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I Love My Gold Kruzer!

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Thanks Steve !

The knowledge I have gained from your writings have helped me immensely ! Since being new to detector knowledge I wanted a machine that is capable of nugget hunting and coin shooting at the same time. I choose the Gold Kruzer. The serious nugget hunters here in Arizona pretty much use Gold Monsters. I only want one machine due to finances and time to dedicate towards nugget hunting. Did I make a good choice on an everything machine ? Your expertise on this subject I value !






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20 hours ago, Gold Kruzer Jerry said:

Did I make a good choice on an everything machine ?

The Gold Kruzer is a generally underrated and overlooked option. You can say that about pretty much any gold detector lacking the Minelab name. I have always been a contrarian in a lot of ways when it comes to detecting. I do not think any machine is perfect and all have weak areas. So if everyone uses the same thing (Gold Monster) the few people who opt for and are expert with other models have a sort of edge is using a detector that has different characteristics. I'd rather be the first guy over some ground with a Gold Kruzer than the 30th guy going over it with a Gold Monster. No doubt the Gold Kruzer is one of the best if not best micro jewelry machines made, and a decent coin detector also.

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