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  1. Supergene enrichment is quite common, check out section 1. In secondary enrichment. This is what happen to the majority of the gold we chase over here. http://www.geol-amu.org/notes/b3-3-7.htm A similar process of the gold remobilizing in acid solution then ‘growing’ on nuggets is often thought to be the reason a lot of the deep lead monsters formed.
  2. Yep it’s just a rock, looks like a granitoid type from the minerals.
  3. Not much point looking for it when they belong to the state, Aussies struggle to get the required permits, no hope in hell of a yank being allowed to take one.
  4. Gold is detected from old pushed areas around Meeka. Probably going to take the big dry blower out next week to try it out after the recent upgrades. 👍
  5. Paul wouldn’t know hard work if it smacked him in the face, that’s my hand 😉
  6. Very interesting, we were all complaining about the EMI yesterday, didn’t know about this thing.
  7. I call caravan parks over here ‘claim jumper villages’. In Victoria they are usually good for a base camp, it’s too bloody cold this time of year in the bush over there. Last time I was there the owners were very friendly to all the tourists, mention your looking for gold and they give you maps of all the local state forests and areas you are allowed to detect. They have a friendly group of about half a dozen couples who are there every year and you can sit around the fire an yarn about the days takings, someone might even take you under their wing.
  8. I’m a bit suss on your nugget in a day comment mate, how come you haven’t been picking them up if it’s so easy?
  9. Pro tip #36. Stop moving around so much, you have near been to more areas in Victoria then I have. Pick an area and stick at it till you get gold. I noticed you only spent 1 day at Wedderburn, the caravan park there is cheap to stay at and literally right on the gold. I sent a newbie there a couple years back and he got his first nugget a 2.5oz piece 300m from the back fence. If your getting rubbish it’s not flogged, have some faith in your research and stick to it, good luck mate.
  10. Your not wrong about that, took two blokes to even lift the box your ‘tent’ came in, going to need a tandem trailer just to get it all out to site. I got an area ready to test the 17”, your going to need a lot of gold to cover generator and jackhammer hire, 3ft of iron cap will sort the men out from the boys.
  11. Very nice piece Andyy. I often go out early in the morning over here, it’s amazing how much quieter the ground is. I think it’s a mixture of two things, less EMI and the ground seems to degauze (not sure that’s a real word) overnight and reenergise gradually during the day from the sun. I have a mate who loves detecting straight after lightning storms, he reckons that also seems to degauze the ground and make really hot ground quieter.
  12. Arsenic is the main indicator we use when scoping new areas over here. The XRF gun isn’t really accurate on gold when sampling, so we generally go of the arsenic levels when deciding which samples to get assayed. Saves a fortune in assay costs by only assaying the ones likely to have gold. Nearly all areas have been soil sampled over the last 50 years, putting these together and mapping the elevated levels is a great tool for finding patches.
  13. Are phrunt and JW the same person? I’m confused, every time a question is asked to JW, phrunt answers 🤷‍♂️
  14. Don’t worry Condor we will look after you, I have already set up a bar tab for you, you currently owe 3 cartons. Paul almost done a similar trick to his zed , first 5 minutes of meeting him he pulled his zed out and stuck it on the roof of the car with 1 rotten old strap holding it 🙄. Swapped an ounce of gold for your prospecting vehicle today, when I transferred the registration they asked if we were taking it interstate, I just laughed ‘she wouldn’t make it that far’ so I got a discount and added another carton to your bill 👍🍻
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