there is still some gold there?

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I have been up piru to Lockwood  I was fly fishing  I saw all kinds of dig holes up the banks  did all the jeep road s   And cycle trials   Miller Yellowjacket gold hill I have paned way up Piru   And it always showed Color  it’s a wide are snowy peak boulder mnt to Lockwood  and over to Frazier    I would stick to the old gravels  they always seem to pay better  but unless you have a dirt bike  and you still will walk miles  

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