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  1. Hi Dingo, I have been lurking on this forum and many others for years, although I have a fair amount of "Book" knowledge my actual "Boots on the ground" knowledge is lacking. About 5 years ago I purchased a GP Extreme and headed the 500 kms (I'm Canadian so roughly 350 miles) to gold country from where I live, I got there and found out that some detectors have a fairly steep learning curve! If I were to go back in time I would have started with a much simpler detector. From what I have read the ATX is a fairly simple detector to operate. Also the SDC and the GPZ but both of those detectors are more expensive and there are others, follow Steve's links and you can't go wrong. . Keep it simple to start would be my advise. Good luck!
  2. I will! Because there's a chance that it's not iron when in gold country or that there's a big nugget sitting under the iron. If iron discrimination on the 7000 was easy to accomplish, it would be done already. I think we have what we have and have to work with that. If magic wands that find and dig the gold for us were available we would all have one and gold would be worth 5 bucks an ounce!
  3. Thanks for that Rivers keep em coming!
  4. One word Monster! Maybe 2 Deus!
  5. I like your version of sanity!!!
  6. This looks sweet! XP seems to be embracing the computer age more than others. If they get into the PI market we may have a true contender for the throne!
  7. 2017 is shaping up to be a good year for metal detecting with Minelab and XP releasing new products. Hopefully Whites and FT have a rabbit in their hats as well and there's the QED, Rutus out and probably Impact on the way and I'm probably leaving something out. Interesting times indeed!
  8. Let us know what you think of it.
  9. Any word on what species of fish or how well cooked they are?
  10. OKM in Germany makes something similar may even be the same company with a different name. I have never heard anything good about these units. If this is anything more than snake oil I would be real surprised. I'm not going to be the guy to drop $6500 to find out it ain't so!
  11. Myself I am interested in all things gold the different ways to get it. Even if it is something I may never use I still find it very interesting. And just because it is something I don't do today doesn't mean that tomorrow I won't try it! I think being out in the bush or desert or whatever terrain you may detect that you should keep your mind open to all the possibilities. You could go out looking for a gold nugget and end up finding a civil war belt buckle or a meteorite or an old camp spot that contains 150 year old bottles in a garbage pit etc etc etc. Detecting is like a box of chocolates! I think you know the rest!!!!! I look forward to all the new forums especially the gem and geology. This has become the only forum that I check on a daily basis and the only one I post on. Adding more forums will only make it more interesting! I particularly like how when things are a little slow that Steve digs up some fresh info and posts it and I like how most everyone gets along and respects other opinions. 2017 is already shaping up!
  12. Thanks for the links. Although the Minelab video looked the most polished of the bunch I thought the Whites vid was the best. And how about that box! Fascinating!!!
  13. Going to be interesting to see the first reviews on this unit! Hopefully we have a contender!!!
  14. Cool stuff! Absolutely stunning territory! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Cool thanks for the info! Will be looking at the same set up come spring.