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  1. GM- You can research through the US Copyright office old newspaper articles... I think this was the link I used: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/newspapers/ I was involved in a historical case from 1909 and had to prove the facts in existence from that time, which were slim. It would have been very easy had I been able to show the actual legals published in the local newspaper back then, which I easily found 3 years later in the local newspapers archived on that website. The pdf files are scanned, but searchable on OCR. Finicky, but with careful tailor of a specific word to search, you may find that it can be quite helpful... I was able to find all three published legals associated with my case, which I did get a positive outcome on, and then later was able to print off copies of the scanned old legals to put in the case file. So I also have several legends of Lost Gold in my local area. One is a tale told to me as a young lad by an old guy who used to work at the Forest Service who truly believed the legend, but had no way to get better info or verification. He told of a rich lode find in the 1890 era and only a hint of where in the mountains northeast of town, but nobody knew the location where as the prospector died when he came into town. Using the prospector's last name which was unusual and unique, I was able to find 3 short newspaper articles from November 1889 which told his tale of death by unintended cremation in a structure fire. I had searched local cemetery records decades previous to try and find his name with the thought of proving to myself and my dad that his legend might be real and possibly uncover a few clues to the question of where to search. What I did find in the newspapers was that he and his legend are real, he had a huge haul of rich ore on his mule when he came to town and the names of two local important people who grubstaked him - and I was later able to find their burials in the local cemetery records. Nothing of this fellow's story was in a local paper that I could find, so I searched further away and found two southern Idaho newspapers carried articles published 4 days after the fire and one newspaper in Washington 2 days after the fire- I guess the event may have been too close to home and not newsworthy as everybody in town here would have already known all about it. I did not come up with any better clues on the location to search, but the "legend" is no longer just a yarn. I've a good idea for search areas and have made 3 hikes in previous years and plan to make some longer forays with detector and sampling equipment this year. So be sure to search using single "unique" names to the story far and wide, both in the local area and further abroad and look at later time periods also - you may be able to uncover a mountain of details which were lost to time... reprints are possible too. Even search further away such as the Seattle and Spokane Washington newspapers... who knows, it may well validate the case and clues passed through to you and help your grandson take the search to success someday.
  2. Lunk on this forum (Keith) may be a consideration for a tester for a Nokta Makro PI. He is one of Gerry's instructors with dedication to serious gold detecting throughout the year and writes well detailed reports.
  3. I began with small coils as advised by Gerry and Lunk. After two years with only one large nugget found, I was out on my first hunt with Lunk along (we were going up the same creek and general area) and as I recall he found 16 pieces that day covering less than 50 feet - compared to my 3 pieces, but I covered the whole hill... At that time I was using only the small coils, but I learned it wasn't necessarily the coil size equalled a level of success, it was certainly the technique that I learned that day watching Lunk dig nugget after nugget (Nox that trip) with only moving a few feet. I have now, years later switched over to 75% time using my larger coils, but using much better technique which was learned over many trips and still having as much success as with the small coils.
  4. I haven't noticed anybody mention something I had learned during a trip to a good gold area in Alaska with my GM1000 - even large pieces of gold, whether shallow (4 in.) Or deeper (10 - 14 in.) typically always read to the iron side of meter most times initially, but sometimes would only briefly blip to gold side. So I ignored the indicator on first soundings, then would get much better accuracy reads by doing a couple extra passes reading strong iron and then immediately turn 90° and check the same target. I found much better accuracy of the meter reads were indicating gold upon turning direction. Iron tagets would still read iron (I dug them anyway) and were verified, but the little blips to the gold side turned up some really nice pieces of gold (72 pieces) - up to 1/4 oz at 14 inches. Later returning to Idaho, I have found this works quite well here also, so it has become a habit to NOT dismiss a target without multiple passes and in multiple directions checking with the meter indication. BTW, brass, aluminum, copper and lead targets read the same indications for me as if gold.
  5. Further ...speaking of gas, I was down between the middle fork and the south fork of the Clearwater River this last Saturday with my wife in her Jeep. Got back home at midnight after 450 miles, didn't go anywhere on Sunday, then when leaving the house on Monday morning for the office, found my son had run my Land Cruiser down whilst we were away... 15 miles to the nearest pump. I immediately texted him this photo labeled ..."bad thing"
  6. I went to AKAU in the first group in June '19 and had fun, found gold. We were the largest group they'd ever had- 22 of us, most were friends with our prospecting group of N Idaho. One of our group spoke to me about planning another group trip next year and asked if I'd go. Took both my GB2 and my GM1000. There is lots of areas to detect - several places I want to go back to.
  7. While I have not ordered my K3 yet, I have been planning to get this system... my understanding from a brother of one of the guys behind it, the frames are Very comfortable with extreme heavy loads ...like 140 lbs of meat - which I would prefer to be gold these days 😃. With the long hikes I do in steep mtns/wilderness I usually take three 1 qt plastic bottles -2 full to drink during hike, 3rd to have extra and fill all with my small MSR pump filter when closer to end of hike - It's usually very easy to find streams where I go. https://exomtngear.com/collections/packs The bag I currently use I found on clearance for $25 at Cabelas and so will probably just get the K3 frame for now.
  8. Don't give up on the VLF's. Lunk & Gerry on this forum encouraged me on the vlf's and I've been trying for 3 years now and have approx 1.5 oz of tiny to medium sized gold pieces and am having fun with it although 70% of my days I'm skunked. I love the mountains and being out there - the bonus is the good days when I find a piece or two. One thing I've discovered is that extreme moisture content in our soils definitely limits the depth I've been able to find targets, especially the small and flat nuggets. I was going to go out this weekend, but decided it's still too wet (even some snow this morning) so I postponed my first trip. I'm just north of Cd'A and have quite a lot of research on areas to check out south of Moscow- have driven in and looked around at some, but my buddy and I decided to wait for drier weather so haven't hiked them yet. Lunk has encouraged me to bring a rake and shovel - sometimes it's been very helpful to have along. First photo here is 2 pieces found during a dry fall day - no shoveling, approx 10" down. The following photos are the same exact spot three weeks later - very wet detecting each inch by inch layer both raking and shoveling carefully. I'm sure there's more nuggets there, but 4 hrs only produced the tiny flat one less than 12" from the previous two which were both very audible; last one was barely heard at 1/2" depth - yet quite sizeable compared to dozens of micro pieces I've found at greater depths. That's when I cleaned my gear, put it away for winter and started making plans for places to visit this coming summer. Mike
  9. I'm not sure this new metal detector circuit design is going to launch correctly because of the opposition of the electric eel's impedance being mismatched from the intensity of the moral rectifier...but then in after thought, the blender and vibrator rev speeds may just get the right multiplication voltage step offset to activate the decoy resistor correctly. It'll probably get good mileage on the doz D cells once ground balanced.
  10. Congress only typically gets involved in the bona fide rights of the patents - not the the ROWs. US Congress issues the patents signed by the president. The road cases then become a component of the localized jurisdictions within each state and many end up in the state supreme courts regarding interpretation, therefore the FS lately has been stepping back ignoring it (at least since the 93 election).
  11. I've tried nearly everything mentioned above without success (except the heels or a Ford) after 35 years of weathering in cold/wet... I finally discovered zinc oxide ointment heals the cracking up in a couple days. Use diaper rash ointments also with 40% zinc - it's white colored so i put it in the cracking at night, absorbs gone in the morning and works wonderfully.
  12. Sheep herders "....baaad situation" 🤣 RS2477 roads/prescriptive rights... depends on your state's laws (these can change overnight (I know having effected a couple changes in Idaho myself, and only recently having 2 passed against me and my work), the govt's position/backing, and how deep is the pocketbook and how large the legal firm.
  13. Matt- Those are awesome finds! Are they from some of the terrain area shown in your excellent presentation on Lidar 2 years ago? I was impressed with the "modeling" capability which can certainly help to try and follow it's erosion migration path, thereby hinting at where to concentrate efforts. Maybe Lunk will make a wide circle home this spring to sniff out some eastern nuggets with his GPZ? (Ha) Mike
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