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  1. New batteries and tinkered with the battery contacts. One of the two things I did appears to have fixed it.
  2. I used it for a couple hours since and it appears to be working properly.
  3. Man, another depressing event for 2020. Breaks my heart as I just love the 24k.
  4. Haven’t had a chance to use it since I got it. I’m around 600 miles from the closest gold mining areas and this virus situation has made me have a change of plans for traveling.
  5. That’s actually where I originally ordered from. Hope they got their item numbers straightened out.
  6. I found a dealer that said they were in stock. I think they had mistakenly posted it as that because I was originally sent the wrong coil, and now it’s listed as pre-order on their site. But anyways the dealer made sure I got the right coil, and it came direct from Whites. So I guess right place - right time.
  7. They sent me a label to return the wrong coil and told me as soon as they received it back I would be getting the 4x6 “fresh off the assembly line direct from White’s”. So I’m guessing that means I’ll be waiting awhile.
  8. Found a dealer that had it listed as in stock so I ordered one. What I recieved yesterday was something totally different, but after contacting the dealer I was told they were sorry for the mix up and they would be shipping the correct coil right away. So hopefully I'll have one by next week.
  9. It appears it was something as simple as the batteries. A little surprised as the old ones were showing full strength on the battery meter on the detector. Thanks for all the input.
  10. I had only used it with the batteries that came with it. So decided to put some brand new name brand batteries in it and started it up and left it in my basement. I’ll go check on it after a few hours and see if it’s still running. Hope that fixes the problem.
  11. I purchased a White's 24K this summer and am really liking this detector. Have an out cropping that I swing a Goldbug II over every year so it's been picked pretty clean, but was surprised to actually get a signal with the 24K and it turn out to be gold. Thinking when the 6x4 coil comes out I may finally say goodbye to the Goldbug II. Maybe. One issue I am having is that it will shut off after a couple hours use. It would start back up ok but after running a couple hours it would shut down on it's own again. Just curious if anyone else had encountered this issue? Contacted Whites but haven't heard anything back from them yet.
  12. When I have seen the subject discussed it was either in reference to the XP with ws4 display or a used one. I don’t think you would ever find a new one with the LCD remote for that cheap.
  13. Ridge Runner I had the XP Deus for awhile but sold it. I actually miss it and wish I had kept it.
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