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  1. I am using the NOX exclusively since I got it. I will be using the NOX today, on my way out to a new site today, I keep plugging away and trying new things. Guess my point is just I have not seen anything special with the NOX yet other than being waterproof. But I have not given up yet. Hoping something will click with me at some point. I do look at the TID but also listen to the tones. Anything that is a consistent repeatable tone I dig
  2. I use 5 tones on both. I use the stock coil on the Deus. I used the HF coils for a while but I found in town with trash the HF coils just amplify the trash and nails to higher numbers. The HF coils are useful out in a field to pick up tiny bits but not useful in town parks. Too sensitive
  3. One of my biggest issues with the NOX. I've never seen a negative number. All nails seem to ring up in the teens and 20's. Gold rings and such sound exactly the same as all the trash in my tests. I realise bottle caps and foil are always gonna be a problem. Quarters are the only thing so far that gives a good tone
  4. I have both a Deus and a NOX 800, been using just the NOX for the past couple months trying to learn it and get used to it. I just feel like the TDI numbers and tones are so compressed and I cant tell any difference between pennys and gold rings from trash. I could easily tell the difference on the DEUS. I cant seem to see any difference with the multi frequency on the NOX when I compare targets that tell me its detecting better or deeper at all? I've been reading peoples posts like crazy trying to see how it is helping with the multi on the nox
  5. Yea, after all the buildup I'm not very impressed with the equinox, seems to just be a beep/dig machine. My Deus can discriminate so much better
  6. SO I took my NOX 800 to the beach for first time. Ran in Beach 1 and Beach 2 for about an hour each and found one quarter lol Couldnt believe there was not at least some trash since this is literally 50 yards from a casino and heavily trafficked. Dead quiet the whole time, scanning my boots occasionally to make sure it was still detecting lol This beach is covered in leftover fire pits that are used by people on a weekly basis. I find it hard to believe there is not at least trash out there? Out of curiosity switched to gold mode to see what it would do in the dry sand several feet up from the wet line. It was non stop sqeaking. tried noise cancel and ground balance, still non stop noises, manually put ground balance to zero and same thing. Is it impossible to use gold mode in the dry sand? Am I missing something?
  7. 57buick

    Wireless Headphones Won't Connect

    Point is, maybe make sure you turn the detector on first , then the headphones. If you did a factory reset that means you'll need to actually pair the headphone again. After they are paired make sure you always turn them on in the right order.
  8. 57buick

    Wireless Headphones Won't Connect

    Not exactly the same problem but a headphone problem I had and figured out. First couple times out I turned my headphones on then turned the detector on. After a few seconds it showed connected but did not hear any audio, VDI numbers on screen and headphone symbol showing connected. Turned everything off, this time I turned the detector on first before the headphones and it connected and worked perfectly. I proved this by doing it both ways 3 times and everytime I turned the headphone on before the detector it would show connected but no actual audio.
  9. You will love it. I think the shovel is as good or better than the $100 and $150 shovels at the metal detecting stores Ive tried. That new root slayer trowel has been awesome. I tried one of their regular garden trowels and it broke trying to pry up a rock but this one is made differently and is much stronger. But they do have a lifetime warranty too though. I just wish they had the sheath for the trowel available, they dont yet. I ordered a wide leather tool pouch on amazon im gonna see if the trowel fits in it. Ill let you know
  10. 57buick

    Nox Detecting Question

    I spent today at the oldest high school in this big city. I took peoples recommendations and stuck to Park 1, GB, and Noise cancel. lowered the sensitivity down to about 18 and was able to hunt with a little less chatter. Still a lot of random signals but was able to find a few modern clad. Maybe there is just nothing here but the only thing I have found under about 4 or 5 inches is a large rusty pipe lol of course that sounded like a coin signal. The jury is still out but so far Im not seeing anything my Deus doesn't do just as well. Im not knocking it, I still have to put more hours on it, just cant wait to see this thing show me it works any better than the Deus after how long I waited for it lol
  11. 57buick

    Nox Detecting Question

    All good info, Gonna go back out today and try some of these things. One other question, I have never seen a negative number come up yet. Although I know these parks have lots of old iron. Should I just dig all the low numbers too like 1 and 2? Are gold rings gonna be in that range? That seems to be what Im reading that gold is gonna always be in that iron range. I found a couple gold rings a couple weeks ago with my Deus in this same park
  12. 57buick

    Nox Detecting Question

    maybe its just because of the heavy trash. I cant swing it without getting signals of some kind everywhere I go. Just seems weird that no matter what coin I pickup it never stands out from the trash. Always an iffy signal, half the time there is a coin there and half the time there is not. I will keep trying though hopefully something will click
  13. Finally got my Nox 800 and have spent 2 days in the local parks trying to learn it. I'm getting frustrated because it seems like there is not much of any tell tale between iron trash and a coin. Occasionally Ill get that sweet 31 or 32 for a quarter but otherwise it seems like it is chirping constantly and when I do dig a weak 12 or 14 its a dime, nickel, or penny only 3 or 4 inches deep. First of all it seems like a coin that shallow should jump out more in the tones but its always a weak signal that I just have to decide to dig or not. What am I missing? Secondly, 3 different parks and the thing seems like it is chirping constantly, I cant distinguish a good from a bad signal. Im running park 1 and park 2 doing the noise cancel.
  14. 57buick

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    Oh and they have a lifetime guarantee on most of their products
  15. 57buick

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    https://radiusgarden.com/collections/digging-tools/products/root-slayer-trowel?variant=8106301685849 Im using on of these from Radius Garden and Love it. they also have a slimmer designed one I havnt tried yet. But tip is V cut and sharpened a bit to cut thru roots and the edges cut out a plug like nobodys business. And it only cost $13.99 way better than my garrett digging tool