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  1. That's exactly my observation too. I don't think switching to Normal gains much for the 11" and 17". As for depth, the 11" is comparable to the 17" IMO, at least roughly. Re 14DD, In Normal the 14DD remains remarkably sensitive to fast gold in both EMI and salt cancel modes. And if it gets really bad EMI/salt wise, going back to Manual 6 will make the 6k/14DD an incredibly stable machine. I have yet to find conditions where the 6k becomes unusable. It seems that for almost all situations the 6k can be made workable by choosing the appropriate settings/coils with little overall impact on performance. I even got my Auto stable again 😁. It must have been the Gold Basin area where the Auto just would not be stable at all and Manual 7 was the only choice.
  2. Amazing find! You have to do google translate, it is in Danish https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/regionale/midtvest/1000-aar-gammel-egyptisk-oerering-fundet-paa-jysk-mark-undrer-og
  3. Interesting. Thus far, I have not found that Auto is significantly more stable than any manual sensitivity below 8. In fact, I mostly run in Manual 6-8 and only use Auto or Auto + in very mild conditions (EMI and ground wise). Most users that I have asked prefer to run in manual 7 (6-8) as well and find the Auto settings quite challenging to control at times. That being said, Manual around 7 provides plenty of power and provides mostly a fairly stable threshold. Sorry if I am off topic but this thread shifted more into settings so I just wanted to provide some feedback. However, during the last outing I have had people come to me and ask whether their machines were faulty because their threshold was so unstable, especially in the Auto modes. GC.
  4. Agreed. It's like shaking the apple tree. The weak ones will fall down and give room for new ones to grow. Gold is likely to fall further as the USD is strongly advancing due to global fear. This will be a great buying opportunity at some point. In the long run Codan has only one direction: up, with ML being a significant contributor. But a bumpy ride will be ahead in the near term.
  5. Share price valuations can be decoupled from fundamentals and often depend on market/sector forces, including artificial price manipulations. The fact that a share price drops does not necessarily mean that the underlying fundamentals are weak. Think of the stock market as a giant casino. It really isn't much more than that.
  6. I concur, Rob. The NF12 is worth every penny (IMHO) and a great upgrade for the 7k. It is more sensitive and less prone to EMI than the stock coil and runs remarkably stable. The 6k/7k combo is probably the "gold" standard of modern detecting and I use both detectors religiously. The 6k has brought me many hours of fun detecting and many (smaller) nuggets. I am still waiting for a bigger one though (>10g). Here, the 7k wins, but I also had it a lot longer so no fair comparison 🙂 I have no doubt that I will find >10 g nuggets with the 6k/17 as well, I just am busy recovering the really small stuff with it.
  7. Simon, what a great story and thanks for the wonderful pics. Such a beautiful area. I bet there must be some really important things on her SD card. Please keep us posted and let us know when she hears the news. Also, she might be thrilled to read "her" story on DP. I would send her the link so she can see how this story was shared with prospectors around the world. I actually thought of this story every now and then since you first posted it and wondered what ever happened to this saga. You are a good man Simon, may the Gold Goddess reward you handsomely 🙂. GC
  8. I know direct comparisons are not worth much, but I still would love to see how the 6k/17, 7k/NF12 and the 7k/18 X CC would measure up. Half gram in undisturbed ground at depth would be perfect, with both the 6k and 7k run at max.
  9. I always use hipstick and even guide arm for the 17. But that's because I believe strict coil control is 90% of the game.
  10. It's a great coil, Rob. Very similar to the 11 inch coil with respect to fast gold sensitivity, just covering more ground. I love it and use it a lot in open fields where I know the gold is shallow. It has a bit more depth than the 11 inch coil but definitely not a match to the 7k/NF12 in depth, at least not IMO and I have done several head to head comparisons (for whatever it's worth).
  11. Same for me. I mostly use sensitivity 7/normal/threshold on. What an awesome machine! However, Auto 1 can be quite unstable and most 6k users I have asked also prefer sensitivity 7 or 8 over the auto modes, at least at Gold Basin/AZ where I just got back from. I could run the 7k/NF12 in HY/Normal/Sens 15/smoothing off and it was considerably more stable than the 6k in auto1. So, at least at Gold Basin two "Kings of Detectors" for me. I found some nice small pieces and specys, but don't feel like posting them after seeing Gerry's stunning pic 😁
  12. Yes the 6000 is a game changer for RP. So 100% agreed!
  13. In hotrock rich areas frequent GB can make a big difference. I also wonder if X drift issues are at play with the auto tracking of the 6k. I noticed that the same hotrock can lead to different audio responses when you come back to it. One reason why I like the semi auto GB option of the 7k
  14. Awesome finds, Gerry. IMO, the 6000 earns the title" King of Detectors" for conditions/grounds/gold types that are conducive for optimal 6k performance. But there are other situations and circumstances where the 7k/NF12 outperforms any other detector. Yet, in other situations a good VLF is the King as I am sure you are well aware. So, I would rather call the 6k a "Conditional King". And IMHO, every current ML detector earned this title. GC.
  15. I use the SP01 religiously with the SDC and the 7000. I haven't tried it with the 6000 yet, mostly because I enjoy running the 6000 cable free with the BT headphones that are pretty decent. The signal/audio processing of the 6 is pretty good, so I am not sure if another filter is really needed. For the SDC on the other hand the SP01 is an absolute game changer. Should come in the box! GC.
  16. I use my hipstick/bungee/guide arm for the 14DD and 17. It helps to maintain strict coil control after hours of detecting and prevents fatigue.
  17. It is only natural that every high end new ML gold detector will be compared with the flagship 7000. Nothing wrong with that. And when you bare in mind the price tags of both machines why should one not ask the question: which one is "better", especially when the budget is only allowing to purchase one. I think we all agree that the 6k is the best all-round high end detector ML has ever made. With the exception of VLF needs and the outright depth advantage of the Z (that is very useful at times but comes at the expense of all the light weight fun the 6k has!), the 6K is the best option for beginners and experts alike and certainly the best value for the money. And, in the 1-6 inch depth range (where most US gold is usually found) the 6k is unbeatable. GC.
  18. Congrats, Rob! Very nice. For the same reason you stated I keep my Z/NF12. It for sure punches deeper than any 6k settings/ configuration, no question. I don't think the 17 would have heard it neither. IMO, the 17 is focused on shallow fast gold just as the 11 but covering more ground. Kind of a unique feature for a big coil. Re usage %, I would say I use the 6k 70% of time and the Z/NF 30%. Haven't use the 14 stock in ages. The 6k is so much more fun overall, but will not reach Z depths. GC.
  19. Auto 1/Normal/Threshold on are my to go settings for the monos. At times when the EMI is bad (mostly weather, wind type EMI) I go to Manual and dial back in gain, in particular with the 17. In NNV, manual/high gain I only do in very dry conditions and in particular with no wind related EMI. As Steve said, low gain will almost loose nothing for shallow gold but will take a hit in depth (at least in my experience). The normal/difficult change (if needed) is mostly for improved ground response IMO, not so much for EMI. Saturated wet NNV ground requires the 14 DD in salt mode (RP area), although some people still run the monos there regardless. Strict coil control and slow swing speed is a must under all conditions. Using the monos/high gain in salt-rich NNV grounds after heavy rain leads to "salt howling", regardless of how slow you are swinging. Use that if you don't mind getting insane or already are. GC.
  20. I get 8 hours with headset. But the batteries need a few charging cycles to perform at peak. GC.
  21. You have a good point. I would if I had to feed my family from it. GC
  22. Not sure about that. Car theft is common even without keys left. It is an equal nightmare scenario to come back after detecting and the truck is gone. I always have my keys with me and at a safe place in my backpack.
  23. I still wonder if/how the Geosense technology is impacting GB stability/performance beyond what other detectors do, i.e compared to the Z when running in semi-auto. The fact that a factory reset is more often needed with 6k makes me wonder whether X-drift issues are at play with the 6k. I have noticed that the factory reset not only helps with EMI, but also makes the ground response better. This seems to suggest that some sort of drifting is going on that the regular GB can't handle once it is too far off without reset, despite Geosense.
  24. I pump the coil briefly each time before I go over the same target. This helps to keep the GB from tuning small stuff out, but it does not avoid it completly. If a signal disapears, in particular when changing the approach angle, or if it is not repeatable/symmetrical, it is almost always mineralization (and/or GB is off). This happens to me with the Z when I do GB with the machine being oversaturated. This makes ghost signals appear which almost always go away if I cut back on gain before GB. Btw, nice going with 98 nuggets! I am just about half of that with the 6k alone. But I also use the Z in between, so I have an excuse 😉
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