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    • By Dances With Doves
      I tested a heavy type chain like the one Againstmywill  showed in the  jewelry(maybe a little thicker)  section called( chain numbers).I tested the Gmx and it just slammed it  with a solid 96 number which I think is a upaverage since nox gives it a 4 when I lay it on the ground. I could raise coil over 5"and still get it.Maybe we should not pass penny hits with this machine.I used 6' coil on this test which is buried in dry dirt.
    • By Dances With Doves
      I tried  the gold chain from my Gmx test with my 11" coil on my nox and this machine just walloped it on multi freq. gold2 mode with sens. at 22.It gave me the proper #4 id mostly on this 7" target with a few 3or 5 numbers if I was off center a bit.I could raise   the coil over 10" and    still get it.In 20 kz. at 22  sens. it hit it very hard with  very bouncy  id from 2to  11  .In 40 kz. at max sens.  it pounded it very hard also with less bouncy id from 2to 8. I am very impressed with this mode on this target.
    • By havingstl
      I am considering buying a second hand GMX but the situation with counterfeits has me worried. 
      Are there any tips with regards to White's detectors to ensure I am getting the real deal?
    • By karelian
      A 24k with the same coils makes more sense,  considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX  won the coin toss.  The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. This White's package with two coils and the headphones beat the local competition on local prices.
      So the GMX looks as if it will be my last new White's machine. Given the local lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne Australia, I have not managed to dent my holiday/party budget. So that money instead goes to the GMX purchase.  I'll be brewing my own coffee and baking my own muffins for a while yet, saving in the process... Santa came early this year..
      All the best, take care and be kind to yourself and others.

    • By Bohemia Miner
      I'm reaching out to other dealers out there who might have a 4x6 coil and spare battery pack for the 24K.
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