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  1. i have a new one that's never been touched. msg me if you are still looking. -bryan
  2. Glasswalker- that was super informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  3. Thanks Goldpick! Appreciate you taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. Appreciate ya! -Bryan
  4. Curious to your thoughts on the LiPo batteries contained within the Nokta machines. They (Lithium Polymer batteries) are a wild breed in many formats and within the RC community tales of exploding fire batteries are not uncommon. They have special regulations regarding transport/shipment (especially within aircraft) and I've read they can be extremely fickle in regards to charging/storage. I'm only looking for input on the batteries themselves. The product line is amazing and what you get for the price is impressive (SIMPLEX!) and not in question. Hope everyone is well! -Bryan
  5. i purchased a copy from Reese several weeks ago and love it. showed a friend and he ordered 4 copies. 1 for him and 3 for gifts. fantastic book! not to mention Reese is pretty alright too 😜
  6. many many years ago while driving to work before sunrise in las vegas, i watched a meteor come down and hit in the parking lot of the mandalay bay casino. it was baseball sized (roughly) on impact. wish i could have pulled in and done a quick look but bills needed paying and trying to explain to the boss that i was late because of (insert crazy story) didn't sound like a good idea. -bryan
  7. no, but the subject is interesting enough to me that i think that has magazine article written all over it! -bryan
  8. good stuff! i've always found nickels to be one of the tougher signals and easily the least common of coins i dig up. keep at it!
  9. yeah, i know. i got a lot of teasing from friends and family but it's a dream job with a wonderful company so no harm no foul.
  10. thank you Sir! i took two days off and started a new job. excited for the future. -bryan
  11. he didn't say if there was and i'm glad he didn't mention it. plausible deniability and all =-P
  12. there has been much debate on the identity of said critters. meerkat's is in the lead ahead of roo's.
  13. neither. i simply gave him the information and told him if he chose to sell he could at a few places. and to be mindful the price of gold.
  14. i was showing a co-worker a minelab Go-Find 22. he knows nothing about detectors and was interested in how they work. i was explaining the difference between the four symbols on the display when a lengthy conversation ensued about detectors in general. he was amazed to hear about all the things they can find and have found for people and the technology inside the machines. suddenly he declares, "hey, if you know all this stuff can you tell if something is actually gold? i bought a used car and found something stuck in the floor boards. give me 2 mins and i'll run and grab it." now, this co-wor
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