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  1. You need to use 1/2" rebar................
  2. I think I finally found one..... Will be going to take a look at it next weekend ......
  3. Found a couple of useful pages ... One on the web and another that has a phone ap for your use in estimating scrap or natural gold values..Have fun....... http://www.goldcalc.com and.... http://www.coinflation.com Or here for the iPhone ap........ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coinflation/id535653219?mt=8
  4. OK.... Got the final cleanup weighed...... Gave me a total of 1.108 gram.......
  5. I got the finish panning done and now just letting it dry so I can weigh it.... Looks like 3-4 grain which will put the total just over a gram........ Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.....
  6. Thank's phrunt.... I sure wish I lived closer to Cape disappointment.... There is some really good gold on that beach. There are guys up there that are pulling several grams a day ... You have to do a little testing to find the richer spots like anyplace but it can worth the effort. I don't get up there much because it is a 5 hour drive and by the time I have done that I don't feel particularly energized to hit the beach on the same day. Setting up you have to haul water from the ocean and when your running you have to handle the sand twice..... 1 into the sluice then 2 out of your recirculation tub. I have been thinking of ways to improve the efficiency and certainly would if I lived closer. I may just do that anyway because ..... Well it would make things more efficient when I do go....
  7. OK.... Got the bulk of it cleaned up.... Still have a little finish panning to do but not enough to make a big difference in the final tally.
  8. Good to see you posting again Tom..... Don't be a stranger. Nice gold by the way.
  9. I got back to Benson beach this last weekend.. worked Fri. & Sat.. a couple hours each day before my back told me to quit for the day. I'll post some pics later. Be this weekend before I get the cons cleaned up.... So at this point I have no idea how I did for the 2 days.
  10. Facebook is a sorry alternative in my humble opinion.
  11. My sluice is 16" wide and a series of 24" long sections. If you zoom into the image of my sluice you can see the sections which are connected with angle stock. That allows me multiple configuration options, change the length or setting it up into a high banker....... In Oregon you can't use power on the beach. In Washington you can. So you have to think about how much sluice you want to pack to your location. The 2000GPH pump seemed to do a good job for the width of my sluice and allowed a good feed rate. The classifier I use is to keep any foreign matter from passing down through the sluice which might cause an interruption of laminar flow that might set up turbulence that could dislodge fine gold .... As I watched some of the other beach miners who did not use a classifier they were having problems with the stuff that gave me no trouble at all. I use multiple mats because even on the beach there are multiple sizes and shapes of gold..... This just gives those odd shapes a better chance to get caught .... As to the cleangold at the end of the sluice...... Same thing, it will catch the gold that ran the gauntlet of mats and it will also catch even finer gold .... I have caught -300 mesh and smaller in the magnetic section. Dennis can put a good system together for you that you will be able to use as a ground sluice or high banker..... He has lots of experience with beach gold in both Oregon and Washington. By the way there is a loophole in Oregon beach mining... You can run a recirculating unit if it is setup above the extreme high tide line or in the vegetation line..... Only problem is packing water and sand to your setup.......
  12. Great job.....That will get you into some places others can't get to..........
  13. Cleangold is surprisingly efficient at capturing fine gold plus it can be fed faster than the gold cube. I pretty much use the cube for cleanup anymore. In fact I have been thinking of selling my 5 stack. Now what I use for beach mining is a multi stage sluice.... On the last trip I configured it to 8 feet long with a header box that dropped onto a 1/8th inch punch plate to keep anything other than sand running into the sluice. The top of the box had a section of slick plate followed by a section of 1/4" sawtooth mat, followed by a section of deep V mat and finally by a section of cleangold. Regarding SnakeRiver products they have closed that site to my knowledge. Regarding the cleangold website .... I don't know what is going on with that. I think they have pretty much given up on the US market and focus on the artisanal miners of the third world countries. If you want a cleangold sluice I know the fella that cut a good system together for you His name is Dennis Katz and he had been the US distributor for cleangold .... He has improved on the system by doing pretty much what I have done and that is incorporating additional mat types within the sluice. If you want his contact info let me know. There is enough info on the web that would allow you to make your own now also the patent has expired on cleangold. I will refer to cleangold as a magnetic mat system from here on out since that is truly what it is. Here is a video of David Plath in Nome and here he shows how to use the prospector sluice and that is as close as you will ever get from him for free. That is partly why he failed in the US market... He would give you no info unless you bought the system from him. There are forums that even banned the systems discussion because of threats of lawsuits from him. There is a pretty good thread on cleangold over at Canadian Gold Prospectors... Here is a link to that one. http://gpex.ca/smf/index.php?topic=3281.0 Anyway that should get you started.
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