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Gold Bug 2 Coil Plug Wiring Help

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I need help same problem need to no were to solder pins I have a green wire orange and white only 3 wires on a gold bug 2 10'' coil and help thanks 

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    • By LipCa
      It's going in for repair Tuesday but I thought I'd see if anyone else ever experienced this problem....
      A couple years ago something happened and  I had to use headphones to hear my GB2.  About 6 months ago something happened again and  I could only get audio without headphones.  A week ago I could get both!
       I thought everything was fine.
      Then yesterday, after using it for about 3 hours with headphones, it faded out.  I could just barely hear it.  Nothing at all if I unplugged the headphones.
      Turn it off and then on again, ok for about 10-15 seconds and fades out.  New batteries didn't help.
      Detector was functioning properly except for audio......
    • By rodney edwards
      I have a gold bug 2 for some  reason it will only work with the head phones now .???
    • By 57buick
      Was thinking of picking up a  more dedicated nugget detector. I am debating a Minelab Gold Monster vs one of the many Gold Bug versions? Anybody have experience with the GM 1000 to compare?
    • By goldbrick
      I really am not bashing the GB II but I just never could connect with the machine. Crummy discrimination and awkward ground balance system combined to make it less than one of my favorite all time detectors. I am not denying it is the best at what it does, I just never liked how it did it. Last fall a friend of mine needed a GB II worse than I did so mine went to a new home where it would find love.
      That left a hole in my detector line up. Yesterday I filled that hole with a Gold Racer, should be here in 3-4 days. I already have a Red Racer so I know the build quality will be good. Look forward to going head to head with Lucky and his Gold Bug in the Sierra hydraulic pits this summer. Me thinks he will be buying the beer at the end of the day. LOL
      p.s. A BIG shout out to Chris Porter at DetectorAid.com for the excellent service!
    • By Ivansgarage
      Dam Steve wish that was for sale a couple of weeks ago. So whats on the new toy list now.
      I thought you loved your GB2. NO loyalty.
    • By paulwilliambrown34
      Hi there i have a fisher gold bug 2 and i need to know what settings. To put it on to find gold thank you and have a nise day