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  1. ophirboy

    Need Help Guys Asap

    Here in Oz the SDC has a reputation as a rock solid performer on small gold in mineralized soil . But that doesn’t mean it’s going to trump a good high frequency detector under all circumstances .i think there’s been plenty of opinion on this forum about the ability of vhf detectors to out perform Pi models in mild soils . I have met many owners of of the SDC in Australia and not too many who want to part with them . I tend to find much smaller pieces with the Gold Monster than with the SDC but at a much shallower depth due to our difficult soils . In milder soils the comparison may be a lot closer.
  2. ophirboy

    Deep Lead Mullock Heaps

    I think the condensed answer is this , if it’s a small scale deep lead mine ( worked by a small group or syndicate there’s a chance of dropped or missed gold around the mullock and loading piles , on the other hand if the heaps are very large and extended you can put this down to large company deep lead mining and the chance of finding gold on these processed heaps is slim.
  3. ophirboy

    Deep Lead Mullock Heaps

    Deep lead mines usually only processed the pay dirt that was considered profitable a certain distance above bedrock ( in Australia that was 6-12 feet and the rest was discarded onto the mullock . So whilst there is the odd chance there could be a unknown middle or upper level streak the miners discarded , that chance would be fairly low . There are miles of large deep lead mullock heaps in Creswick near Ballarat and they are mostly sticky yellow clay .The Australasian mine in creswick was Australia’s worst mine disaster . If you can find small scale deep lead shafts the pay dirt was usually loaded on horse carts next to the shaft for transportation to the puddling mills and there was always some spillage . so these areas have some potential for detector prospectors.
  4. From what I have read here the coil noise problem seems to be confined in the main to detectors that are being used in milder soils where users have the opportunity to run the unit into the hot sensitivity zone , the instructions that come with the GM clearly state that using high manual sensitivity settings may not be possible for all conditions and for my areas , and I would guess a lot of goldfields especially in Victoria (AUS) the mineralization is so bad that even Auto plus setting is going to struggle . So for a lot of us Aussie owners the coil noise is not an issue. So for you guys in the US and other milder locations it’s either a glass half full situation or glass half empty. But personally I wish sometimes I could ramp the unit up a bit and put up with a bit of coil noise .
  5. ophirboy

    Battling For Gold

    Just gorgeous country to prospect . I’ve noticed your last couple of posts have not featured either the GB 2 or GM as pinpointers , or your to far away from transport to carry them . Hope you didn’t get to much grief from the cyclone tail last week. Saw some footage of bad flooding up north .
  6. Well the unit certainly protests if you bash them but they can take it physically. I,m a lot more gentle on mine and having the little coil on the GM makes it easier , I guess the coil range and availability will ultimately decide how many current single frequency users swap to the new multi frequency units . I can’t see Minelab making any further units that don’t have multi iq technology
  7. The GM is semi submersible and so has some use in shallow areas up to the control housing. But certainly the equinox can take a full dip , this like waterproof cell phones also has its disadvantages when it comes to useability , some equinox owners are already bemoaning the fact that the batteries are completely ensconsed inside the control unit unlike the GM making it harder to replace or service ,
  8. Having seen the impact chirp technology has had on the recreational marine sounder market I believe this technology in detectors will have the same impact on market preference . As good as the GM is in what it does , it’s a shame that minelab has introduced this quantum shift in technology so soon after releasing the GM . The monster may be a good choice for countries like Africa where ruggedness and simplicity where forefront in market aims , I just think that designers were a bit late replacing the eureka knowing that this technology was already on the table. On the plus side for those of us who have purchased a Gold Monster they do look to have a much more robust design for knocking around in the goldfields, a more convenient battery set up , and a choice of large and small coils rugged enough to bash between cracks and crevices as well as great boosted audio for identifying those small pieces.
  9. There’s only one thing worse than finding the tool you bought at the hardware last week is now half price . It’s minelab releasing a new gold detector and then making it redundant 6 months later.
  10. ophirboy

    Equinox Gold Prospecting Yuma Az

    Yes John the lightly mineralised locations do wonders for the discrimination features , unfortunately the areas I work in make it almost mandatory to dig the material and lay it on the surface before using the discriminator , on my first outing with the GM I found a 2 gram piece at 5 inches that showed as ferrous until it was placed right under the large coil. I’m very envious of you guys in the milder soil.
  11. ophirboy

    Equinox Gold Prospecting Yuma Az

    It looks like the iffy numbers at depth on the equinox are no different than the Gold Monsters vague probability meter readings in mineralised ground , and it also suffers from some bump noise in the high frequency setting. So it’s probably going to suit the relic coin hunter who wants to dabble in s bit of prospecting more than someone who is concentrating on the gold.
  12. ophirboy

    Pin Pointers Which One???

    I, m hanging of until the new minelab units arrive to see what there like . X
  13. ophirboy

    Gold Monster Headphone Issues

    I find like others that headphones are almost an ear hazard when using the Gold Monster , and only use them when I, m in close proximity to other prospectors . I have a nice set of Noise cancelling ones that I use for such occasions.
  14. ophirboy

    Goldmonster Gold

    Well done .Good to see the GM finding some pieces on its own rather than just as a pinpointer for the Big PI units as seems to predominate here.its certainly a good detector for beginners and youngsters and a great detector for chasing gold caught in shallow exposed bedrock .
  15. ophirboy

    Finally Got Out For A Detect

    Nice country ,so very different from the country I detect. I noticed the GM 1000 is nowhere to be seen so I’m guessing you’ve gone back to the tried and trusted GB2. I have noticed a lot of users prefer the more conventional fully adjustable units rather than the hybrid automatic and less user controllable monster .