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  1. It's nice to see Garrett at their marketing finest, and they do appear to have a great following in Italy, this event seems to be a yearly thing and Garrett are right behind it every year, they've already got their 2024 date of April 28, 2024 locked in. Looks a whole lot of fun. I couldn't find the official Garrett video on Youtube, they only put it on Facebook it seems, so it's posted above. And this is the Detectorshop.it video of it, they're the importer of Garrett into Italy. I wish we had events like this in New Zealand, we are just too small of a market to get any attention. Heaps of prizes with all the detectors given away, they even gave away Axioms!!!!!!!
  2. Added these to my growing museum collection. I have never used these machines before. I just like the old ones. I picked up 5 machines as a lot locally last year. Nothing special, but they are just cool because they still work. Only one of the crossfire coils worked. I found a used 10" Hothead coil online for a little over 30 bucks shipped. I will see how it works on these. Single tone machines, no pinpoint button, very simple. Check out the original price tag on the GTA350 lol
  3. This Tailgate Talk brings us to the Australian Outback with Detector Prospector, Steve Herschbach. Steve shares his tips and the success he has had over his 50 years of gold prospecting. Everything said in the video makes a lot of sense, totally agree. I had the help from JW that gave me the shortcut to finding gold and giving me the confidence. A huge shortcut to success. That's where the training courses would help people too I guess. The old saying the first one is the hardest is really true.
  4. Produced over 100 buckles and plates. The only Groundhog with motion disc.
  5. So, I have decided to buy a Garrett Axiom detector, I like what I have seen so far. In Canada, Garrett dealers, much like their U.S. counterparts have been taking pre-orders. There are several dealers offering the Axiom at the MAP price equivalent to $3999 USD, once you factor in the exchange rate. There is a Garrett dealer in town, he sells detectors and prospecting gear, I have dealt with him in the past. To be honest, I never really got a good feeling when I bought something from him. I don't want to turn this into something that it isn't, lets just say, I haven't felt particularly 'welcome' in his store and leave it at that. Despite the vibe I get from the guy, I was willing to buy from him anyway, as this is a relatively big purchase and should there be any issues it would be nice to be able to deal with someone local. So, we had a back and forth email discussion last night, regarding the Axiom and ordering one. He said he could order me one, the price he quoted was $5990 CAD= $4560USD. So, I decided it was time to negotiate and told him that there are other dealers offering the Axiom pre-orders at MAP equivalent to $3999 USD and that was the end of the conversation, he is now ignoring my emails. Now granted, he is free to run his business anyway he wants to, he can charge whatever he wants... I get that. Now, if he just replied and said "I'm sorry, but that is the best I can do" I could understand that a bit better, but to just ignore a customer, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure how the pricing from Garrett and dealers work, and it's a topic I don't really want to delve into, as far as I am concerned that's between Garrett and their dealer network. But, as other dealers in Canada are offering pre-orders at MAP and free shipping anywhere in Canada, it would imply that there is still a profit to be made selling at MAP. As I said before, my preference would be to buy locally, but as this guy is ignoring me now, it doesn't exactly inspire my confidence in his customer service, so that negates any benefit of buying locally. Anyway, I guess I will be placing an order with another dealer, that is selling at MAP and offering free shipping. I plan on getting the 7x11 mono with 13" DD package. With the difference in price, I can get a 16" mono ($375 USD, listed on Garrett's site) and still have enough left over for a couple tanks of gas, for trips out to my claims. So what do you 'Diligent Detector Prospector' forum reader think?
  6. I've wanted the 24k since Whites released it, it was all too hard to get with Whites and their very limited worldwide distribution, Garrett is making that easier and has a much larger distribution network around the world so the 24k is becoming more accessible now than it was. I had this one sent from the USA to get it quickly as the New Zealand dealer isn't likely to have any until next year, although I think that'll change when they start getting people asking for them 🙂 I was pleased to see it came with rechargeable batteries to get me up and running fast, a good brand too being Duracell AA NiMH. So a few photos.... starting with the box. Whites fans will be pleased to see all the references to Whites on the box. That looks like Steve's scoop to me 🙂 And the box contents The charger and car adapter, lighter socket to USB adapter and also a power socket with various countries that is like a phone charger really, it just converts the AC to DC 5v 2.1 amp USB power, so you can use any USB charging adapter that can output the 2 amp's to charge your batteries. The charger will also charge on a common 1 amp USB port, it's just going to be slower. Very handy as I can charge the batteries in my Caravan or anywhere really with USB charging. The charger can also charge AAA batteries as well as the AA's required for the 24k, quite handy. The 12v alligator clips charger to lighter socket is very good quality too, nice thick cables and inline fuse. Even the little lighter socket to USB is a good quality product, came in a little package showing it's got a 2 year warranty. It's made by Aukey and has 2 x 2.4amp USB ports on it for fast charging. The charger has Micro USB and USB-C support, so you can use your phone charging cable if you've got one of the many Android phones using Micro USB and forget to bring your Garrett supplied cable. This is the batteries inside the mounting box that slides up into the back of the 24k. They're easy enough to put in there. The battery box has a nice Whites logo on it. You'll see I've already used the little plug they supply to cover over the headphone socket, Good to keep the dust and weather out and I'll likely leave it in there forever. The speaker on the 24k is excellent, nice loud volume so I see little need for headphones unless I'm next to a loud river or something detecting. The screen's nice and big, easy on the eye, every icon and bit of writing is oversized, quite good for people that need glasses I would guess. The buttons are nice and easy to use and you'll note they left the Whites logo on there. The coil's nice, I haven't weighed it yet but it feels light as a feather, and the detector is very well balanced with the batteries under the arm cuff, I've never used one of the Whites detectors with the box under the arm cuff, but I'm seeing how nice the balance is with this style detector. Garrett also supplied little feet to stick onto the bottom of the box so you're not resting the plastic box directly onto the ground, quite a good idea as I generally hunt in very rocky areas. One thing I noticed almost straight away as you don't have to put effort in when you put it down to prevent it from falling over, it naturally wants to sit upright. 🙂 And the back of the control pod, again another Whites logo I think they've done a good job paying homage to Whites, while also putting their own touches on it, a very impressive detector. Now for the meat and potatoes, I took it down behind my house to the river and fired it up, I had no idea what I was doing as I'd only used it for a few minutes but I took a couple of videos comparing how it was operating compared to my Equinox with the Coiltek 10x5" Nox Coil. Take these videos with a grain of salt, I've spent 5 minutes using the Garrett 24k but I found it very easy to use and understand, it can just be a turn on and go detector by the look of it. It handled the ground well, and I was very happy with the sensitivity of it, I absolutely can not wait to get the smaller coils for it, especially the concentric coil. I had put the Coiltek 5x10" Nox coil on the Equinox so it was more like comparing apples with apples and tested both detectors on a small #9 lead pellet. The 24k certainly had the edge on air test depth. The ground performance seems excellent too, I love how quiet it runs, the threshold is very smooth, it's also interesting you can run it right next to the Nox with no interference for either detector, both run fine right next to each other. The build quality of the Garrett seems excellent, the shaft nice and solid and nothing feels flimsy. In this video I take both for a little walk around showing how they handle this difficult ground that's covered in hot rocks. The 24k was completely free of knock sensitivity, something I'm going to find very beneficial with the areas I hunt being rocky. Both detectors have their settings maxed out, the Equinox is on 25 gain. Now I've got to get the batteries charged up so I can use it properly, at least they had enough charge in them from the factory for me to take it for a test run. We are in a 2 week Covid lockdown at the moment, we are expected to come out of the worst of it on Wednesday so hopefully I can go find some nuggets with the 24k soon, judging by my first impressions of it I am sure I will be able to achieve that quite quickly.
  7. Did Garrett ever put Z link on any of the Ace models? Noticed this icon in the bright sun recently but the screen doesn’t appear to be shared with the AT Max. Was just curious if any of the US or international models had it or if maybe they thought about it at some point and built in the icon. I believe the 400 has Iron Audio so they may share a screen where that icon is used.
  8. What is the best way to get a 24k? (or any other Garrett Detector?)
  9. There is a creek nearby to me that is gold bearing, in fact it's the first place I found nuggets with a detector finding over 2 grams with 6 nuggets on my first venture up the creek. the creek is on a mountainside and it's a public fossicking area which means anyone can go and detect or sluice in it, its set aside by the government for public use. This means it's been done by many people but people miss gold, and new gold gets washed down it during flooding events. The problem I've always had with the creek is the bottom surface of it especially the bedrock is difficult for detectors, they have trouble ground balancing on it, the GM1000 reacts quite badly to it and the many hot rocks in the creek so you spend your day looking at it's screen and gold probability meter trying to work out if one of the thousands of signal you've got are likely to be a bit of gold. The Equinox wasn't much better in all metal it was going off all the time with -8 and -9 and random jumps up to 12 and 13 on the VDI's and you couldn't ground balance it away. The other problem was the GM struggled with it's slow ground tracking and going in and out of the shallow water detecting the creek kept throwing it out and when the coil transitioned from the air to the water the GM screamed, this made it very difficult to detect very shallow water with a rocky bottom as the coil kept having to go in and out of the water. The Nox was a bit better for this and did react going in and out of the water but not near as badly as the GM1000. It is a shame I don't have video of the GM and Nox behaviour in this creek but I'll get some next time I'm nearby and add it to this thread so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. The Garrett 24k really surprised me, it was able to ground balance out the bedrock easily, it didn't hardly respond at all to any of the hot rocks in the creek once it was balanced, there was only a couple of types of hot rocks that would set it off, I was utterly surprised how well it worked. It made a small transition noise when it went from air to water similar to the other detectors, but nowhere near as severe as the Gold Monster and it wasn't at all distracting and handled the shallow water transitions perfectly fine, it wasn't a problem at all. I love the 24k's ability to lock the ground balance, this is something the Gold Monster is missing and it's something that's just so vital in a situation like at this creek. It's something the Monster would really benefit from having. This was the same creek a couple of years ago I found a very old Chinese coin I suspected a Gold Miner lost, the coin is far older than the habitation of NZ though so it was likely something he/she wore around their neck on a string and it broke. This is the Chinese coin, unfortunately it was broken, I suspect this is why it was lost. It was found under a small waterfall. Now, back to the 24k, I was so happy with it's performance but unfortunately I didn't find any gold on the day, the creek is very wild and it was too difficult to get far up it due to trees falling down over the creek and when the slope increases it's difficult to bypass the creek by going up the sides as they get very steep, so I was limited to detecting the very lower area of the creek which is the bit that's detected the most due to easier access. I'm going to have to work out a way to get higher up the creek without following the creek up but it's very dense steep forest either side of it. This is the lower end of the creek where I was able to detect before it gets steep. And the video if it working well, I was so pleased as the 24k is going to open up opportunities, this is probably why Nugget Hunter NZ who found the massive nugget in a creek a few years ago on the West Coast of NZ raved out the Whites 24k, as I'd imagine the creeks he was detecting had similar bedrock and hot rocks to this creek. Having absolutely no bump sensitivity with the 24k coils is a massive bonus detecting a creek like this, both the Equinox and the Gold Monster have bump sensitivity, the 24k I'm running with the sensitivity maxed out and nothing, no bump sensitivity at all, fantastic.
  10. I gave my Garrett L&S PI to my grandson. I found it was basically a ‘dig everything’ detector that worked Well on saltwater beaches and most soils at good depth. Are there any other advice or tips I can pass on? i stopped using it has it a very heavy detector. Made like a tank but heavy! That is what led me to purchase the Equinox 800. Later, Billy
  11. I was thinking about buying one of these because I need a light-weight water-proof PI for Serpentine Bedrock in streams. Steve already gave me his opinion. While I GREATLY respect his expertise, I'd like to get a few more opinions from the rest of you Gurus. 😁 Thanks! Walt
  12. My first impressions of ... Garrett Goldmaster 24K is a very stable and yet fully powerful detector on a 6x10 "coil ... It can also be issued ..on 3 low - conductivity targets on my test field .. a piece of 0.05 gram gold stored at 10cm, a small 14mm silver earring at a depth of 20cm and a 14mm silver hammered coin placed at 23cm..in mild terrain ... Goldmaster on sensitivity 10. .and at low, and medium SAT can detect them nicely ... and I like deep VDI target identification .... in this test. Tests were done on discrimination and on audio 2 tone ... such very deep signals .... you already have in the identification of VDI 95 -99... What really interested me in this test is that the detector retains the same range on such mild terrain as in the air test ... Airtest 0.1gram of gold is at 10.5 cm ,,, at 14 mm hammered it is 22-23 cm ... at discrimination and 2 tone audio .. Now mineralization .. At Sensitivity 7 ... it is stable even at strong mineralization of the "golden forest" with a value of 6 bar F3o4 / magnetite .. But I will make more comparisons on various mineralized terrains..strength magnetite, hematite and various minerals ... such as Tesinite, Hematite type quartz from Pirenenei and iron stone ... Now VDI identification ... Identification of VDI Goldmaster 24k ... is very well and interestingly done ... 1.on VDI 50-60 you can identify very low conductive gold objects such as very small open gold earrings, 3mm stud earrings ,, at level 60 -70 other slightly gold low conductive objects .. ,,,, 2. on VDI 70-80 you can already identify some medium-sized old low-conductivity bronze objects ...., such as a Roman buckle .., or parts of it ... 3. VDI 80-88 .... will be a zone of low and medium conductive silver and gold hammered coins ,, as well as more modern coins based on nickel alloys ... 4 .. VDI ..90-99 ... is a zone of very many silver and copper coins .... highly conductive coins .. I am satisfied with the fact that the Goldmaster 24K on the 6X10 "DD coil can correctly identify in the zone of non-ferrous targets VDI 99 ... a 42mm -28 gram large silver ..high conductivity coin ..- 1.Thaler 1870 M-T ... which is a coin the similar size of 1 silver dollar ...
  13. Are there any rumors of Garrett maybe reintroducing the V3i? I hate to see such a great machine go away.
  14. Garrett often takes a bit of criticism for having the GTI-2500 in its lineup after so many years, particularly at the top, but I have a short list of detectors I still want to own before I consider myself satisfied that I’ve got all my bases covered. This is one of them and I’ll tell you why. It’s not so much because of what it is as a standalone hobby detector, though there may be some uses there as well. I’m looking at it because it appears to be the best option as an affordable two-box detector for larger, deeper objects and voids for which I have no unit so far. There are many people who don’t realize it’s convertible. Not only that, it seems to be the only affordable two-box detector with a disc circuit. The competition in its class doesn’t have that. My questions are, does anyone own one? Does the disc carry over to the two box setup? Even if the disc is not especially useful for that application it still seems the best option for the money. I realize most people who buy two boxes for treasure hunting don’t usually end up using them or using them long, but for my area, I’m looking for a keeper with many key spots in mind.
  15. Here is the July version of Garrett Searcher, some pretty good finds, good to see the old Ace series still popping up good finds regularly around the world, although this version seems dominated by the AT series finds. https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2021-07/3500097_July_2021.pdf The last page has the advertisement for the Garrett 24K, I want one!
  16. I've been following the 24k for a while now, especially since the news broke Garrett was going to be releasing it, the Whites version was far too difficult to get my hands on in NZ and when Garrett announced they were going to make it my hopes were high of being able to source one with them having a worldwide network of distributors. One is now on it's way to me and I look forward to it a lot. I think this detector will do very well in my area. I checked yesterday and there was just a back order system in place at Big Boys Hobbies, today that has changed to "in stock" So it looks like US dealers have now started to get stock of them so if you're after one you'd want to get in quick contacting your favourite dealer. https://bigboyshobbies.net/garrett-goldmaster-24k-metal-detector I asked them at Big Boys and they only have very limited stock however so if anyone is wanting one they'd be best to get in quick. It looks like they've been able to release it quicker than expected as I had the impression it was going to be October.
  17. I recently treated myself to the Garrett Ace 250 after reading loads of excellent reviews. But I've been out with it twice and it has driven me nuts both times, to the point where I've been put off using it. * Why would it give a signal but then when I pass back over the same spot for confirmation I get nothing. * Why would I get repeat definite signals but then dig a hole and find nothing - then check hole and dirt pile for a signal and get nothing. * Both times I've used it (different locations) I was getting signals 75% of the time I scanned the ground. I didn't bother digging after a while. * Even on high discrimination I still dug up old tin cans and rubbish. Shouldn't these be eliminated ? I've got an ancient £30 detector that is easier, more accurate and more fun to use than the Garrett. But all the world seems to love it - so what am I doing wrong ? Thanks. John.
  18. Thanks to a generous donation from GB_Amateur (thanks Chuck ) we now have a full color copy of the 1986 Garrett catalog available for download I'm not shooting for every year, but I am putting a few key older catalogs into the Downloads Area. These cover ranges of older machines, and have at least basic specification information for those who are looking. An older catalog every 5 years or decade will do the trick, just to catch major lineup changes, which were slow to come back then. Anyway, its a lot of work to scan a catalog into a pdf, and Chuck did a great job for everyone's benefit, so thanks again Chuck!! Garrett 1986 metal detector models: Master Hunter 7 Master Hunter 5 Freedom 3 Freedom 2 Freedom 1 Freedom Ace Beach Hunter AT3 Gold Hunter American AM-2 Master Hunter DS Sea Hunter XL500 Sea Hunter XL200 Accessories
  19. 55 downloads

    Garrett 1986 Metal Detector Catalog, 12.25 MB pdf, 16 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum A generous file donation by GB_Amateur Contents: Master Hunter 7 Master Hunter 5 Freedom 3 Freedom 2 Freedom 1 Freedom Ace Beach Hunter AT3 Gold Hunter American AM-2 Master Hunter DS Sea Hunter XL500 Sea Hunter XL200 Accessories
  20. 14 downloads

    Garrett 2020 full color catalog, 12.81 MB pdf file, 48 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  21. 20 downloads

    Garrett 1992 full color catalog, 7.33 MB pdf file, 24 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  22. I'll start off by letting everyone know I am a total noob at metal detecting. Started back in August looking for nails after a roof replacement. The entire story is in my Meet and Greet entry. I retired in October, and have been outside every day I can with my Garrett ACE 400. Honestly I didn't have high expectations of what I would find. I read lots of pro advice and decided to start in my yard with the ACE, the AT Pro pinpointer that came with it, and a Lesche Samson shovel. I bought the Samson as it seemed to have the most favorable reviews. I read up a lot on the best ways to use the ACE. I also watched a lot of Hoover Boys videos, and marveled at what they dug up. I had no real expectation of finding the sort of things they do, much less coins. In the first few passes I found some old colonial buttons, and a WW1 Army jacket button. Just about every day I dug up something that was relevant to the area, mostly colonial artifacts some possibly related to the War of 1812. My county is very old, and still mostly rural farming. I have about 150 acres of farm in front of my house. There was a lot of trash from the construction of my house. Most annoying were little triangles of gutter and flashing aluminum that I found everywhere. For just a yard my results were astonishing! On the coin side of things, not so much, I only found 27 cents, all from about the time my house was built. My yard was entirely "Harley Raked" before we moved in. Just as I finished my yard, the next day the farmer came to pick up his crop. I was excited as it is much easier to search farmland after a soybean crop than a corn crop. I asked him if I could search the farm, and offered him any finds that he liked. He told me he was in no way sentimentally connected, and I could "have at it" and keep everything I found. He also directed me to 200 other acres they own near me That I could search. I set up a grid search scheme using 6 6-foot driveway markers from Lowe's that I began using about a quarter of the way through my yard when I decided that trying to figure out where I last was wasn't enough. What I did was place 3 on each side of the field, and moved two on each pass. I always have something to line up on. The later addition of the Tect o Trak app shows me how effective this is. This farm overlooks a river where a Steamboat landing was in the 1800s. Right away colonial buttons, some copper, some pewter, and some lead started turning up, and about the 10th pass I dug a sun pendant with stones for eyes. Soon I dug a 1/4 cut 2 Real coin, and then another. I also dug a 1890 half cent, and an 1879 Indian head penny. The Indian Head was in excellent shape. I also think I found a very old British copper coin that gives no details, but rings when dropped on a table. Every day it has been something, a silver plated button, a gilt one, and even one that was oval and I think solid silver. After covering about an acre and a half the finds cut off, being more iron bits (there were plenty of them everywhere along with shotgun shells and shot), and beer cans and pull tabs. I pressed on regardless and today found another decorated button which I can only assume is very old. I really like my ACE. I'm impressed by how many relics I have found. I don't see many articles here about the ACE 400, and am kinda surprised. It is not an AT Pro or Max but it sure does find things, even 10" + deep. Check out my photos, everything was found with this detector. I found the Indian head penny when checking the hole after I found the buckshot I was originally seeing, it was 10" down. Always check the hole again! One of the quirks the machine has I appreciate is the high tone you get if you pass over a low tone item too fast. I t keeps me in check. I always dig items with mixed signals. I confess that next week I will be going back over my yard with a Minelab Equinox 600. I'm hooked for sure. I will continue to post finds with the Garrett, as I plan to use it in the farm, the Equinox in the river, or whenever I think I should search an area in the farm again. I have no special settings; Zero discrimination, one bar short of full sensitivity on the farm, two in the yard. I want to hear it all. I think I am doing rather well! Any comments and suggestions are welcome. I have updated my finds cases, shown below. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!
  23. Version 1529000.1207


    Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Owner's Manual, 669 KB pdf file, 52 pages Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  24. Posted by Mental Metal on Sept 2, 2020 2020 Garrett ACE APEX Review: What You Should Know About it. In this video I get my hands on the new APEX courtesy of Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. I answer a lot of the questions you asked about as well as VDI number testing, depth testing and more. The APEX is not for everyone but for those looking to try a Garrett or who are just getting into metal detecting the the APEX could be what you are looking for. Its probably the best ACE machine Garrett has made. Here are some of the questions I'll be answering in this video: Whats in The Box? How much Does The APEX Cost? Who is The Machine Made For? (beginners? advanced users?, middle of the road?) Is The APEX Easy to Setup? Is The APEX a Replacement for the AT PRO, Gold, or Max? Is It Waterproof? Whats Up With This Weird Viper Coil? Does the APEX Work on The Beach? Target Separation Test What Does it Sound like? Depth Tests and more questions! Professional Photos/video clips shot by Jon Lupro As promised in the video here is the link to my article that contains the results of my VDI and depth testing. https://mentalmetaldetecting.com/what...
  25. Version 1534100.A.0316


    Garrett Ace 200 Owner's Manual, 2.91 MB pdf file, 21 pages Garrett Ace 200 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
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