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  1. Thanks to a generous donation from GB_Amateur (thanks Chuck ) we now have a full color copy of the 1986 Garrett catalog available for download I'm not shooting for every year, but I am putting a few key older catalogs into the Downloads Area. These cover ranges of older machines, and have at least basic specification information for those who are looking. An older catalog every 5 years or decade will do the trick, just to catch major lineup changes, which were slow to come back then. Anyway, its a lot of work to scan a catalog into a pdf, and Chuck did a great job for everyone's bene
  2. 3 downloads

    Garrett 1986 Metal Detector Catalog, 12.25 MB pdf, 16 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum A generous file donation by GB_Amateur Contents: Master Hunter 7 Master Hunter 5 Freedom 3 Freedom 2 Freedom 1 Freedom Ace Beach Hunter AT3 Gold Hunter American AM-2 Master Hunter DS Sea Hunter XL500 Sea Hunter XL200 Accessories
  3. 3 downloads

    Garrett 2020 full color catalog, 12.81 MB pdf file, 48 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  4. 0 downloads

    Garrett 1992 full color catalog, 7.33 MB pdf file, 24 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  5. I'll start off by letting everyone know I am a total noob at metal detecting. Started back in August looking for nails after a roof replacement. The entire story is in my Meet and Greet entry. I retired in October, and have been outside every day I can with my Garrett ACE 400. Honestly I didn't have high expectations of what I would find. I read lots of pro advice and decided to start in my yard with the ACE, the AT Pro pinpointer that came with it, and a Lesche Samson shovel. I bought the Samson as it seemed to have the most favorable reviews. I read up a lot on the best ways to use the
  6. Version 1529000.1207


    Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Owner's Manual, 669 KB pdf file, 52 pages Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  7. Posted by Mental Metal on Sept 2, 2020 2020 Garrett ACE APEX Review: What You Should Know About it. In this video I get my hands on the new APEX courtesy of Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. I answer a lot of the questions you asked about as well as VDI number testing, depth testing and more. The APEX is not for everyone but for those looking to try a Garrett or who are just getting into metal detecting the the APEX could be what you are looking for. Its probably the best ACE machine Garrett has made. Here are some of the questions I'll be answering in this video: Whats in The Box
  8. Version 1534100.A.0316


    Garrett Ace 200 Owner's Manual, 2.91 MB pdf file, 21 pages Garrett Ace 200 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  9. Version 1525000.H 0912


    Garrett GTI 2500 Owner's Manual, 1.39 MB pdf file, 102 pages Garrett GTI 2500 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  10. Version 1540118.A


    Garrett 2018 full color catalog, 21.59 MB pdf file, 48 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  11. Version 1525400.D.0408


    Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Owner's Manual, 784 KB pdf file, 44 pages
  12. Version 1534300.A.0216


    Garrett Ace 400 Owner's Manual, 2.5 MB pdf file, 29 pages Garrett Ace 400 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  13. Version 1534200.A.0216


    Garrett Ace 300 Owner's Manual, 2.96 MB pdf file, 26 pages Garrett Ace 300 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  14. Version 1525800.B 0608


    Garrett Infinium LS Owner's Manual, 866 KB pdf file, 40 pages Garrett Infinium LS Data & Reviews Forum Threads Tagged "garrett infinium" Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  15. Version 1526100.K 2015


    Garrett Ace 150 / Ace 250 Owner's Manual, 1.41 MB pdf file, 18 pages Garrett Ace 250 Data & Reviews Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  16. Version 1540009 10-08


    Garrett 2008 full color catalog, 12.76 MB pdf file, 36 pages Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  17. I got this question via email: "Is it worth buying a Garrett LS Infinium?? I have a White's GM3 and a Gold Bug Pro. What say you at $550.00? My reply: The Garrett Infinium is not a bad detector, but I have to say I had more hardware failures with it than any other detector I have used. About half coil failures, and half control box failures. Since the Infinium is no longer made and all existing units are out of warranty, be careful to go with something in “like new” condition. I would not buy one that has seen much if any underwater use. $550 is ok for a spotless unit but given
  18. Hi Ya'll! Well, I'm in Tennessee this week visiting with the family, so all I can do is read the forum and look wistfully at tide charts 'til next Wednesday. I'm shopping for a mono coil for water detecting when I get home. That stock coil is pretty hard for me to control in our usual rough surf. I've heard the 10'x14' is the best for beach/ocean, but it doesn't look any easier to sweep with than the 10' x 14' elliptical. The 8' would probably be easy in the waves, but it looks like you'd give up alot of coverage area per sweep. I've ordered a straight shaft, so that will probably help a
  19. Well, the Infinium arrived this morning, and I just couldn't wait to get some sand on the coil. So I headed for the closest beach about 1/2 mile from our house and hunted for about 3 1/2 hours. I didn't get past knee-deep as I was just trying to find some targets to dig and get used to it first. First impressions of my new Infinium: 1. I don't like the stock shaft at all. I'll be upgrading that thing ASAP. 2. Hip-mounting the control box is the way to go. My arms and shoulders are usually hurting after 3 hours of swinging the DFX, but after some food and iced tea I think I coul
  20. So, for strictly nugget hunting which one would you say is the better choice, the Garrett Infinium LS or the Minelab SD2100V2 with Doc's Gold Screamer power pack?
  21. I have looked on KellyCo, Metal Detectors .co, e-bay, and a few other spots and can not find a listing anywhere for a cover for an 8" rd. mono coil for a Garrett Infinium. They have them for the 10"x14" DD but not the 8". Surely someone must make one?Do any of you know of a place that has them? Or do you know of some alternative to a cover that works? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  22. Anyone know if the mono coil for a Sea Hunter II will also work on the Infinium LS? I e-mailed Kellyco and asked days ago but never heard back. Reason i asked is I have an Infinium and the 8" Sea Hunter mono coil is $85 and the same coil for the Infinium is $110 and i am looking for an 8" mono for the Infinium. Unless maybe someone here has one for sale??
  23. Anyone using the Infinium for nugget hunting finding many nuggets with the 10"x14" mono coil or mainly the 8" mono? How about the DD's? Do the smaller coils seem to perform better than the stock 10"x14" DD? And responses appreciated. Thanks
  24. When nugget hunting with the Garrett Infinium, are the 8" and 10"x14" mono coils better for gold than the stock 10"x14" DD? Also, how much more depth will the 10"x14" mono get that the 8" mono? Thanks for any info. I am completely new to PI machines.
  25. Getting a Garrett Infinium PI unit from a fella. Is the Infinium a decent nugget hunter? Never have used a PI machine so it will be a new experience.
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