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6" Concentric For 24K Finally Available

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On 7/18/2023 at 12:55 PM, Cascade Steven said:

Steve:  you mentioned that Garrett did a total remake on the 6" coil.   I am curious what the "remake" entails, if that information is available and can be shared publicly?  I am also curious if anyone has had the opportunity or plans to compare the in-field real-world performance between the White's 6" coil and the Garrett 6" coil.  Just intellectual curiosity. 

Whites coils were basically handmade with rather high variability and failure rates. Garrett had to rework the coils to get more consistent quality production using their own manufacturing facilities. What the details are of that I don’t know. There is no performance difference in the final product you would notice - I was the guy that confirmed that, since I have a White’s coil, and double checked the Garrett coil for them. The only difference I can tell is one is white and the other black. I’ll probably sell the Whites one I have now as no reason to have two, and I like the look of the black one better on my machine.


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