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  1. Your camp setup is more advanced than mine... may be why noone camps with me any longer? Nice to get a nugget even at that size. It's the experience!
  2. Love the guitar sweeps in the intro... haven't performed those in 30+ years! Nice gold, your reading the river correctly.... keep on it
  3. Defending one's family directly in your home is no joking matter - and having been in that situation more than once where i live, i do not take it lightly and am further thankful I've never yet had to go that last step while protecting my wife/kids (though prepared to if necessary). This topic was about claim jumpers... which leads to another slice of the conversation in that claims filed in the public domain and which are not patented are not in the same realm as those that are under current patent. The public can camp on, walk-hike or drive through, cut firewood, hunt, fish, enjoy public legal uses of etc. on un-patented claims so long as they are NOT interfering with the mineral rights of the current claim holder. An example - I've had many people ask about the process of surveying and filing a claim so that they can "build a little cabin by the cute lake" that they can call their vacation home! Sorry, that's not how that works - it's still public domain and you cannot build such without proper authorization and permits or you are in direct trespass against the public. Hence, 45% of my government surveys were for boundary trespass cases bound for court or SUP's. Patented claims are not the same in that they are granted and withdrawn from the public domain. Trespass applies here. Some reversions and trades occur also which change the status of rights... thereby the impotance to investigate status prior to prospecting. Idaho's trespass law did change in 2018 and does affect much of my work process as a public official -- our attorneys are working towards corrections to the language (hopefully) in the future because the pendulum swung way over the point of reason. I am constantly reinforcing access rights these days through agreements and easements - very costly and time consuming. Point of it is that landowners (self included) wanted some clarity in the law regarding personal real property laws. These are all separate conversations in themselves... very broad subject that can easily get off the track of mineral rights.
  4. The Coeur d'Alene Gold Show is definitely still on for this weekend!
  5. NWGPA Gold Show is this coming Sat-Sun (14 - 15) at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We have our regular meeting 7 pm tonight in Rathdrum. I haven't heard any mention of any changes to schedules because of the coronavirus. I'll post an update after I get home from the meeting. Mike
  6. Bonus...I generally have the phone in Airplane mode the whole time on the backcountry trips and find my battery lasts multiple days yet still have the references i need available right there without any cell service.
  7. I've been using the phone app free version of Alpinquest. It gives me options for different map layers with topo and aerials and ability to overlay them with differing opacity. When in the middle of the wilderness i can turn on gps and find where I'm at in relation to preplanned points. To save battery power (and not knowing how gps signals will be) sometimes i will download everything i want on an area while sitting at home and as i make my plans i screenshot the topo and aerials separately in best resolution so i only have to refer to the photo library. I do the same thing from my desktop and file them in the phone since its so easily portable ( and mine's waterproof). I did this extensively for my trips north of Nome and also the central Idaho wilderness prospecting trip this past summer. Here's a screenshot with planned waypoints, significant landmarks and many gps shots where i found gold in Idaho...all in the past 2 years. I name the waypoints whatever i need them to be... easy!
  8. No matter the state...They should be checking what ground they are on... not good to ignore ckaim markers in plain view!
  9. Gerry-- My son Nick was looking over my shoulder commenting how nice these pieces are! So i showed him the pieces in your first post with the shovel for exhibition of size and he thinks we need to be friends with that guy and go prospecting with you !! (Ha)
  10. Thanks for sharing guys! A real pick-me-up during these winter doldrums. As noted, both of you found some stunning pieces which are quite unique!
  11. And Lunk didn't get gold to show...? I think he needs to post a few photos too for the rest of us who are stuck awaiting the snow to melt...(Thanks bud!)
  12. Nice buddy! Only the GPZ? Too deep for VLF? Can't wait for next season up above where we last went...there's got to be some up in the bedrock i found when out hiking that day with my dad late summer. Keep posting! Be safe.
  13. Largest is just under 1/2oz at 0.45oz and was my first nugget ever on my 1st gold detector - the GB2 last year. Second photo with two nuggets is from this year found with my new GM1000. One is 5.7 gr and the other 6.4 gr.
  14. Gerry, here is a video posted with the nugget being found (at approximately 18:20). Just before that in the video from approx. 16:25 to 18:20 he makes comments about the first group, made me laugh - thought we were a little selfish. Ha! That's what it's all about, some days you find some, but most of the time it's bullet lead, copper jacket fragments, a tiny brass spring - heck, i dug for 20 mins. through 4 inches of ice layer then another couple inches of frozen tundra soil with my rock pick for a find that was only a metal button used in bundling stuff with twist wire ties. Went another 15 feet up the hill in the brush and found my first 6.5 grammer at the same depth (earlier nugget pictured by penny). Then another 10 feet up the hill a spoon.
  15. Here's another couple photos of some gold we found in Alaska north of Nome... the 1st photo of the gold button in the black scoop was several miles NW of the general claims available to prospect on ...someone else's claim by special invite to Dan & i (where the grizzlies were spotted) with some very nice gold. The photo of the gold nugget & vials in the Garrett super sluice pan is some found by others in our group. I'll post photos of some cleaned up gold soon also as I'm not home from prospecting in the mountains of southern Idaho over the last two weeks (last photo). Mike
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