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The Big Three Minelab Garrett Nokta

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I don’t know about everyone else but I find myself sitting on the fence waiting for what I’m not sure of .

 Right now Minelab has a great buy on the Manticore with two coils. We’ve got another on the forum  for sale at a great price with the M8 coil .

 But here we are trying to weather the Storm and they say it will be here next week. The way Garrett has been blowing it may come from a different galaxy and I hope the force is with us when it materialize. The top of my boots may not be high enough if Garrett continues with all the bull.

 Now you got this hole in the wall company that’s made a name for themselves over night. They’ve put out a product after product and that has been tops from day one. Their price point has been some of the lowest we’ve seen. To top it off they give you updates on their product and don’t ask for a dime in return. Now it may not be too long we’ll be seeing two new PI detectors and come with a lower price unimaginable.

 Dilemma we’ve got. We know the manticore is a great detector. Hopefully we’ll know what the Garrett Storm has to offer soon.

 But but you may say I do have a coin detector I could get bye with and I must say those PI detectors from Nokta look interesting. I can’t afford both a coin and PI so I’ll just wait on Nokta.

 Heck I’ll let Minelab and Garrett fight it out and maybe before long they’ll get to the price point I want.


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True Steve that’s my shortcoming but the XP being it’s wireless it’s in a category all it’s own. Oh I think the Deus is a great detector and I’ve had Deus plus the ORX but I liked the ORX more so.

 I just don’t see them battling as much as we see Minelab trying to stay on top of the heap.

 The way I see Minelab is they put enough sales on and we partake of it we won’t have the money to buy anything that falls out of the Storm. 
 Who knows we may have more gas on our stomachs than Garrett Storm puts out.

 I do hope I’m wrong on my last line because I want to see American Made top of the line detector made bye Garrett.

If I buy this Storm from Garrett it will be the first coin detector I’ve bought for myself In over the 50 years I’ve been detecting from them.

Why ? I was a White’s man from day one.


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3 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

 Heck I’ll let Minelab and Garrett fight it out and maybe before long they’ll get to the price point I want.

That’s what I am waiting for also, more so on the pulse induction side.

This competition sure has brought down the VLF markets prices lately. Even multi- frequency detectors our availability at a low price point now.

Just hope the engineers don’t get laid off and we quit advancing on the technology.

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3 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Don’t forget XP

That's right Steve---I think the Deus 2 is absolutely the "cats meow"! :)-----Might not be the best gold detector in the wild west----but......

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