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Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer User Guide KKGK170518EN

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    • By kac
      Before the sun broke out in full force today I did a quick run about  1 1/2 hours to test out the Nokta waterproof headphones on my Multi Kruzer. Ran it at 19khz looking for small jewelry, found 2 1/2 earings, cruddier one might be gold brighter one is plated. This pond is brutal with iron as you can see the black chia pet looking thing on the side. It is a hard drive magnet I stick in my scoop to catch nails and bobby pins. You can see some of the rocks that also stick to it. My GB was low to mid 90's so ended up using Gen Mode in the quieter areas and 3 tone for the most part.
      Headphones are little better on audio than my Garrett waterproof ones, audio sounds similar, maybe bit less tinny but you do need to kick up the volume. I usually run the machine on 3 but use 10 on these. Vibrate mode proved to be useless because of all the iron in the ground there as it just constantly runs. Bottom line if you got a Kruzer or Amphibio, well worth the investment if you plan on splashing around.

    • By dogodog
      A couple of days ago I returned to a late 18th century homestead that has been disappointing in the past. I've always felt like there was something good to be found around the house, but the best I could do were a few wheaties and a ton of iron and aluminum. I had about an hour and decided to hit it again. Same old thing right before I left I found a 41 wheat 6 inches under a 2 inch piece of flagstone walkway (thought that was great). A day went by and while building a pergola in my back yard and nearly cutting part of my thumb in half, I had enough of construction and decided to go back one more time before leaving that place on my do not return list. I found the usual iron, aluminum and trash. Then I dug an old Larkins cold cream lid and some other cool stuff and felt like things were getting better. About 40 minutes later I decided to hunt the old front yard very close to the road, I never hit this section before. Lots and lots of aluminum so I moved to the old rotten front entry with more flagstone. It seemed amazingly quite until I got a 28-32, hit odd numbers for me but it was very strong. I started digging on another crappy target, so I thought and at about 6 inches I found a 1908 Indian head 2 1/2 dollar gold coin!!!!!!! I'm a pretty strong fellow but I almost teared up from joy. I doubt that I will ever top this find and would be happy with just that. Needless to say I might have to hit the old site just a few more times. I hope all of you enjoy seeing the coin as much as I do.

    • By kac
      Got tired of my machine flopping over so I made this. Fit's Kruzer and Amphibio series with or without optional external battery pack. Will give it a good beat down and if all works well will bang out a few if anyone is interested.

    • By dogodog
      Today started out a little slow at an old church ground, after about 7 cents and 1 1/2 hours I packed it in. Not wanting to give up so soon I decided to try a fair ground near an old fire house. I used to go there as a kid. Thinking I would find a ton of trash I put on the 9 inch to help with all the aluminum slaw. While I was trying to remember where the Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl where i stumbled onto a dime and penny. Thinking I needed to move up the field 100yds, I Was swinging as I walked not caring to much as this field is big and I was hitting a million signals. Half way I got a strong silver signal and dug a really nice Silver and Amethyst Ring about 2'' deep. After a few clad and an 1 1/2 hours later I got bouncy gold level signal. Normally I would not have dug this, but something just sounded strange and strong. Good thing I did because, It was a 14k and what I believe to be ruby and small diamonds. Thinking this is the best day I've had in years and knowing It was my night to cook dinner, I headed back to the truck swinging wildly and smiling ear to ear. About 75 yards from the truck I got another really strong silver tone. I almost passed out when I popped a silver and gold Tiffany ring. Days like this are very rare for me and the MK has made detecting a lot of fun. Topping this day might take a few years.

    • By Jeff McClendon
      I did a friend who is a small metal detector dealer a good deed last week (at least for him) by buying a used Makro Kruzer 14kHz detector from him so he could at least make a sale from his home business. I have always liked Nokta Makro products and I had a Multi Kruzer previously and really liked it but the Equinox came along...........and  so, I wanted to give the Kruzer another try. I already have a Racer 2 and really like a lot about it, especially its threshold based all metal mode, even though it suffers from the same issues as every other single frequency detector I have ever tried in the moderate to high mineralization in my area which is severe up averaging on what seems to me anyway to be shallow targets 3" to 5" inches deep. I hoped against hope that the Kruzer really was going to be somehow better than the Racer 2. Actually it is worse. I should have learned this lesson after trying dozens of otherwise great detectors with exactly the same results. So, I have tried a zillion settings combinations with so many detectors!!!! Don't feel bad Nokta Makro, you are definitely not alone meaning I get similar results with XP, FTP, Whites, Garrett, single frequency Minelab and Tesoro products. So that is just about everybody!
      I was hoping I was doing something really stupid. I am perfectly capable of that.........
      So here is a question I asked on another forum about the discrimination function built into the Kruzer and Anfibio. In my Kruzer manual it says....

      "Note: DISC. setting works inversely proportional to depth up to level 15 in all modes. In other words, as the DISC. is increased up to 15, stability will increase but depth will be reduced and vice versa. Above 15 though, both depth and noise will increase"

      I hunt in areas with lots of magnetite iron particles and high mineralization. I usually set my Kruzer discrimination level on at least 4 just to tone down the chatter and keep it from hitting every microscopic iron particle. It will really sort of get quiet at 10. According to the quote from the manual, am I losing a lot of depth by setting it at 10 opposed to setting it at 0 or default 3? Also, one drawback to using the Kruzer in higher mineralization (the mineralization graph is maxed out or one level away most of the time) is that the numerical target IDs are all over the place even on 3" to 5" good coin sized targets. So am I understanding that the stability mentioned in that quote refers to target ID stability? Would running a discrimination level from 10 to 15 along with raising the ISAT level a bit make coin and jewelry targets down to 6" deep have better target ID?
      The answer to my question at least from my standpoint is that "it ain't happening" and nothing I have tried including all of the things in the manual don't help. 
      Just for fun, instead of driving myself crazy doing tests in my test garden (the results unfortunately were painfully the same) I took the Kruzer to a local park and put my Vanquish 440 in my backpack. I did a little target comparison on wild targets. I was using the Kruzer in 4 tone mode with gain on 80, disc. on 7, ISAT on 0, Iron Volume on 2, Iron Tone Break at 10. I also had 3 tone set up in a similar way. I ran across a target that jumped around a lot between 70 to 84 on the Kruzer and pinpointed it at 4" using both modes.  It sounded pretty good and I figured it would be a beaver tail, corroded US zinc penny, a copper penny or even better a clad dime. I got out my Vanquish, fired it up and left it in absolutely stock Jewelry mode with the gain at about 3/4th. The Vanquish read 12-13, which is a low conductor US nickel, pull tab, can slaw or something gold if no iron is present. I checked the target for iron (none) and dug it. The target was a 3" deep US nickel. This happened over and over whether the target was a low or mid conductor.
      Some complain about the Nox and Vanquish iron falsing. I got a low 90s signal on a shallow coin sized object on the Kruzer that was continuous as I circled the target. I hoped for a US quarter or silver object. No hint of iron at all on the Kruzer even at the edge of the coil. I grabbed the Vanquish and in Jewelry mode got a broken signal that came in between 18 and 25 with an occasional 38. Those jumpy numbers are usually a dead give away for an iron target on the Vanquish and Nox if the audio is crackly and drops out. I knew what the target was but dug it anyway. Rusty crown bottle cap at 4".  At least I know when there is iron in or around the target when I'm using the Equinox or Vanquish. 
      I like Minelab detectors a lot. I would also love to be able to use and not waste my time and money on some beautiful detectors by other manufacturers. I guess I just need to move somewhere else.

      thanks for reading and for any ideas you might have.
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