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  1. The full size cube runs from 1100 GPH to 2000 GPH so if yours is half the width ... Then half the GPH should do fine. Tray angle is pretty specific to the design and there is a reason for that. You might want to try Deep V mat instead of the vortex mat as well.
  2. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    Been a while since I been here.... still around, sorta.... If anybody has any questions I'll be happy to try to answer. And Ill try to stop in a little more often. Heavy pans.....
  3. johnedoe

    Video - Goldmaster 24K Air Tests

    I think they have a winner....... I would buy one in a heartbeat if I was into nugget shooting.
  4. Geez Condor...... I'm 65 and your making me feel like I'm 90...... My knees just won't let me get into the terrain you travel anymore. Thank's for sharing ... I really enjoyed reading your adventures.
  5. That is what we look for on the beach. Find the layers and follow them. Sometimes those layers are right on the surface.
  6. johnedoe

    Yes It Is Another 24K Nugget.

  7. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    Yeah I admit I have a pretty easy life and it takes a real good reason for me to get on the end of a shovel. If I could get at least a couple grams a day I would be a bit more motivated..... But a couple grain.... not so much.
  8. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    Fine gold......... So fine the static charge holds it to the sides of the vial. Give the vial a tap and it drops back in with the rest.
  9. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    Not nearly enough of it though...... I guess it would help if I got off my butt a little more often. The beach most of this came from is only about 15 minutes away and a pretty easy access.
  10. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    3.77 grams in the pan............
  11. johnedoe

    Beach Mining

    Well it has been a while since I got to the beach so I thought I would get out a little and do a bit of cleanup on some gold I already had. I went up to my little beach but only had a short time to work, also I was testing a little sluice to see if it would be a good sampler. So for about 20 minutes total work from setup to take down and back to the truck I managed to pull this and verify the capabilities of the little test sluice. Now I ran about 3 gallons of sand and ran it way to fast but it was just a quick and dirty to see how things might work. After cleanup I got this... .34 grain. I added it to the small bit I had and it came to 3.77 gram. The summer is NOT the time to beach mine but I found a little spot that may have a little potential..... I will not be quitting my day job however.....
  12. johnedoe

    White's Goldmaster 24K - New For 2018

    Well White's finally let my post stay Goldmaster 24K and they even put in a link to the advanced user guide.... Goldmaster Advanced User Guide
  13. I think I got it for ya. Antique Shakles
  14. How big is it... can you put something next to it for scale? Also ... What kind of metal is it made of?
  15. So what is your initial impression of the 24K? Despite your lack of manual and limited hands on time?