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  1. I wonder what they do when its time to renew the crankshaft as most of these engines are put in place and then the hull is built around it.Perhaps they have a long service hatch that they use and lower it inside ??
  2. Well done on finding the small gold nugget,although nuggets are nearly non existent here in the UK,but my 6'' coil is basically staying on the Equinox all the time.I rarely use the stock coil at all,only 2 coils that i basically use are the 6'' and the 15'' but only then on pasture sites.
  3. Wonder if these coils would work on a TDI Pro ?? most GPX designed mono coils work on a TDI but has anyone tested that theory with this coil,not sure if the TDI sl would have the power to run this coil but the Pro version could well do,i use a Detech 18'' mono coil on my TDI and it works a treat and also a 20'' mono from Jimmy Sierra so it can run coils uptp 20''. Any thoughts about this one ??
  4. Although i dont own a VX3 i did borrow one for 6 months from someone who worked on the rigs,but i do own a Equinox,so can give some opinion,i always have been a Whites owner and still own 4 of them.Possibly the same performance if setup right,but setting them up is totally different,one is very very easy ie the Equinox but the VX3 can be a nightmare with so many variations and just that one single factor i feel stopped that top of the range from becoming a stellar selling machine. Folks want some control of the setting to get the maximum performance out of a detector but saying that who really want to spend so much time on all the variables of the VX3 which is the easier of the top of the range Whites machine in setting up. Of course loyal supporters will always rally around and support the various brands that they use,but the bottom line is Minelab have set the benchmark and going from strength to strength and Whites are basically fighting for survival and going the same way as Tesoro. How many folks use one of the Minelab Equinox machines and how many use a VX3,it certainly tells me alot.
  5. As most Mono coils from a GPX will work on a TDI Pro would this Detech coil work on the TDI ?? i own and use a 18'' Detech mono coil all ready which was designed for the GPX range and that works on the detector straight out of the box,was just wondering if this would work as well ??
  6. I own a TDI Pro in stock mode without any modifications,dont plan on changing anything anyway,about 70% of the coils that i own and use on the TDI Pro are GPX ones upto 18'' dia,the largest that i use on the TDI is the 20'' Mone that was made for and marketed by Jimmy Sierra before he lost his Whites dealership. Mine is not use for nugget hunting as the bottom line is we dont have them here in the UK,but mine is solely used for deep artefacts/hoards.In my personal opinion a very underrated Pulse,not saying its perfect but does everything that i want from a Pulse detector.
  7. I own the UK's 'steroid' version of the Vaquero,its a Laser Trident11 Extreme,it has the Tejon battery box,18khz,fixed and manual GB,high tone and a few other steroid improvements of a standard Vaquero,if i am honest i think it was a drastic mistake buying it brand new,nothing wrong with it but i changed it from the latest DD 11x8 coil as i could not get on with it,its currently being used with the NEL Snake coil,which has improved its usability some what,but only slightly as the few times that i have used it with the small coil is on ultra trashy roman sites and also for getting in between the stubble rows. The condition of it is as brand new,i pulled it out of my mancave to give it another session,put in 8 new batteries and tried in my test garden,30 minutes later batteries have been taken out and its been put back into storage again,wont part with it as i never sell a detector but all the hype that i fell for was a massive disappointment,must admit i get far better enjoyment out of my immaculate 20 year old Laser B1 and B3,the latter machine is my preferred machine,pure simplicity but does lack some depth though but with a brand new rare to find 7'' Concentric and even rarer 10.5'' Concentric make enjoyable detecting session,alas the new Vaquero model does not provide me with that enjoyment factor.
  8. Must admit and this is just my personal opinion,i always thought something was not right from the very start with this thread,of course i could be wrong but pure gut feeling tells me i dont think i am wrong with my assumption !!
  9. Jim,very interesting,our UK hoards/caches are often down about the depth of a person laying down and placing the container at arms length down the hole,which is just below what a normal VLF detector can reach,but what we are finding is that ploughing is going deeper and taking the tops of the post off and scattering the hoard.Detectorist then start finding scattered coins in a vert tight radius which indications that its a hoard and by working out the way the scattered coins are distributed by the plough you can in theory and a ideal world locate the potential pot hoard is located. I can grasp exactly what you are trying to use it for and how you would use it in relation too the Stage coach hoards,good luck with your quest and hope you strike it lucky !!
  10. Jim,out of interest did you have a specific use for the TM808 or just wanted too try one out ?? i have had a Fisher TW-5 for a fair few years but only used it a few times in that duration,its used prominently if a scattered hoard is suspected and that is its main use. Of course they are not your everyday use machine but i got mine brand new for well under half price,so grabbed the bargain as its not alot of money invested in it,so not really worried about it being used alot.I do enjoy using it though as it has confirmed the location of 2 scattered hoards.
  11. A similar setup was/has been used by Georgi who owns Nexus metal detectors,he used a small arbour/drill slightly larger than the coin buried,must admit he has not done it in the last few YouTube videos though.I guess with some of the crazy large GPX coils that he has been testing the holes at angles would be very deep.
  12. For the most part all my permissions or sites that i have detected on over the years are pretty mild mineral content,i do almost all my detecting just north of roman Londinium and never really have any major issues ground mineral wise,but i/we have access to a roman trading villa sites that has been detected for i guess just over 12 years,this sites was a active roman trading site for 400 years,so the amount of coinage that has been found with detectors without exaggerating must be approaching a 5 figure amount its been that prolific. Only trouble with this site the ground is basically just like black sand from the beach,very highly mineralised but just natural occurrence and not man made,the only machines that will really work on the site and produce finds is multi freq VLF and Pulse machines ,the current king and will be ongoing is the Equinox,and also CTX and Etrac's. This one of unique site is possibly the hardest site that i have detected,but it still keep producing finds on a regular basis even after all these years.
  13. I still own and occasionally use my old faithful DFX,it was one of the 1st batch into the UK back in 2002,its found me some of my nicest finds,not necessary a deep machine as such but had a certain biased towards gold coinage especially when using the 10x6 coil or my all time DFX coil the 12'' Hotshot coil,amazing combination and the coil is ultra lightweight because its foam filled but of course would be no good in the surf as the coil tends to want too float. Only reason i still keep it though is that although i have used it for many 1000s of enjoyable detecting its still in remarkable good condition,would only get peanuts for it if i sold it anyway.So it stays in my detecting arsenal but still occasionally comes out too play. Like yourself i do also own a Equinox but because more modern and lighter machines have come out ie my Nox and Deus and T2 etc these 3 machines are far superior performance wise and also so much lighter than the DFX.I am away on a charity rally dig this coming sunday and may take the old DFX with me with the Hotshot coil on and blow the cobwebs off the detector.
  14. Steve,appreciate all the work that you do with the site/forum......thanks alot.
  15. Pretty easy to understand actually,beside the cable that goes to the pinpointer as in the picture that you posted is a connector that you screw in a audio lead that then goes to the audio socket on the detector.....you then have a switch that you run in audio mode as per normal headphone setup,when you locate a signal that you wish too pinpoint you then take the probe and flick the switch this then knocks out the uadio from the detector and all you then hear is the pinpointer sound. Once you have heard the target through your headphones and retrieved the target then you flick back the switch into normal detecting audio mode and carry on detecting till the next target and then the same method is used to locate the target. Rather than say having to move the headphones on one side so that you can hear the target you hear it through the headphone,also another major feature is that because its a PI probe it will give you extra depth of maybe a couple or 3 inches extra depth when locating the target. Also another big trump card with this setup is that you can buy a rod assembly and a mono coil from the suppliers,unscrew the pinpointer from the headphones and then connect your mono coil and you then have a self contained Pulse detector all built into the headphones,they do 2 coil sizes a 8'' and a 10'' mono coil,but in the last couple of years they have stopped selling this headphone/probe setup and also the coils and rod are hard too find as well,often you can find them that someone has old stock.I have located a 8'' coil from a supplier across the pon so that is heading home to good old Blighty.
  16. I am aware that this thread is years old,but i finally got my hands on a brand new ' DetectorPro Uniprobe ' they are as i am aware not made anymore,but here in the UK not only are they ultra rare but also horrendously expensive that is when they had been stocked by just say 2 supplier.But in the last 2 days bought a brand new one and also 2 brand news coils for the PI headphones,but no shaft but as they are a common shaft setup will probably use a spare bran new Golden Mask collapsible shaft that i have laying around. Although the coil and shaft setup can be kept in the back of the truck,it was the headphones/probe part of it that i really always wanted,i am going to have too stop buying anymore detectors and coils as i am currently upto 26 detectors and 54 coils i jest not ?
  17. Out of interest what does the 'w' stand for ?? or prehaps your surname is say wright'
  18. RickUK,one does not need to be Einstein to work my forum name out ? i am from good old 'Blighty' and live just north of roman 'Londinium'
  19. Regis,some tremendous finds that old 'Father Thames' has given up after all these years,what freq had you been using on the HF coil ??
  20. Outstanding images,really find these types of stories interesting.........would you do it all over again ??
  21. I have detecting a local river crossing/ford near me,the shallow river has 2 main attractions that it was one of the main routes into the village from one of the main Roman road going north,and often visited by romans and drover going back 2000 years. The river is shallow as rivers go about 12'' deep during the summer and maybe 18-20'' during the wet winter months,but by your average river depth its very shallow,but the length of time that humans have used this crossing items would have not only been casual drops but also votive offering by the Romans too the water gods,so the possibility of finding some roman coinage is a possibility,as the water level is reasonably low during the summer months as that is the only time i detect this river,then one does not really need any high end submersible detectors,infact when i put my chest waders on all i use is a old Compadre which has had a coil plug added so that i can use a variety of coils,but surprisingly enough i always use the small 4'' coil for possibly pickling out the coins from between the rocks and it does work rather well,2nd machine i also use but not as much is a very old Musketeer and hang the control box from my neck and just use the small 7.5'' coil or what ever size it is once again from my neck. The 2nd and most desirable type of detecting that i do from this small crossing and that is the fact that during the hot summer months the local mums take the kids down to the river for a paddle as its shallow,the kids go fishing with nets and buckets after tadpoles etc and mum shows some interest,but this is when the problems start,as mums fingers get wet and cold from playing with the kids and before long the fine gold ring that once belonged too granny and often has a high class lump of ice set into the ring has gone,panic sets in and they think they will never see the ring again,but over the years folks have approached me in helping find these lost items of jewellery and i do this as a totally free service to the local community,albeit a few times i have found a few rings and some other items of jewellery that had been lost possibly decades ago and the original owner have either died or left the area and no contact details so those i have claimed for myself,but for the most part these items are handed back to the original owner. Another interesting method that i also do is that as this mainly was a ford/river crossing for nearly 2000 years a small 'hump back' bridge was built between 250-300 years ago,dont have a exact date but thats not far out date wise,this small bridge runs right next door to the original ford crossing,so this has been a main exit route from the village after say a burglaries and late at night folks have been known to throw/dump interesting items into the river from the bridge,i wont expand on that but not only detecting is good but also 'magnet fishing' has produced some interesting finds over the years. So these have been my detecting ventures over the years mainly when the crops are in full growth so like a junky i need my detecting fix i usually venture into my local river,not as exciting a some of these top YouTube players,but it gives me some excitement and i enjoy doing it,and as long as it makes 'me' happy then that is all that counts.
  22. Outstanding finds,not connected with any gold coins with the Nox as yet,but on a few of the sites that i have detected before have found Celtic gold staters,so just hoping it will be a matter of time and find something decent.
  23. You sound like you are a electronics whizzkid
  24. Absolutely bloody brilliant,really one of the top posts !!
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