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  1. Any word on what they are going to do with the Whites technology they bought?
  2. Looking forward to your next trip.... Wish you luck and heavy pans.....
  3. I have to tell you I have no experience with dream mats personally. From the reports of other users they will definitely not perform in my situation and use so I won't waste my time, money, and energy. As with anything some love them some hate them... In either case they are overpriced in my opinion. The thing that I have against them is the lack of capture area compared to the actual size of the mat in use. There is a lot of dead space. I personally prefer Deep "V" , Sawtooth , some miners moss , and last, magnetic ..... UR and Motherload are very good mats for a g
  4. Nice little high banker.... However I can not share your enthusiasm about the dream mat .... Something else you might consider is a smaller pump. 2000 GPH is a bit much for a 6" sluice. Try an 1100 GPH pump with some test material and see how it handles it. You are classified to what appears to be 1/4" which is good so water flow and sluice angle is all you need to dial in. The other advantage of an 100 GPH pump is they use considerably less power than the 2000 so you won't need as big a battery... Not trying to tell you how to do it just offering some suggestions for
  5. This is excellent news...... I am excited to see what comes from this
  6. I did not know him but his passing saddens me.... Rest in peace Tim.
  7. It is a real shame Whites didn't embrace change and innovation. The V3i was an incredible leap and they let it die on the vine... Don't get me wrong I still have my Whites machines and will only replace them whey they no longer function. Of course there is a very good possibility I may be non functional before that time......
  8. What kind of recovery equipment were you using. There is a real technique to recovering fine beach gold. and many factors come into play in the process. Water flow, sluice angle, feed rate, material size, and mats ..... all have to work together. The gold cube is great since it is already setup for the proper angle. This then leaves you with 3 factors that have to balance and that is water flow rate and feed rate, and classification of material if it is a mix of pebbles and cobble and sand. If it is all sand your golden and no classification is required... As to mats the cube co
  9. I don't know what area you are in but if I were you I would be running that black sand through a beach sluice or a gold cube..... Take a look at my thread on beach mining.
  10. I so detest built in batteries....... Your dead in the water till it recharges...... Give me replaceable battery packs of give me death...LOL
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