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  1. You sound like you are a electronics whizzkid
  2. Absolutely bloody brilliant,really one of the top posts !!
  3. Ordered a copy from a UK dealer and it arrived yesterday,certainly dont regret buying it,provides some very useful information.
  4. Regis me old mate,thats a tremendous size trench for the Thames foreshore and its because you are one of the few 'Larkers' that has that rare licence to dig that deep,love the finds thats one of the beauties that the Thames is very kind and keep them in usually great condition. Just hope your good lady wife is still around and not in that hole that you dug 🤣 🤣 will you be using the new Tesoro elliptical coil on the 'Old Father Thames' foreshore ??
  5. Just bought a 15'' Nox coil so should be here by the weekend,will mainly be used more for ground coverage rather than just solely for the extra depth,from what i can understand they are superb detector/coil combination on our silver hammered coins,which of course is a big bonus as well. My tiny 6'' coil has all ready arrived,so that will be used mainly for getting in between the stubble rows come harvest time and also on trashy roman/saxon sites,the large coil is also pretty good on trashy sites as well.
  6. Some nice find me old mate,your licence allows upto 3ft digging on the Thames foreshore,never knew you had a motorbike !!
  7. Steve,a terrific article that you have written,albeit as you are aware that in theory we dont have gold nuggets as such,but we do have of course celtic gold staters and other gold coins as well,i have the 11'' stock coil and also just purchased a 6'' coil as well,from your experience of detecting here in the UK would/could this gold nugget method using the 6'' coil be used for hunting for gold coins here in certain locations that other celtic gold staters have also been found.Try too improve the odds in my favour. The Equinox and small coil are a deadly combination for silver hammered coins but was wondering what your thoughts are on celtic gold staters and gold hammered coins ??
  8. Still reckon it could well be the power cable as i mentioned on FB,wow £42 for a cable thats crazy.
  9. Will be ordering this book in the morning,looking forward too reading it.
  10. Some nice finds,just bought myself a Equinox and 1st time out should be this weekend,was interested in them when they initially came out but my major buying criteria is that held me back is that a product need to be out for a minimum of 12 months so that any major defects or other issues appear and we are out of the 12 month period and the detector has proved too be pretty reliable and also finding items on a consistent basis as well. Well done on the finds it gives me some encouragement for the new detector.
  11. Thats the site that 'Sven Stau' from Canada owns,terrific source of early detector information and some of his modifications and 'Mirage' pulse interests,i own and use one of the Mirage detector and red hot on small gold jewellery.
  12. For a all round general purpose use detector,very light and possibly one of the easiest machines for setting up my vote would be the T2,had mine since 2006/7 and found me the most gold coins for sure.From the time of starting the machine up and then detecting is just seconds its that easy in terms of setting up.
  13. No,its a coil made by Coiltek but original made for Minelab GPX/GP detectors but all coils for the Minelab PI machines will work without any modifications straight out the box on the TDI range of detector but they wont work the other way around ie TDI on Minelab,its a great advantage as it offer a tremendous coil selection for the TDI Pro and TDI variations.
  14. I cannot recall the last time i used the stock 12'' DF coil on my TDI,the main coil that i use these days is the Coil 14x9 Mono coil,as loght as a feather as its foam filled,of course totally useless if you are surf detecting as the coil floats,but i can swing this combination all day long.Occasionally i use the 7.5'' DF coil but if i want supreme depth then i use a Commander 15x12 coil,Detech 18'' mono or the 20'' Jimmy Sierra mono.
  15. Its a superb find and it makes no odds if it was found by a dog,metal detector or eyes only find and really pleased for the finder/s,but i am wondering and this is just my personal opinion if this is a slight PR marketing ploy trying to get more folks into the area buying detecting equipment and supplies making a mini gold rush because of a few high profile nugget finds......probable wrong but gold fever can grip folks and get them too part with money into the local economy 😉
  16. My T2 is one of the original green machines from 2006/7 its found me more gold coins ie 1/4 and full celtic gold staters and other hammered gold coins than all my other machines put together.Only run in it AM mode that way i wont miss anything what so ever,TID is far more reliable and also at a greater depth as well,the beauty of using it in AM mode is of course you gain the exctra depth because you are not using software filters but it still gives you that all important TID information which is vitally important as you only have single tone audio and the very last resort the threshold hum for those ultra deep targets. When i use the SEF 15X12 coil on the T2 it is very deep and works a treat on pasture sites.
  17. I dont personally use any of the dedicated gold machines be it VLF or PI,so as such i cannot comment about your questions,here in the UK as such we dont have gold nuggets,so this is the main reason why i am not clued up as most of the other folks on this forum. But what i do have and use and totally agree with you is the TDI Prothat is a superb machine and use it exactly the same as yourself ie low conductivity and by fine tuning the settings for the most part i can just dig my desired targets ie silver hammered and gold coins as those are the main targets that i am after and it does a surprisingly good job of knocking small iron and nails etc its that good but wont miss a decent targets.Most of my coils are GPX ones which of course work a treat on the TDI Pro,although i have 8 coils for the TDI my main 3 are the 10x5 folded mono,Coiltek 14x9 Mono my favourite and the bloody humongous 20'' Jimmy Sierra mono for maximum depth. Also have a GPX4500 coming as well,but if i am honest i think the TDI will still be the No1 use machine.
  18. How are Minelab too tell if you have a modified coil fitted ?? in the case of the SDC if anything did go wrong then just change the coil back and no one would be non the wiser if you dont tell them,also from what i can see the GPZ after market coil option requires the end plug too be taken off and used because of the chip problem,but as most folks who have bought a GPZ would have 2 factory coil,could they not just send back the decent non modified coil back with the detector or am i reading this wrong ?? Of course Minelab will post a 'warranty warning' its natural as they dont want lost sales of its products,but the Coiltek afrermarket coil option looks a superb product,but Minelab would only have knowledge of you using this aftermarket coil product if you told them about using it.
  19. I use a Fisher TW-5 twin box and i have 2 simulated hoards buried at crazy depths and the twin boxes nails them everytime,about as much use on single coins or small artefact as a chocolate teapot,but for orange size articles and bigger the larger the item the deeper they go. Regarding Pulse machines it does not have too be specifically a GPX pulse,i use a TDI Pro with coils right upto 20'' and once again if a hoard/cache is in that location then once again the TDI will nail it,2 other machines that i also use are the Nexus SE and the MP.All these machines are 'very deep' hitters as i call them,if a pot hoard is in the ground all these machines will nail them at amazing depths,in the case of say roman pot hoards traditionally a hoard was buried at what a man was laying down and could put a container in the ground at arms length,so for the most part these would be from say 15-24+'' which is well within the means of a Pulse of a high end VLF machine especially if the container is full or coins or other artefacts,here in the UK we have only found a very very small percentage of hoards,and over the coming years as detector get more powerful then bigger and more famous ones will appear that i am certain. Not sure how big a area that your so called cache is buried but gut feeling tells me that if you have not got any hits with 2 twin box machines then i am most surprised,a GPX i doubt would give you any advantage over a twin box.Most hoards that are found in the UK are what we call them scattered hoards ie the tops of the containers are clipped by modern deep ploughing and then scattered on further ploughing and also bringing up further coins and artefacts.You can start seeing a pattern emerging from the stray coins and then locate the main hoard main location,then it can start getting easier as just the sheer bulk of the coins or artefacts can/will trigger most VLF or Pulse machines with a larger coil on.We have a advantage that traditionally coins are buried in earthenware pots so detectors can see through them and pick up on the coins inside,but saying that even if a hoard is buried in a tin/metal box and it should give a humongous signal then you would dig that type of signal anyway........before i even switch on my heavy hitters and the prospect of digging large deep holes i have too way up the reward to effort ratio,if i find scattered coins in a tight radius then i fire up the detector/s as that is indicating a reward in my favour,but if like yourself a potential hoard is from hearsay then i would need far more concrete information that its worth putting the effort in and the reward certainly must be more concrete than hearsay. Of course this is only some suggestions on what machines i use for hoard hunting and what i would use,i dont have a clue or very little about gold nugget hunting but i do have a fair amount of knowledge on recovering deep artefacts etc.Hope you do find your cache or what ever it is.
  20. I own both a Nexus MP and also a Nexus Standard SE,the MP is the one that has been mentioned so i will mainly comment on that model,i have 3 DD coil and also the 11.5'' 24khz Concentric coil,the Concentric coil has been used i guess a couple of times since i have owned it,i think one can read between the lines here. Only coil that i use on the Nexus MP and that is also the smallest coil they make ie 8x6 8khz one,once again this combination is only used maybe once every couple of months,again i think one can read between the lines on this one as well. Have owned my MP nearly 3 years and the SE 4 years,the claims of superb depth on the website and also in the media look spectacular and seduce folks into parting with a substantial amount of money and even a humongous amount of money if you are seduced into buying the Nexus MP with one of the 30'' coils or 40+'' ones,this range of detectors and this is just my personal opinion must have one of the highest churn rates in detector world,folks are seduced into buying them and then after a couple of months sell them on at a substantial loss and i mean substantial hit that is even if you can sell them. I am not saying on a open forum they are bad but you may or may not be able too read between the lines in what i am saying here,i wont part with mine as i would hate to take a massive hit,but also saying that i dont use the MP maybe 4 or 5 times a year as well,would i suggest folks spending a huge chunk of money on them and expect a better detector than say the GPX,as has been mentioned the GPX sales must be in the 1000s in Aussie land but maybe just 1 or 2 Nexus machines,also on YouTube the owner of Nexus has just bought out a massive and i mean massive coil for the GPX if i recall its 30'' but also expect a massive price attached on this coil as well. So this is just my opinion,thoughts and some input on how/what i think of owning a Nexus MP is like,must dust mine off and give it another few hours use sometime this year.
  21. Love reading your adventures,well thought out and very well written and also with the addition of amazing high quality images as well. Well done and did you find a replacement 4x4 or still looking ??
  22. Regis,i reckon you should of kept a NEL Snake coil for your Lobo 🙂 that is what i use,terrific coil 😀
  23. Regis,is this one of the coils from the very early Lobo's ?? they sound as if they are rarer than 'rocking horse' manure 😀
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