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Extra Deep Only With Normal?

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If anyone uses the Extra Deep setting you will notice that the only setting for the ground type allowed on my machine is normal.  It can't be used with Moderate or Severe.

If you try to get into that ground type while in Extra Deep the menu will not let you.  You have to navigate 'out' by going to General or High Yield and switching to another ground type.  

I was experimenting on targets before I dug them and had some deep soil.  I did find some small trash that was not deep in the Extra Deep but the sound was very limited compared to the other two settings.

Is this the way it works on all 7000s?

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I am sorry I did not answer this sooner. I was away and did not have access to my GPZ, and then overlooked it when I got back.

No, this is not normal. I saw nothing about it in the manual but wanted to verify on my GPZ. I set for Extra Deep and was able to access and choose any ground type.

However, the manual notes and I also verified that when setting the Severe ground type, you are locked out of General and Extra Deep gold modes. The Gold Mode function grays out and is locked in High Yield.

Do a master reset of your GPZ and if you continue to be locked out of the ground types while in Extra Deep I would contact your dealer or Minelab.







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