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  1. It appears it was something as simple as the batteries. A little surprised as the old ones were showing full strength on the battery meter on the detector. Thanks for all the input.
  2. I had only used it with the batteries that came with it. So decided to put some brand new name brand batteries in it and started it up and left it in my basement. I’ll go check on it after a few hours and see if it’s still running. Hope that fixes the problem.
  3. I purchased a White's 24K this summer and am really liking this detector. Have an out cropping that I swing a Goldbug II over every year so it's been picked pretty clean, but was surprised to actually get a signal with the 24K and it turn out to be gold. Thinking when the 6x4 coil comes out I may finally say goodbye to the Goldbug II. Maybe. One issue I am having is that it will shut off after a couple hours use. It would start back up ok but after running a couple hours it would shut down on it's own again. Just curious if anyone else had encountered this issue? Contacted Whites but haven't heard anything back from them yet.
  4. When I have seen the subject discussed it was either in reference to the XP with ws4 display or a used one. I don’t think you would ever find a new one with the LCD remote for that cheap.
  5. Ridge Runner I had the XP Deus for awhile but sold it. I actually miss it and wish I had kept it.
  6. Sweeping his huge hand in front of the coil kind of makes the comparison in the second video worthless. At what point is it detecting the gold or just his hand?
  7. That is pretty much my thinking. I sold my XP last year but I had both HF coils and spent a fair amount of time using it as a gold detector. My biggest complaint was I really wished it could have had a smaller elliptical coil option. If the ORX was $200 cheaper I might be tempted to purchase one. But even at that price it would probably be third on my list of possibilities.
  8. Just curious if anyone has had an experience using a Fisher Gemini 3 or similar detector in prospecting trying to find an ore vein. Fisher Gemini-3 Two Box metal detector
  9. That brought back memories that I had totally forgotten about. I stopped by his shop a couple times in the late 1980's or so, and was impressed with all the gold he had there, but never saw the big specimen. I think all he said at the time about the big specimen was it came from somewhere north of some point in Arizona. Can't remember if he told me that (because I know I asked) or if I read it in a magazine.
  10. Well nuts. I was hoping they would be available before mid July. I sold my XP Deus and HF coils, guess I should have waited.
  11. Gerry, Can you say when you will be able to take orders?
  12. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 would be something else to consider for small gold. And if you have some time and can wait I think the new Whites detector coming out in a couple months looks promising.
  13. Outside of other risks, if a person purchased an unopened, never registered Minelab detector from a unauthorized dealer/party, say a pawn shop. Would Minelab cover warranty service without a receipt from an authorized dealer?
  14. No GPS data with the photo so I don’t know where to go.
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