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Cheating On My Deus 2 - Taking The Manticore And M8 Coil Out For Some First Time Relic Hunting Love (long)

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2 hours ago, Bill (S. CA) said:


Really superb post.  I'm sure it took a lot of time to put together.

One aspect you mention about the Deus II is its "toe-heaviness" if such a work exists.  It is an amazing detector and I hope to own one someday.  However, every time one of my buddies loans me their Deus II to hunt with I can feel the upper forearm strain instantly.  They tell me you get used to it but in my limited experience with the detector it is surprising to me that such a lightweight machine still feels heavy because of the imbalance.  Any thoughts on this?

Also, while I'm commenting on your post, I have had occasion to use a Manticore for several beach hunts and to me it is a heavy detector.  To be very honest, my Legend is easily my favorite detector to swing in terms of balance and weight.  With the new lightweight shaft and arm cuff it is literally feather weight.




Regarding weight, balance of the Deus 2, let me provide some additional context and perspective on my "toe-heavy" comments.

First of all, setting balance aside, the Deus 2 platform, even with the 13" coil is still the lightest overall detector system out there vs. any other detector rocking a similar-sized coil.  Balance is an issue with the 13" coil, but the light overall weight and "S" handle shaft design mitigate those issues somewhat such that it becomes less noticeable as swing.  I can still swing the 13" XP coil all day.  Furthermore, if I add offsetting weight below the armrest by attaching a pinpointer to my shaft mounted pinpointer holder, I can improve balance.  For beach and water work, I use a dedicated SteveG CF carbon fiber shaft system designed for the Deus.  This system provides more adjustment for balance and optional accessories such as a balance weight and two different remote control mount designs which also help balance as well as also using a similer "S" handle design.  I like the SteveG mount for beach and water for a couple other reasons too - since the entire shaft is CF it can withstand repeated dunking and exposure to water and salt sea environments.  It also enables the waveguide needed to operate the XP coil submerged to be routed internal to the shaft to prevent wire snags and a cleaner looking install.   It can be retracted into a small profile and has the advantage, being a round shaft, to enable the coil to be oriented as needed.  However, the XP shaft system is slightly more compact overall, so I prefer using the XP shaft for field work where I have to lug my detector in with a day pack, etc.  See the extended Deus 2 with the SteveG shaft (and 11" coil), the XP Shaft and the 13" coil, and the Manticore with the M8 below.


Here are all my current detectors that see actual field work, fully extended, below.


Here they are, all compacted, below.  I snuck the XP Deus shaft with the OEM remote control mount (vs. the RC Digs cage mount) in there for comparison purposes.


In fact, if a detector manufacturer is not providing a system that enables the detector to be retracted for easier transport these days, then I think that puts them behind the power curve compared to today's detectors.  Even the Axiom can be compacted for daypack use (and comes with its own pack).


Above from top to bottom:

  • Nokta Legend with the LG30
  • Garrett Axiom with the 11x7 DD
  • ML Manticore with the M8
  • XP Deus 2 shaft and RC Digs cage with the 13" coil
  • XP Deus 2 shaft and traditional RC mount with the 9" coil
  • Steve G XP Deus shaft system with the RC Digs angled mount and 11" coil.

Regarding my "toe-heavy" comments when I started swinging the Deus 2 and 13" coil for the trek back to the vehicles, it was more pronounced and noticeable to me at first because I had been swinging the Manticore with its feather light M8 coil all day.  If I had been swinging the 11" coil on the Manticore all day, pulling the D2 out with the 13" coil would have been a whole different experience.  The imbalance of the XP D2 with the 13" coil is something you do get used to only because of the light overall weight and less torsion on the wrist during swinging with the "S" handle stem.  It's a non-issue with the 9" coil and even the 11" coil.

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Thanks for a good in-depth report Chase. I recently acquired the M8 coil and have used it exclusively on the beach. Looking forward to hunting inland in the Northern states once Spring comes. Just by reading your experiences with it, it has given me better expectations of its performance. Time will tell!

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