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  1. That's a beautiful gold ring. I'll pray for your mom and you. Cancer is an evil beast.
  2. As some of you know I underwent my second hip replacement 4 weeks ago at the ripe old age of 52 which has short circuited any detecting at all. Rehab has been going well though and I'm way ahead of where most folks are at this stage. I was able to ditch my walker after two days post surgery and have been since working up to taking a walk on the beach much less detect. All that changed today as I got a call from a young man who had lost his wedding ring on Saturday just on the north side of the Ventura Pier. He lost it in the dry sand and wondered if I could come out and help him find it. Since school is officially out for the summer I decided to throw caution to the wind and go. My concern was walking in the dry sand as a newly recovering hip doesn't like the variability of highs and lows that dry sand brings. When i met him he explained that he was putting sunscreen on his young son, took the ring off and placed it on his son's shirt. A moment later he got dive bombed by a group of seagulls hunting for a grubstake and a seagull took off with the shirt and sent the ring flying. He tried to find it but as you know gold sinks and the sand isn't your friend unless you have an Equinox 600!! I drew a 20x20 box in the sand and proceeded to detect and bam, got a nice 20-22 solid sounding tone and into my scoop came this beautiful rose gold wedding ring. So I'm one for one on my first day back detecting. Truth be told the dry sand is a bit much for me right now so my batting average may remain 1.000 for a while as I can't see myself bending down to dig 50 plugs in a park yet but man it was great to get out and do some good finally. Those of you who know what it's like to find someone's lost jewelry know it's a great feeling and put's you on a high for the rest of the day so i'm going to hold to that for awhile. Best Skate
  3. That's a pretty coin. lot's of good features. Well done.
  4. Skate

    First Hunt Nox 600

    As has been said don't rely on numbers but the sound of the targets and then do your wiggle. It's so good you can isolate the different sounds.
  5. Skate

    First Hunt Nox 600

    I like to start in Park 2, keep sensitivity to around 22-23(your emi/soil may differ) 5 tones and run your recovery speed at 3 (thats as fast as you can go). Don't mess with too many things until you get at least 25-30 hours on it. You're going to start hearing a new kind detector in that the separation is so amazing you'll really want to train your ears to begin to hear the difference. Keep it simple and you'll do well. Don't try to compare it to any other detector you've used, treat it as if you're holding a brand new baby(so to speak!). Be sure to post your finds!
  6. It’s been a struggle to get out and hunt lately as I edge closer to my 2nd hip replacement but I got to run my 600 on a small beach north of Ventura this morning that I’ve always wanted to hit. It’s a small beach but gets lots of use as a day camp area on the Rincon. The dry sand produced over 30 bottle caps and there is no question what is when you hear it. I only dug them so I could clean out the area when I return. The wet sand was pretty quiet but I netted the two rings in it. The turquoise/silver was a consistent 23 and the junk ring rang at 13-14 I thought I had white gold when I saw it in the scoop. I hope to get out one more time between now and next Friday as that is surgery day. Getting older sure does put a crimp in the lifestyle 😉
  7. Thanks all. Hopefully after Friday I can say goodbye to avascular necrosis forever. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2013 and my right hip collapsed and was replaced 3 years ago. My left finally gave away in the past couple of months. Metal detecting on one wheel is not exactly super productive.
  8. I've professionally been with the Ringfinders since last May but have been finding people's lost jewelry by word of mouth like most of you for sometime. It seems that other MD'ers either like us Ringfinders or they hate us. I'm ok either way but one of the complaints is that we have an easy task in that we get told where the ring was lost and and anybody could find a ring like that blah, blah blah. I got a call last Sunday when i was out of town about a guy who'd lost his wedding ring somewhere in this general area. 1. Camping spot at Pt. Mugu State park 2. Knoll overlooking Neptunes Net in Malibu 3. Somewhere on the trail to Sandstone peak (tallest peak in Santa monica mountains at 3114 elevation) 4. On sandstone peak Since I was out of town another ringfinder checked the campsite but evidently declined to go any further. That's where I came in. I got to Neptunes net this morning and met my client who informed me that the place he possibly lost the ring was no inhabited by a homeless woman who had started a small fire and was chanting something. He explained that he was sitting where she was at and so I proceeded to check the area around her all the while she's sitting there chanting. She then looks up and accuses me of fornication as I'm using my pinpointer to probe the grass area and the rocks and asks me if i want to search her as well. Seeing as how my 15 year old dog had more teeth than she did I concluded our search there was over and he said to follow him to his next spot. Little did I know it was going to include climbing to the top of Sandstone peak. After a 45 minute hike and a 1,000 foot elevation gain we arrived at the top and I proceeded to scramble all over the area with my pinpointer (the Equinox was useless) looking in every crevice for where this ring may have fallen. The ring was nowhere to be found and we dejectedly decided to end the search and head back down the trail. Altogether my attempt at finding his ring took 2 hours of driving, 3 hours of hiking and looking and one crazy old homeless woman who accused me of having sex with the grass using my pinpointer. For my troubles I got $40 which helped put gas back in the tank. No ring was found today but I made two new friends and I'm going to try and help one of them get a teaching job in the future. We don't always find the ring and nobody seems to want to share about the ones they didn't find so I thought I would.
  9. I love finding tokens and that one is great. Better than silver sometimes.
  10. I'd try 5 tones and up your recovery speed to 7 and keep 11-13 open for nickels as I've found them at 11,12,13. The key to the Nox is it's ability to separate different targets close together. By dropping your speed to 3 your hampering what the machine does best. In my parks I use park 2 exclusively and I only hunt in 5 tones. If I'm cherry picking looking for old coins I'll disc out up to 10, 14-18, and 37-40 and my recovery speed is always 7. Best to you.
  11. Skate

    First Time Out With The 800

    Great recoveries. That was a great first time out for sure.
  12. I've primarily been a beach hunter and a coinshooter in the dirt but I'm looking to add parks and fields to hunt for rings. I'm curious where everyone finds the majority of their rings especially in park/sports field type settings. Over the years I've heard several things about where most rings are to be found in parks but never tried to prove them true. Since this is a forum dedicated to learning I'm hoping some of you ringmasters might share the best places to look. Thanks Skate
  13. Very cool. It always seems like the best finds come on the walk back to the truck.
  14. It shows very well that the right tool in the right hands makes all the difference. Great video and story.
  15. Skate

    First Target With My 800

    It's the Equinox effect. Swing it and then wait for the bingo! You're going to have a great summer!
  16. I guess I didn't make myself clear. What I tried to say as nicely as I could was that I don't think Minelab gives two poops what anyone thinks and as such carries a certain arrogance about their stuff regardless of price. For as long as I've been detecting there has been a cry in the wilderness about how bad a company Minelab is and how they don't care and their customer service is terrible blah, blah blah. Shoot, all you had to do from September 17th until February 14th was hangout on a certain forum where people were castigating Minelab day and night and threatening to never buy another minelab again and canceling their orders. Even with all this I don't think anyone at headquarters lost sleep. Minelab is all about marketing because they rightfully are all about making the most amount of money they possibly can as they are in the business to make a huge profit. As I stated earlier I sold my WM08 for $100 including shipping but I was comped an extra $5 by the great gentleman here. I guess I "lost money" but I hope I gained a friend as part of the deal. I apologize if I come across as grouchy as it's not my intention but I just think way too much time is spent on the anger issues. I'm waiting for Mal over in England to come up with Surffones for the Equinox and I'll buy his just as I did when I had my CTX. You're right Minelab will continue to push things in their favor as long as consumers allow them to as that's business. Costco keeps raising their membership fees every year because suckers like me keep paying them. The real travesty here that no one talks about is Americans paying $2 a bottle for tap water. Big Water is killing us.
  17. I sold mine to a forum member here who lost his and needed one for far less than Minelab's asking price. I wasn't going to use it, so getting it into the hands of someone who needed it more seemed the best option. Win/win for all.
  18. I think Minelab at it's core has a sense of superiority in terms of it's detectors and thus it's accessories. It's kind of a if you need to know how much it costs it probably will cost you too much kind of thing. I also think that we in the US are more price conscious than in other parts of the globe and in that sense maybe we're a bit entitled in that we think things should be a certain way (in terms of price). It's been stated by others that the US is not the biggest consumer of Minelab products so their business plan isn't being written to satisfy us. Just my $.02
  19. $179 is really a better price than I was expecting for the 6" coil. I figured it would be between $249-$299. When you think about it that's only $50 more than for a Garrett carrot so when keeping things in perspective it's priced about right. Circumstances have kept me from hunting now for 12 straight days, my longest streak of inactivity in years. There was a point the other day I would have paid $179 just to go detecting. It's all in how you look at things.
  20. Now that's an epic hunt! Only thing missing was a silver quarter but I'm sure that's waiting for you on the next hunt. It's good to share with the homeowners a little of what we find. When I score a big permission I usually include a $25 dinner for two gift certificate at a local restaurant as a way of saying thanks. A little reciprocity goes a long way.
  21. Skate

    Wheat Penny Respect

    These are my wheats since around August of 2017. Some I can read easy out of the ground but most are just too hard to clean up so I just throw them in here. I have no idea how many are in the glass jar but like TNSS said any one of them could have been a smokin' silver coin.
  22. Skate

    A Couple Firsts

    great hunt! I can only imagine the thrill you had when those V nick's jumped out. I would venture there are many more like it still out there given most people's propensity to only cherry pick for silver. My father in law would only dig a nickel if 95% of it was uncovered because to him it was always going to be a pop top/piece of trash. Things are going to be picking up for you Steve for sure.
  23. Skate

    Gold Ring #2 And Silver Jewelry

    Great job on the recoveries!
  24. Skate

    Some Coins And A Ring

    Nice job steve. I played around with discrimination tonight and set mine up the same except I set my cut off at 19 so I can get all those gold coins I know are lurking on my rancho permission. I have found most of my nickels in my soil at 11-12 and 13 has almost always been trash of some sort. Hopefully I'll have a good report to share.