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  1. I own both the TDI Pro and SL--put my ML's in the closet because I could not stand being wrapped in multiple cords--never looked back. Whites made a Major blunder when they didn't refine the TDI Pro line.
  2. Not yet--always like to wait until first run glitches are settled.
  3. Thanks everyone for your informative replies---I think the takeaway from all this is Dig Everything when gold hunting.
  4. Thanks guys for your replies-- Jim your reply,I believe, explains more closely what I am trying to comprehend,EXA. On a PI detector the the return from a gold nugget is much shorter than from a silver coin,hence, is this why a nugget is considered a low conductor and why does the nugget have a short "time of return" if gold is such a good conductor? Thanks for any replies to this.
  5. Phoenix thanks for your informative reply and links. I guess what I have trouble comprehending is why if gold is such a good conductor of electricity it comes in as a low conductor on a TDI detector and silver comes in as a high conductor.
  6. WesH--thanks for the offer---I don't have the little wedge for the strap and since this is the wifey's detector I ordered one from the guy you suggested. Again Thanks for your help and offer.
  7. both are considered excellent conductors of electricity?
  8. Thanks so much for reply. I will stay tuned.
  9. Yes, the hand hold that sticks up from the shaft--it is foam covered.
  10. Anyone know where I might get this part? Thanks. The hand hold broke off.
  11. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    Great pics and story---continued good luck to you.
  12. Wireless Headphones And Depth

    Thanks for your reply Steve.