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  1. Basically was a matter of transferring gear, cleaning up with new carpet covering and installing in new Toyota Troop Carrier from the old 1986 Troopy, "Back to the Future" project. No photos of old Troopy setup as took very few photos back in those days. Of interest perhaps old 86 Troopy cost 50 ozs new, was very basic, leaf springs front and back and a diesel motor that couldn`t pull your hat off but will go forever. New Troopy cost 35ozs has coils on front, A/C, Navi Screen, electric windows, locking front and rear diffs, electric winch, V8 diesel that`l pull a CAT etc etc. but fortunately t
  2. I am finally after 5 long months going to get to swing the GPZ again I think, crossing my fingers I’m not jinxing myself being optimistic. In the beginning of May I blew a head gasket that took out my radiator frying a cylinder and time for a new engine...that’s the short story. So far I’ve put in a new stroker engine, new transmission, new fuel system, new gears from 4.10 to 5.13, new radiator, new control arms, new control arm mounts, new toyo M/T’s and engine computer tuning. First shop I took the Jeep to was a disaster and in the end everything they did I threw away, fortunately my luck im
  3. Hello all, I was wondering what brand of UTV Buggy you all use? I'm going to get one but can't decide if i want a used 2017 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE with 1,100 miles for 8,899 OR just buy a new Pioneer 500 or 700.
  4. I got tired of having to load up the car to travel to distant hunts...staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants. Pain in the butt! So, I had to see if my young son would take to a "camping" lifestyle and not just complain about not having wi-fi for his games, I took him to an club sponsored MD Treasure Hunt near Tulsa in a rented Class C Motor Home. It was pretty beat up, but everything sort of worked, so we'll see. He absolutely ate it up! Loved the camping aspect and the Kids Hunt and was disappointed after two days to have to go home. (I cleaned UP on Silver halves and quarters o
  5. Hey everyone: So im curious what is everyones drive time and mileage to there nearest gold prospecting location. For me it ranges from out my backdoor to about 1.25 hours one way.
  6. After my Rye Patch ordeal, I decided to splurge and put a new engine in the Rokon. The original Honda 5.5hp 160cc engine is 20 yrs old and my hop up mods were really pushing it too hard, so I bought a lightly modified Honda Go-Kart racing engine from NR Racing. $500.00 gets a new Honda 6.5 hp 200cc engine with mods that bring it up to 12hp. All the bolt patterns are the same so it slipped right in the Rokon frame. I had to do a little drilling and bending to make a new throttle linkage and now she purrs like a kitten. I'll be headed back up to CA gold country next week and ultimately back
  7. Check out this newly available off road only version of the old WW2 Jeep we just started selling at AMDS! If you want to rip and tear then a side by side would be great but if your looking to haul and pull this looks like this would be the ticket. Just what every gold prospector needs! Mahindra ROXOR Jeep Spec Sheet The Mahindra Roxor Is A Reincarnated Willys Jeep ATV.com Review Autoweek.com Review Some Close Up Mechanical Details “With the recently opened 400,000 sq ft facility spanning three buildings, the MANA headquarters and manufacturing cente
  8. I started the above thread yesterday and (as usual) got some good responses. As a bonus there were some suggestions on the choice of vehicle. I decided to start a new thread since if someone were to search topics they might not find that discussion there. For starters, like metal detectors, the choice of a vehicle depends strongly upon what and how it will be used, and even who will be using it. Not only is there an obvious higher cost involved (well, unless you're talking about a Zed ) but also the variety of required tasks is likely considerably larger. I'm certainly not going t
  9. Just hope I can find the damn thing when I come back from a wander
  10. Getting out to some of our more remote locations is our Idea of living the dream but and for some of us such journeys can be weekly or monthly or even a yearly excursion but what ever it is no matter how much planning we do fate can always step in and throw us a curve ball, I bought another Truck/SUV In February I have been preparing it to reduce the chances of being caught by what ever mother nature can throw at us, What started out as something where I needed a 4x4 to get off the beaten track is turn in to a money pit, Not that I am complaining because I have always loved Pickups and 4x4's b
  11. nah not really, but the new station owners have two R22's for mustering and feral control. Went for a spin today to look at the water situation after the recent rains and check out some ferals. Remarked how it would be ideal to get into some more out of the way places and was pleasantly surprised at the positive answer.
  12. The final straw broke last night on my trusty suv and I parked it and walked away... Sort of, sold it for parts to a friend, no way I would feel ok selling it to someone as a driver although don't get me wrong, I got 222000 miles out of it and the engine and tranny are still strong... Just the rest of it was junk and I didn't trust it anymore going into the wilderness. so, I've got my eye on a very clean 2006 jeep rubicon slightly built 3 1/2 inch lift winch bumpers other goodies with only 19000 miles, $23000 b/o. Guy bought it as a toy, didn't use it but a couple of times and then his da
  13. http://daymak.com/corporate/beast-brochure.pdf does anybody actually own one of these electric offroad scooters, supposedly street legal, and have a review? Hard to believe they can go 15 miles on a 20 amp battery or less ,and offroad to boot. Minimum price is 2300 and goes up to 4500,almost affordable, and no noise. How would you carry a detector and other gear I wonder?
  14. I think I will save my pennies for one of these instead of a new detector.
  15. Check this out, they call it the OX and was designed for the 20 % of the world that has no vehicles. Would make a great prospecting off roader with a little custom work. http://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/can-flat-pack-truck-save-world
  16. Hi all... I'm starting to make plans for Winter in the AZ gold fields, anyone on here own an RV park before I give my cash to a non nugget hunter. :o) Jen
  17. I went down toward Yuma las Tuesday, got setup by 3:40 and had my first/biggest 1.1 gram nuggie by 3:45...wandered all day Wed with high winds and got the littlest one 1.4 grains, then found the other two Thursday morning...my new trailer is very comfie for me and my wife...the detector is where the first nuggie was...
  18. I was on my way to the central Indiana goldfields this weekend when I pulled off the Interstate highway at the rest area and spotted this ? Kinda looks like a Unimog, but fitted up with a backhoe and dozer blade? Just what us prospectors might need.... -Tom
  19. Upgraded from a Toyota Troop carrier(28yrs old) back in 2012 to a Hilux 4WD. Heading off this morn to new prospective area hit a bump not a jarring jolt going slowly in low range. Front strut busted limped home and removed photo below. Independent suspension, nice ride but not impressed but I do know I`m going back there, the Goddess of Gold is trying to keep me away.
  20. Northern Nevada gravel roads will tell you when your trucks tires are getting to thin! My last trip there, I couldn't plug the thumb size hole and had to trust my old spare for the last couple of days of the hunt and to tow the camper back to NorCal. I also noticed my hunting boots were getting my socks awful dirty and a few little rocks would sneak in as well, as I would boot a possible target. Well we made it home and ready to make some new tracks in the goldfields. Hunt report, after that big storm in the Rye Patch area the ground was hot and stingy with letting go of the gold. But, no
  21. The perfect Gold hunting combination. Minelab GPZ 7000 & 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML270 CDI 5 Cylinders Diesel Turbo Intercooled Luxury MY2002 Sports Automatic >grin< Picked up the 4x4 yesterday Roo bar Led light bar Solar and a sleep arrangement up top and I'm set. ad...
  22. Hey AZB/ Check out craigs list under Rokon, Rokon Single Track Trailer. More stuff to haul on your bike. Easy enough to make. Later on Jerry Mite slow ya down abit though !!!!
  23. I am waiting for the 2015 Mercedes/ Dodge Sprinter 4x4 van with 6 cylinder diesel engine and low range transfer case myself, can't justify megadollar metal detectors anymore with retirement just around the corner. Am sure the van won't be cheap either especially if converted to a 4x4 camper van...No real details on the van, ,just test drives for reporters at their distribution center in South Carolina. Has anybody else got more info on the van? Seems like it would be the ultimate gold prospectors camper van... -T
  24. Between cutting firewood, and gleaning the neighborhood citrus trees to give to the food bank, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to get out this month. I decided Sunday would be a good day to prospect one of the many areas I have marked on my geology maps. This area caught my attention because of a nice fault line running through it, and also because of the various geological changes. It’s in a known gold district, but hasn’t seen very much activity (claim wise) over the years, so I figured maybe it’s time to give it a look see. There’s a producing gold mine about 1/2 mile NW of where
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