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  1. I am wearing snake gaiters all the time, came in handy a few times already! Also great for pokey cacti, as he says. What actually worries me the most is when I am on my knees digging. Eye to eye with a Mojave green and that could be the last thing you ever see... GC
  2. Thanks, Steve. That begs the question if the Axiom would not be a better choice than the 6000 for areas with high mineralization (like most of CA). One option would be to trade in the 6 k, get the Axiom, and then safe the money for the next GPZ. Difficult choices..... GC
  3. I wonder in what category the Axiom would fall, if it were a ML detector. Gold detector or treasure detector? It appears to be a PI treasure detector with gold capabilities, so perhaps something like a supercharged PI-Nox? GC
  4. Thanks for brining this up, Jennifer. It's an important topic. I always carry my Iridium Sat phone with me and also have a Garmin Inreach Explorer with the tracker always on. Both devices are linked to IERCC, which is a global rescue organization. I pay a small fee per year but it would cover emergency rescues that could easily be >> $50k. I know this all cost a bit, but it gives total peace of mind. https://www.iercc.com/en-US/ GC
  5. I am very interested to learn more about Garretts technology to completely balance out hot rocks including magnetite. If history is a lesson this would automatically also mean severly reduced sensitivity to small gold in close vicinity. At least this is true for all ML detectors I have ever owned. But who knows, perhaps Bruce Candy finally found his match. 😁 GC
  6. Thanks for this excellent summary, Steve. Sounds really interesting. If I would not already been so heavily invested into ML machines I would for sure want to have one. It's just that in my particular situation spending another 4k now and then potentially another 10-12k in a year or two (or whenever) for the next GPZ would be too much. But on a side note, I really applaud Garrett for coming out with what appears to be an outstanding detector that has the potential to compete with ML. We need more competition in the high quality PI arena, this will benefit all of us 🙂 GC
  7. The 6000 is indeed challenged by hot rocks, so perhaps here the Axiom has a distinct advantage? I will be looking out for the field reports in this regard. For areas where the 6000 is not workable I use the 7000, mostly then in general/difficult. For severe hot rock grounds I have not yet found any detector that works better than the GPZ when run with these settings, something that can't be done with the 6000. I would be very interested to compare performances running the GPZ in general/difficult with the Axion in those conditions, in particular for non-surface smaller gold. Perhaps a win here for Garrett? GC
  8. I think it all will come down to individual choices and expectations. I am not a relic hunter and natural gold is the only thing that I am after, so I will save this (significant) sum for the next GPZ release. GC
  9. The question to me is what this detector will bring to the table. For 6000 and 7000 owners (like me) what has this detector to offer that I not already have? GC
  10. Sorry to hear JP, I hope your recovery will continue steadily. Yes, unfortunately too many people are in need of a good ground balancing, along with some education. Preferably in semi-auto so they won't drift over time.😉 GC
  11. Spot on. The traditional motherload belt is virtually off limits for prospecting due to high urbanization, state and private land ownership, tons of regulations and a miner hostile crowd. In addition, there is a huge amount of claims in those areas that are still open for prospecting. The higher Sierras, i.e. Plumas national forest, still has options for prospecting and there are certainly others as well, but you need to know exactly where to look, and it often requires hiking into steep canyons and difficult terrain and driving on suicidal roads. And yes in winter most of these areas are not accessible. I would probably choose the Mojave desert in the Randsburg mining district. During the summer heat you could then consider the nearby San Bernardino mountains and also Big Bear. So, I would choose So Cal, also due to it's vicinity to AZ for the non-summer months. This area also is not crowded at all. The entire stretch along the I-10 east towards the AZ border also has rich and vast gold fields, including the remote Chuckwalla Mountains, which are practically completed deserted (and forgotten about by most-not me though 🤠). Also, the Dale mining district and the Pinto mountains are right there as well (only July - Sept the heat is really bad). GC
  12. Thanks, Rob, my to-go settings as well unless the grounds require otherwise (like described above). I wonder if you would have picked it up with the 6000. GC
  13. Congrats, Rob! What an awesome find. What settings are you usually using for the grounds where you hunt? I more and more use the GPZ in general/difficult (with NF12 coil) and I have to say I really like these settings, in particular for the hot rock infested grounds that I usually encounter. It even works for the notoriously difficult ultramafic serpentine schist (Motherlode), with reasonably good remaining sensitivity for shallow gold as well. No other detector works in this particular ground btw, including the 6000 which is completely useless doesn't matter what settings. The 6000 just keeps howling even at lowest gain when the coil moves over the schist due to complete saturation and overload (14DD makes no difference neither with EMI nor with salt cancel mode). In contrast, the GPZ in general/diff runs completely smooth, even when run with gain 15 and smoothing off. Just curious what your to-go settings are for the 7000 in AZ. I know you guys can have some really nasty hot ground too. Best, GC
  14. An interesting aspect of alluvial fans is the often observed "reverse grading". This means that the heavier rocks (and gold) can often be found on the surface of the debris flow, not at the bottom like in water-only flows, such as rivers. This has to do with the density and strength of the flow material (matrix) which creates pressure gradients by which larger (and heavier) material are moved upwards, not downwards. This is why you don't have to look for bedrock in alluvial fans (good luck...), instead the heavy materials (including coarse gold) can be on the surface and within detector reach.🤠🤑 GC "Reverse grading often forms due to sieving and density differentials during transport, which forces large clasts to the top" https://sites.google.com/site/wvugeol616advancedsed/home/alluvial-fans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graded_bedding
  15. That's why I haven't thus far come across a "professional" detectorist here in the US who is not living full time in a tent.....unless of course you have some sort of other income, like being a detector dealer. GC
  16. Thanks for posting. Looks like he run with 4 clicks gain. Although the button was rather large 18 inch of depth with 4 clicks is still pretty good. That combined with the higher stability and the elliptical shape makes this coil a really interesting option, also because you can get it better in deeper holes. I wonder if NF coils generally are quieter. The NF-Zsearch is also much more stable than the 14 stock. GC
  17. I really think the global supply chain crunch, due to Covid and other related factors, is to blame. All sectors are impacted, just look at the car industry. The question is just to what extend companies, especially those with high reputation, are willing to take a gamble and risk their good name by implementing lower end backup strategies.
  18. If technical issues with the 6k would indeed be a systemic and wide spread problem (note the word if) then I don't see how they could possibly release any more detector models anytime soon. Obviously, some major issues in quality control and manufacturing would need to be addressed first. Mine has no issue thus far however, but I surely acknowledge all the problems reported here. This brings back the king question to my mind.... GC
  19. Thanks, Norvic. You amaze me. And you really want to get rid of it? I always get so attached to my good old detectors with all the memories I have with them. And in your case, this would be especially emotional to part from such a beauty 🙂 GC
  20. Very cool! I would keep it! ML should learn from you. I have hopes for a more modern SDC coming out sometime in the near future GC
  21. Super modded lightweight SDC? mmmmm...this sounds interesting. How did you manage? The regular SDC is so clunky. But yeah, the MPF timings can come in really handy. You guys are so blessed with your mild soils over there! I have grounds here where the SDC is the only detector that is working on shallow fast gold. GC
  22. I didn't say I wouldn't do it. 🙂 It's just that you would be on your own warranty wise, and for some people with existing warranties (not me) this is something to keep in mind when cutting the cable. Personally, I would most certainly consider it if I would live in Australia. The 22CC pics you show should convince anyone! Here in the US this might be less of a pressing need and I am doing just fine with my GPZ/NF12 - 6000 combo pack. GC
  23. "does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, negligent act or omission, fair wear and tear, alteration, modifications or unauthorised service by the Purchaser or any other party" There is your answer, Rob. You will be on your own. GC
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