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Metal Detector Harness

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I am using a GPX 4500and at 67 years old, I don't swing like I use to, so I need all the help that I can get. I will mainly be hunt civil war relics in NW Arkansas, with a couple of nugget hunting trips to Colorado mountains, West of Pueblo 

I am looking at detector harnesses, and hydration backpacks, that have the D ring. I have the small lithium batteries, so 3 hours is plenty enough time to wear my old Jarhead a$$ out.

Just wondering what you folks here on the forum are using harness or hydration backpack 

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I use the GPX harness that came with the machine,absolutely no weight what so ever once you get the balance right,currently running a Coiltek 14x9 coil on the GPX and can swing it with just 2 fingers,well worth spending a few minutes working out the balance point on the shaft to attach the bungy cord.

I just carry a small energy drinks bottle attached to my finds bag.

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You might look up eagle industries H harness.It’s military surplus but with a little bit of modification it will fit almost any situation.They have some on eBay,there are other options price wise in some research is done.

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