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  1. Maybe this vid will give you some clarity. While it is geared to RVs... power consumption is power consumption...... the guy gives you some good info and tests for comparisons. https://www.cousinsrv.com/video-gallery
  2. Well it has still been a while since I hit the beach.... Last time I looked at the little beach I visit it was not inspiring...lol Anyway I have set the end of march for a trip up to Benson Beach. I have been there a couple times to visit but not to mine. I am looking forward to this little weekend adventure and hope to get some nice gold. Here are a couple pf pics of Benson Beach..... LOTS of black sand.
  3. Battery ratings can be a little misleading. I would only count on about 1/2 to 2/3 of the battery rating. Also lead acid has a voltage/power curve... you will get less volume from your pump as you use available battery reserves. a Lithium battery however will maintain the 12 volts right up to the point it dead... well almost anyway..... But who wants to spend a thousand bucks on a lithium battery...lol Anyway much success in your endeavors. By the way.... Where are you going to be using your setup? Is it for areas that are easily accessible or do you have to hump all that gear into your site?
  4. Hey Art..... The pump is 1000 GPH and the tubing is 2 1/2". It keeps up with the pump nicely but you can see a slight difference in water level between the two tubs. If I went any bigger with the pump I would either have to increase the size of the syphon tube or add another. As to your using bilge pumps for your suction nozzle ... They just don't produce enough pressure to be efficient. You need something that will supply high pressure water to create an adequate venturi in the nozzle. I also think the power requirements for all those pumps is going to be staggering ... You might want to look into something like this. it only weighs 14 pounds and will deliver all the water you likely will need for your applications. https://www.amazon.com/XtremepowerUS-2-Stroke-Gas-Powered-Portable-Water/dp/B00UW76VAO?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-osx-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00UW76VAO Or this one from Harbor Freight...... https://www.harborfreight.com/1-in-79cc-gasoline-engine-clear-water-pump-35-gpm-63404.html The pump from amazon has a throttle control.... Not sure about the Harbor Freight pump. But .....Noisy little beasts as are any gas engines... Just some thoughts.... Good luck on your endeavors.
  5. Thank you stick. I got the syphon idea off you tube, the one 1515Art linked to. It works really well... Keeps up with the pump no problem. If I decided to up the GPH I just would add another syphon ..... Easy to do though.
  6. All the best to you Tom. Don't be a stranger.
  7. So what's up with Toms departure...... Whites has lost a lot of good people in the last few years.
  8. OK.... I missed that.... getting old and apparently my reading comprehension is getting poor as well......
  9. No problem Steve... Go ahead and delete those PDFs . What about posting the weblink to the website for those publications?
  10. I have also heard there are some gold rich beaches on Vancouver Island... I don't know what the regulations are that you might have to deal with though but might be worth looking into.
  11. Hey Steve. I have a ew V3i related pubs you may or may not already have ... anyway where would you like me to load the files? You can look them over and choose which you would like to keep or trash.
  12. Use the detector to find good deposits of black sand ....... Then set up a high banker sluice and run that sand with fine gold recovery mats..... You'll come out ahead with the gold vs most trinkets you may find which will likely be junk i the areas you speak of.
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