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Scrape & Detect With Goldmaster 24K

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Very nice little specimens! Speaks well as to what other tools to have around along with a PI detector. Thanks for sharing!

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Mirrors my experience with the 24k, absolutely no bump sensitivity which can be a huge advantage in situations where it's rocky and you're going to be constantly bumping the coil, I've done this scrape and detect method in spot where my GPZ just kept getting more and more nuggets and then I went through my big dug out pile of soil and found plenty more tiny bits the GPZ missed.   I was flattening out the pile and taking layers off at a time much like you describe here, it turns out really fun as I just kept getting little tiny bits on almost every layer I took off. 

I find the 24k handles hot rocks exceptionally well for a VLF, and in heavy hot rock areas around here the 24k is my detector of choice when I'm using a VLF. 

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I found my first gold detecting with a Gold Monster (about .3g) after scraping an area about an inch deep that a buddy pointed me to on his claim. It was previously cleaned up by a lot of PI detectors. Scraping away in layers is a great idea.  I tried it in other areas with a 24k also, but as a beginner I haven’t really gotten the feel for using the disc screen values yet. One of my other detecting friends is really good at doing this, I have a lot to learn!

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