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  1. You realize your just talking yourself into this gizmo don't ya?.... Man Don't ask me what I think....LOL...
  2. Shame he hasn't been back ... He could certainly make a few bucks with that case. Here is a site for batteries they even have higher capacity LiPo's up to 9800 mAh ..... https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=18650+3.7V+battery
  3. LOL... Thank's It was a good day and I was pretty jazzed to say the least.... Even if it is butt ugly, gold is gold...
  4. While TIDs are nice they can also cause you to miss a good target.... I use them as a rough reference and dig most targets in any questionable range. We tend to get a little lazy and place too much trust in a target ID... I would have missed this if I depended on TID as it cam in as a screw cap if I remember correctly........ 415 grains of 10k
  5. Personally I like the V3i..... A bit of a learning curve but in my opinion worth it. I have hunted with a guy that has a nox 800. I hit everything he did.... Not saying there won't be times when that doesn't happen but there were no real advantages or disadvantages demonstrated on our outings. As to the extreme level of adjustability of the V..... Once you find a range of settings that fit your hunting you really don't have to tinker with the settings much.. Just make sure you have a good ground balance and if there is EMI you may have to make some adjustment for that but I haven't really had much problems in that regard. So............. Whats the bottom line. Learn your machine and you will do fine with whichever one you buy.
  6. OK, Got the beach gold Boraxed ....Not as nice a pour as the first button, and there is still gold left in the melt dish but I will redo the melt and collect it later.
  7. Actually there was one that was approximately 30 mesh +/- a little... Real thin and flat though..... Actually they both were thin and flat... the bulk was approx. -150 mesh +/- a little. There is another smaller one just to the right and slightly below the one I put an arrow to as well.
  8. .485 gram.. without the pickers..... BUT there is some really fine non magnetics that I just couldn't get panned out. So I'm gonna say there is probably half that weight is good stuff and the other will just get glassed in the smelt.... That super fine black material is just a mother to try and separate........ but all things are cleansed with fire,....LOL Not a very good image and the impurities kinda hide the good stuff.... But like I said it will all cleanup with the burnout.........
  9. While I wait for the fines to finish drying here is a pleasant surprise out of my cleanup..... 2 pickers. There was also a fair bit of platinum in the mix.
  10. A buddy of mine and I went to whiskey run yesterday and did some diggin.... Man it was a hot day on the beach especially with no breeze. Anyway Whiskey run has a pretty rich mining history both inland and on the beach. There were a couple inland mines close by as well One of which was a chromium mine. The beach placer that was discovered was a huge black sand lense.. The actual production is a little unclear but let it be said it was very lucrative until a south wester pacific storm hit and completely change the beach... Mining was halted after that. While a few still hit the area it is not easy work since most are now working the Whiskey run creek. The gold is fair with an occasional picker which is almost unheard of for beach mining ... I haven't cleaned up the cons yet but will let you all know how I did after running about 20 gallons of sand. Meanwhile here are some pics of the area.... Whiskey run is about 10 miles north of Bandon , Oregon. The first image is from Google maps and in the bottom right corner you can see the coordinates if you want to look into this further.
  11. Here's the beach gold........ Will be interesting to see how much I end up with after the borax smelt.
  12. Did a little borax smelt with some dental gold I had laying around..... Didn't even have to dig for it...lol Still have some beach gold I will borax in the near future as well..... Didn't have to dig very hard for it either....lol
  13. All great advice.... I can not add anything that would improve on what is already here....
  14. I haven't seen any ads in quite a while... I got mine about 6 years ago.... Bought 2 of em......
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