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  1. Trent King

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Stop messing around on your iPad and go find the gold!
  2. Trent King

    New Detector

    That’s about right, he said he imported it to Australia about 50 years ago. He never used it, it’s still in the original box with the warranty paperwork!
  3. Trent King

    New Detector

    Hi all, Does anyone know anything about this little beauty? A mate of mine bought it brand new a long time ago and found it when cleaning out the shed.
  4. Trent King

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Ya spot on there Paul, I’m not getting the blame for being the first Aussie to lose you, although that wouldn’t be too hard 🤔. Have you dollied them rocks you collected today yet mate? 😱 JW may be ahead on numbers but I got my money on Paul for overall weight in the tiddler contest. No chance of beating Vic, everyone knows all the big gold is over the east coast 😉 Tried out Paul’s little monster hunter today on some of my quartz reef stuff, very impressed. Once I lull him into a false sense of security I’ve got some top spots right out in the scrub to get rid of him 😁
  5. Trent King

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Refer to rule No.1 mate, must be an expert on the dolly pot and pan before being promoted to professional tools 😉
  6. Trent King

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Gee that’s a flash lookin rig Paul, unfortunately you will have to leave it behind if you come out with me, looks just like a claim jumper setup 😂
  7. Big bits travel further around here, all the big species I get are always in the creek furtherest from the source.
  8. Trent King

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    They are professional tools Paul, you need to do your apprenticeship on the dolly pot and pan first!
  9. Trent King

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    Thanks Bhogg, yeh that’s the same bloke roddosnow posted about above. Most of his seemed to be little nuggety bits, that’s why I asked the question on disseminated gold. He seems to do ok on those bits though!
  10. Trent King

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    Thanks JW, have used a falcon probe , not really my cup of tea, a bit too small and fiddly.
  11. Trent King

    Best Detector For Quartz Reefs

    Thanks for the replies guys 👍. Will be great to try out a monster and 800 together Paul, I have the perfect spot 😉. Has anyone been getting disseminated species with the monster? Most of the bits I’ve seen online are tiny bits but chunky, the stuff I’m working has no chunks but loads of fines.
  12. Hi all, I haven’t really been keeping up with the multitude of new vlf detectors that have came out over the last couple of years. Is there a new preferred detector for working quartz reefs? Or does everyone still use the gmt and goldbug? Thanks
  13. That’s why it’s very important to accurately mark all finds in my opinion. There is one area in WA where after mapping for 2 years we worked out basically all nugget patches where between 600 and 650m elevation. Most other areas are more line of strike over here, and not altitude. But it did work very well in that one area. I have heard lots of theories over the years, there was one dude who always went to the south west side of ridges, his theory was that was the way the glaciers retreated. Each to their own, it’s whatever works I reckon.
  14. Trent King

    Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    My favourite part about this forum is that it stays on topic.
  15. Trent King

    16" Nuggetfinder Avantage Coil

    Still the main coil I use on the 5000. I use it on purpose when pushing to try and leave some tiddlers for the dryblower, bloody thing does a good job of stealing it all still!