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  1. he makes all kinds of jewelry and stuff using real coins, you can search him on facebook "Coin Rings by Sully"
  2. never, it never leaves my pocket until I hang it up at home lol my truck has the proximity button so I dont even need it to start the vehicle as long as its in my pocket. Makes losing it harder
  3. Wasn't sure where to post this but since it is modeled after my Equinox coil I'm posting here. Just got this keycahin made by "Coin RIngs by Sully" a one ounce silver dollar punched out like a standard equinox 11" coil. He also makes all kinds of jewelry like rings and pendants from coins. You should check him out
  4. Im curious how the twist locks hold up over time getting dirt and grit in them? I am debating this shaft or the other one out there with the cam lever locks made by Detecting Innovations? But I dont think the Detecting Innovations one will rotate when collapsed to allow it to all lay flat into a case because they have a groove in the shaft to eliminate any shaft twist? The other benefit of the detecting innovations one is that it weighs a half pound lighter than the stock shaft. So im torn between the two but want to be able to put into a case for transport
  5. used the larger 11" coil today and park 1 and 2, seemed to work just as well I guess. still ots of trash but pulled up this weird Indian or Aztec medallion, copper ring and a lot of pennys. The medallion seems to be made of brass I think
  6. Thanks for that info. I will try some other settings and see what happens. I have one day a week sometimes two to detect and I keep going back to this same spot in town. Im sure I will be rewarded again eventually
  7. Should I try a different mode? This park is 200 years old and is all river rock everywhere ive dug so its hard digging anyway. But the river rock is natural. Dont think it was ever deposited by man. It runs along a creek that feeds off the main river. And its the main historical site for the whole city, the first pioneers to develop this part of the state lived on this property and their house is still there. He became the big bank owner in this city
  8. Well and I am using the small 6" coil because of the density of trash so my thinking was that I needed more sensitivity to make up for the small coil to detect anything old and deeper than 4 inches or so? At least thats what my thought process has been? Tell me if im thinking wrong
  9. this same park continues to be relentless with the pull tabs day after day lol Another load of mostly old pull tabs and a copper ring and a wheat penny today. Im convinced there has got to be more good stuff here somewhere. The copper ring and the wheatie were both found in hole with a pull tab, nothing different in the signal than every other pull tab I dug so it was completely masked as far as the NOX was concerned and that was in Field 1 so the recovery speed is at 6 I think
  10. I use 50 tones, 6" coil, Field 1 settings and I have been pounding this one particular old park. My numbers have never gone above I'd say around 28 or so but mostly 8 to 23 and ive been digging up rings, pendants, silver coins, clad, and bottle tops and pull tabs. Thats one thing I've never liked about the NOX is i always feel like I cant hear or see a lot of difference between different targets. Thats why Ive just resorted to digging everything. Ive been amazed at how many rings and things Ive dug up that I didnt realise was such a good signal. Im thinking ground mineralization might be having a big affect on how the detector works
  11. Ive sometimes had that happen. Ive also had seemingly same thing happen and i keep searching the soil Idug very slowly and I will suddenly come across a tiny bent nail or tiny piece of foil. Sometimes a tiny piece of foil will set the detector off when in the ground but not when out of the ground unless my pinpointer actually touches it. Thats all I can say about it. No idea why it would be an impression of a dime though
  12. The one issue ive had with the NOX is in my opinion is everything sounds and looks close to the same. Ive been digging pull tabs, beer tops and coins all day and they are all pretty darn close in numbers. But maybe im remembering the deus differently. I havnt used the deus since getting the NOX. But I am using Field 1 for better sensitivity with the small 6 inch coil. even though its a trashy park.
  13. Ive read it works good on gold but with my work schedule I never find the time to get out to the mountains and try it. Hope to soon though.
  14. went back to same spot today and found another ring and a gold rose pin, still have to test and see if its silver or white gold but think its silver
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