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  1. Gold and beer are the two main currencies where I live, all the shops, tradies etc will take it.
  2. This is why I don’t post any more, can’t have a thread without someone trying to make it about X coils 🙄. It was clearly stated he didn’t want this to be about coils but you blokes just can’t help yourself.
  3. Minelab website clearly states the 14” coil is meant be waterproof, bit rough being a smart ass and telling him told you so for something the machine is meant to do.
  4. Phrunt you must have found loads of gold with these coils going on the amount of times you have posted about them. Could you show us a pic of all the gold you have been getting please?
  5. Not too deep there, I have detected loads of nuggets around the Tuena/Trunkey area. A friend of mine even panned a 7g piece one day! It’s a great camping and prospecting area 👍
  6. Patches? Wrong type of gold mate. This season was mainly prospecting for xxxx gold, he is getting really good at that 😁. I got him a new jackhammer yesterday, it should liven up the old patches 👍
  7. Paul left enough gear behind to run a tour 🙄, I need to build a bigger shed to put my stuff in.
  8. Good to see your on the gold Mitchel, bad to see you still doing the same thing as in Aus, stick to a spot mate and get all the gold instead of wasting time driving around the country! 👍🍻😂
  9. First piece for the 25” , 30min after sticking her on the yank tripped over this one, unbelievable the depth ( it was a sun baker ). Nice facets imprinted on the gold from the quartz crystals. It ran really smooth in Normal + DD, RX 16, weight wasn’t too bad, I don’t usually use a bungie but had to connect it after about 30min. Probably not great for wandering around with, but a very fine coil for gridding some deep ground. I only spent about 45min playing around with it because I wanted to go exploring, found a few more bits with the 16” round further away. Im staying in town for a few days doing hydraulic seals on the backhoe, will report back Friday on how the yank is going.
  10. New toy arrived today. I’m having the weekend off so will take out to the yank at his remote camp on Monday for a try out. Have found bits up to 15oz at nearly 1m deep in this spot.
  11. My assistant Jaffa ? He doesn’t wander away at all, always by my side trying to get me to throw a stick. He drops it on my coil while detecting to force me to stop and throw it .
  12. Yeh that’s cause the kiwis have about 3000 more posts then the Aussies, we spend most of our time digging gold , not typing ?.
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