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  1. Seem to be varying results on the link posted James. The Nic Mac bloke reckons it was no deeeper on his test patch and had less depth then the 14” on a 1/2 ouncer. Seems to be pinging a good amount of prickly bits in tricky ground, turning the 7000 into a 6000 🤔😉
  2. Same, never use a bungee. Only time I can remember clipping it on in the last few years was with the NF 25” DD.
  3. Them thousand dinks can lead you to the source with a lot more then 4 Oz 😉😁 13oz out of the little leader from that the 1200 patch mentioned earlier led me too.
  4. Several patches close to town here that I got over 1000 nuggets off. Got 1200 off one patch when the sdc first came out. Paid its self off in two weeks on a patch the 5000 couldn’t get anymore. Trick is to get to em all first ! 🤔 I haven’t detected in 2 months to make sure I’m fresh for a month long assault!
  5. A very handy tool for prospecting. Arsenic is the main indicator element in our area. To save money on assays I zap every soil sample then only send the ones away with elevated As. They are a great toy to play with, my mate and I end up zapping everything in sight. Would never eat fish again if you seen some of the hits we got on them! Another interesting one, Caterpillar wanted $8k for some head bolts, being tight arses we got the $600 after market ones. Once we zapped both the composition of them was identical!
  6. Glad you shrunk the picture so we can’t see it properly, those feet would scare small kids.
  7. Campers stranded on one my tenements for Anzac Day. No fire but a light with a nice setup.
  8. I don’t think it’s intentionally dumbed down. It seems to be a 5k with extra timings, and a great new design. But as we know the faster sdc timings are highly unlikely to give depth on big bits, those timings really excel on species and funky shaped bits. When I’m pushing I will give it a good testing on big bits vs the 5k, but I would be expecting very similar results.
  9. Bloody massive that under carriage storage, about 6 inches short on height of fitting 2 quad bikes in there!
  10. No mining equipment inside, this is luxury accomodation mate! Fridges ✅ Them seats in my shed ❌ Rattle Gun ✅ She has air bags to lift her up a bit when going, will be interesting to see how high of the ground she gets. May need to get really really big air bags where we go.
  11. Last years ratio was even worse then that for me mate, I got back 2 mineral reports from nearly 100 40e. The data is priceless, taking all the surface indicators without letting me know is a bit rough I reckon.
  12. Unfortunately someone decided that they needed the 2 caravans I had left on one of my mining leases more then I did, even worse one of them was Paul’s little van from camp yank. While pondering new accomodation for the next yank invasion I spotted this As soon as I seen ‘Special’ I thought of Paul! She is going to need a bit of remodeling but will make fine yank worthy accomodation I reckon. Plenty of room for you in there too Steve if your brave enough to bunk with Paul.
  13. JP must be moonlighting for Stihl, that looks more like a brush cutter prototype.
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