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  1. Staffs Detectors is a good option,me personally use Minelab GPX coils on my machine as you can use them straight out the box infact most of my 10 coils or so are GPX ones and can be used without any modification......Detech are pretty good and also Coiltek. Apart from the stock coil and 2 aftermarket TDI coils all mine are GPX coils as you have a much wider selection.
  2. I am fully aware that this is a very old post but just treated myself to a GPX4500 that has come along after only being used once,i have purchased this at well under 1/2 price and only been used just the once.The guy is selling it as he cannot master it and its been sitting gathering dust. I have about 6-7 GPX coils from 6'' Mono upto 18'' Mono that i use on my TDI Pro with great success,so when this GPX 4500 came along i could not miss it,wont ever be used for nugget hunting as it's main use will be deep hoards hear in the UK,could not justify the GPX5000 which has fine gold timings for nugget hunting so went for the slightly lesser spec 4500. Initially will be using the factory battery setup and then look at the various after market camcorder battery options as they are so much lighter and cheaper than the genuine factory battery. Just hope that i have made a wise choice on this one,i pretty certain that i have as basically its only been used for a couple of hours so in totally mint condition.
  3. I have detected in the snow before here in the UK,but those conditions are insane and would not do my old joints much good...Kudos to you for braving the elements and getting some decent finds.
  4. Welcome onboard,i have also been blessed with detecting in the UK and the reason is i live here 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Its all subjective to the size of the main items that you are detecting,if its just say odd coinage or small artefacts then you wont gain anything like 2mtrs,the bottom line it just ain't going to happen.Larger artefacts and the larger they are the deeper you will be able to detect them but then we are entering the realms of expensive and dedicated equipment here,unless you are 100% certain that something is in that location then you have to take into account the expense to reward ratio and in most cases if you are running on just rumours the expense to reward ratio is often again you. Here in the UK we do have a higher possibility of find hoard/s that in many other countries this is basically down to the vast history that we have,so hence when we do find something serious more than often it makes the news media.We all detect different finds at depth this could could be 1/4-1/2 oz nuggets in Aussieland or a hoard of gold coins here in the UK but we approach it and detect it differently. Weapons of choice for me for hunting deeper and larger finds are predominantly Nexus,TDI pro with 20'' Mono or a twin box these are for different scenarios and no one detector does it all irrespective of how expensive they cost. Fred or Bert out in Aussie land would gear up for say GPZ7000 for gold nuggets but for me or Frank here in Euroland who are after say hoards/Relic etc would/could use different machines as they are more suited to our needs and requirements.
  6. Welcome from just North of London here in the UK.
  7. This site provides totally free books on coinage,hoards etc and may be of some use to folks. https://richie3781.wixsite.com/coinbooks
  8. The Snake coils which i have one is a deadly combination on my 4 pin Tesoro based machine,they are getting pretty rare to find one these days,if you do see one grab it and you wont regret it.
  9. Regis,very well done on getting your new Manticore mate,some decent find on the 1st time out with it.
  10. It sounds like a very novel idea,but the market for a metal detecting game and the folks who would actually part with money the buy it would be very very small i would have thought....of course i seriously hope that i am wrong and you make a go of it.
  11. Just a quick update on the Coiltek 10x5 coil,the bottom line it performs exactly as folks have mentioned it would do and more,basically it has not come of my Nox since i put the coil on......well pleased with it and just suits my roman/saxon sites a treat. 6'' coil has not be used since i purchased the Coiltek coil,stock coil has only been used maybe 2-3 times since i got the machine 4 years back and the 15x12 has only been used 6-7 times.Certainly dont regret buying the 10x5 and the biggest bonus is that because i have a wrist problem after coming of a bike decades ago i can finally swing a detector all day again without any issues. Thanks again folks for all your input/advice etc.
  12. Welcome to the forum from the UK,you certainly have a decent detector and good luck.
  13. If you are looking more for relic/hoards etc over say specific gold in bad ground conditions then possible a Nexus MP may be the way forward as these machines will cope with very bad soil conditions and also have discrimination as well.This is the reason why i have 2 Nexus machines as they certainly are encroaching on GPX performance and may even be deeper especially with the big dual coils on. Of course only a suggestion.
  14. Welcome from just north of Londinium 🙂
  15. Welcome to the forum,regards from the UK.
  16. Jeff,i am finding the Nox 600/800 shaft setup a real issue with my right wrist after a bike accident years ago,although they are great detectors the large hand grip and angle of the grip is not the best.....currently i have a UK after market light weight shaft which is much lighter and does help and also currently using the lighter Coiltek 10x5 coil which also reduces weight as well and even a harness. Went out for almost all day detector session but with the T2 but the Nox is the main machine that i am concentrating on though,currently looking at mounting my Nox control box on a spare Golden Mask shaft that Steve has used and will see how that works out over the next few weeks.Making slight headway in the reduction of weight and making the rig more enjoyable to swing for a full days session.
  17. Certainly a Big old Beast for sure,of course its not your everyday use coil but would be great for hoard hunting here in the UK though 🙂
  18. RickUK

    New Member

    Welcome from just north of London.
  19. A total stab in the dark here but i dont think i am wrong 'UK Tester and Coiltek and Minelab' = Gordon Heritage 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Yes,i still use a 11.5'' Concentric coil on my Nexus MP which is also a Analogue machine at the same time,not all the time i will admit but on Roman/Saxon sites which can have alot of trash on the sites then its a deadly combination,the recovery speed is amazing and running 24khz is great for silver/gold hammered coinage. So yes the Concentric coil still has its place in my detecting arsenal,also use small concentric coils ie 4'' on my Tesoro based machines for when mud larking in a few of my local river crossing fords,its a must have coil when when mudlarking on the Thames.
  21. Don,welcome from just North of London in the UK.
  22. For me it is the original Black Garrett pinpointer it still keeps working after many many years of use,forgot the last time i put new battery in it but always carry a new spare one anyway,i also have the XP Mi-6 as a backup and of course when i use my Deus then i can hear it through my headphones.
  23. Welcome from the UK,although we dont as such search for nuggets here we do have alot of history and some amazing finds going back 2000 years or so.
  24. I own and use a Fisher TW-5 which i purchased almost brand new a few years back the guy purchased the TW-5 brand new and paid over £600 for it only tried it for about 1 hour and decided he wanted to sell it,i paid him £160 for it and its still sat in its box after all these years,i think i have only used it a couple of times. The only reason i got it because it was a 1/4 of the new price and 1 hours use,will never loose any sleep about it just sitting around gathering dust but one day i may use it for finding a scattered hoard container.
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