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  1. Good to see your on the gold Mitchel, bad to see you still doing the same thing as in Aus, stick to a spot mate and get all the gold instead of wasting time driving around the country! 👍🍻😂
  2. First piece for the 25” , 30min after sticking her on the yank tripped over this one, unbelievable the depth ( it was a sun baker ). Nice facets imprinted on the gold from the quartz crystals. It ran really smooth in Normal + DD, RX 16, weight wasn’t too bad, I don’t usually use a bungie but had to connect it after about 30min. Probably not great for wandering around with, but a very fine coil for gridding some deep ground. I only spent about 45min playing around with it because I wanted to go exploring, found a few more bits with the 16” round further away. Im staying in town for a few days doing hydraulic seals on the backhoe, will report back Friday on how the yank is going.
  3. New toy arrived today. I’m having the weekend off so will take out to the yank at his remote camp on Monday for a try out. Have found bits up to 15oz at nearly 1m deep in this spot.
  4. My assistant Jaffa ? He doesn’t wander away at all, always by my side trying to get me to throw a stick. He drops it on my coil while detecting to force me to stop and throw it .
  5. Yeh that’s cause the kiwis have about 3000 more posts then the Aussies, we spend most of our time digging gold , not typing ?.
  6. I like hearing everyone’s opinion so reckon they should stay open, saying that, it does annoy hell out of me when someone is trying to drive their opinion down your throat every opportunity they get, have your say and let it be.
  7. Damm that doesn’t sound good ?. So now you need a new lead and a new detector, I wonder who will be coughing up for this ??.
  8. Geez look at the shit fight mentioning a problem caused ?. You blokes need to spend more time swinging, less typing. Great to see that Dave came and sorted it out for Steve. You may need to recommend that not just anyone makes these patch leads if a little too much heat on the soldering iron can wreck the chip or you won’t get much detecting done, running around the country trying to problem solve would be time consuming.
  9. There is lots of gold on the salt lakes in WA. The only combination I have found to work well without driving you insane is a GPX with a coiltek AI coil, I use the 14” round AI. It can run beautifully smooth even in normal timings, doesn’t like hot rocks but I don’t usually get them on lakes anyhow.
  10. You might have to meet up pretty close Dave, I don’t know how far the old Ute that we got for them will make it ?
  11. Nothing wrong the motherboard as the detector still works fine with the Minelab coil. I doubt that the multimeter caused the problem because it was not working first, that’s why we tested it, and we didn’t touch the 3 small pins with it. Thank you for the info Chet. My thought from the start was that it must be the coil, as the original patch lead was done exactly as per instructions and looked to be a very fine job. We are about 6hrs away from the nearest McDonalds here Mitchel, no electronic stores out this way. With all the doomsday scenarios you blokes have came up with I am glad to be testing with someone else’s detector ? Will give an update once we get to try another coil.
  12. We have had one here for a month now and have been unable to use it ?‍♂️. Tried the patch cable made by Steve first, zed says coil not connected ?, checked points with a multimeter all seemed correct. Decided there had to be something wrong with our patch lead so sent it off to the mob in kalgoorlie to make a ‘proper’ one, finally got it back and tried again, same problem ?‍♂️ I’m a bit disappointed as we wanted to run it over some ground on the ugly nugget patch where we have got several multi oz pieces, but the mines department here only let you keep a certain amount of ground open so we are forced to rehabilitate it without getting to test as we need to move areas. Hopefully Yank 2 can get a replacement before his trip is over so I can try it on some other ground we have.
  13. I have been impressed with the 11” round, the best thing is the adaptor kit which makes the shaft 4” longer, great for tall buggers like me ?
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