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  1. neither. i simply gave him the information and told him if he chose to sell he could at a few places. and to be mindful the price of gold.
  2. i was showing a co-worker a minelab Go-Find 22. he knows nothing about detectors and was interested in how they work. i was explaining the difference between the four symbols on the display when a lengthy conversation ensued about detectors in general. he was amazed to hear about all the things they can find and have found for people and the technology inside the machines. suddenly he declares, "hey, if you know all this stuff can you tell if something is actually gold? i bought a used car and found something stuck in the floor boards. give me 2 mins and i'll run and grab it." now, this co-wor
  3. man alive. anyone in this forum would die just to ever find a single one of those, let alone a collection like that! that screams museum display! congrats on such awesome finds! -bryan
  4. i believe that is a Griffin/Gryphon holding a fish. Griffin's were believed to be the protectors of hidden treasures and mines. -bryan
  5. do we think it's a ML promo stunt? or a 3rd party Amazon store party? either way the video reeks of fraud.
  6. you are correct Sir. there are only about 25 full time residents on the island. when the military pulled out they left entire buildings of furniture. it's a bizarre place to visit because of these reasons. there is also only one "store" which opens every other day for 2 hours. think large walk-in closet with some metal shelves and one reefer with hot dogs and some meats. i paid $13 for a bag of doritos on the trip when we got stuck. gimme a bit and i can post some pictures.
  7. i'll attempt to answer everyone's questions is one thread. 1. i am in anchorage. i just retired from the USCG two weeks ago and decided to remain here in the last frontier. 2. i am a life long all around treasure hunting, prospecting, outdoors type. if it's of value i'll dig for it, metal detect, search for it, yard sale hunt, thrift store rummage, storage unit auction, etc etc. 3. i currently have only 2 detectors- a Garrett GTI 2500 and my trusty old Fisher Gold Bug II. a new coin/relic machine is in my near future. 4. i have more pans and sluice boxes than i probably sh
  8. greetings all. i'm bryan. i've been lurking the forums for a very long time but now i'm official! hope everyone has a great weekend.
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