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  1. I think the Equinox is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to be a good time to be in this hobby.
  2. I have enjoyed reading this thread and pictures. Keep posting about your travels.
  3. First 8 years I used the Etrac and the Indians were 12-11-32 to 34. I never pass up those numbers to dig. In the last couple of years I have tried fisher’s, deus and the equinox but still no luck with the Indians. I have a couple of my sons that hunt the same areas and their luck is about the same as mine. I love the Indians guess they are dodging my coil.
  4. I have been detecting for 10 yrs now and my total count for Indian Head Pennies stands at 3. My area was settled mid 1850’s. I have found numerous barber’s, V nickels, shield nickels and a couple of seated coins have been found. A bunch of teen Wheaties but the Indians are still hiding from me. I see a lot of you guys finding them on nearly every hunt and one guy in Ohio they just seem to jump out of the ground for him.😁 i think of the ratio of coppers to silver in finds but with all the coins I have found minted at the same time as the Indians I just wonder what happened to the Indians in this area.
  5. I have about 75 hrs on the Equinox and have never had a dime hit in the range you describe. Chirping can be a lot of things, as Steve has said, including sensitivity, EMI and a really trashy area. I hunt an old park where in all metal setting I get 5 to 10 hits per swing so the detector is chirping all the time. This detector sees a lot more in the ground than my etrac. i would be concerned about high conductors showing 12-14
  6. I generally use these sites then library https://www.historicaerials.com/ Sanborn maps Most states have old topo and county road maps that will show schools, churches and homes. Our county ag extension office has aerials from the 1940’s. Lots of information out there. Research will up your odds in finding that good spot.
  7. Oh how I long for the etrac warble on the CTX and Equinox. I agree the digital flute on the Equinox is something I dislike but I’m partial to Minelab. I sure like the lightweight though.
  8. I hope so if Minelab does updates. Still waiting on the first update on the CTX. LOL. Deus needs to follow also.
  9. I love finding nickels. My area here in northeast Texas was settled 1850’s. My oldest coin to date is a no date shield nickel. I hunt an older park quite a bit and around one old oak I have pulled 14 V nickels and the shield. Don’t know what the people were doing around that old tree but they lost a bunch of nickels.
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