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  1. Yet another plus for a Nokta Simplex, you can throw that whole detector in the air and let it bounce off the ground and it will never hurt it. LOL Ive seen a local doing it all the time to prove the point. I wouldnt do it with the NOX lol
  2. Yea I have the same covers and their carbon fiber shaft setup. Really love the shaft so easy to brake down or change coils etc.
  3. thanks, yea I never thought of using the pinpoint mode like that. But yea this is a particular park that had multiple schools on it in the past and large areas are just solid nails and you can hear every one of them every 3 inches lol But I have still managed to pick out a couple gold rings there so I will continue to experiment
  4. Yea there is at least a couple spots I still detect occasionally that you cant find a clear piece of ground to do a ground balance. I guess thats part of why I asked the original question about doing a manual balance. And I think your right in those situations I'm worried that Im not getting an optimal ground balance. Which is why I was trying to understand the "theoretical" part of ground balancing so I could better understand how to compensate. I understand that doing a balance for the ground your on will give you the best balance and thus depth in that situation. But does say -3
  5. thanks guys, yea I think I get myself confused sometimes trying to overthink it. And yes its sometimes hard to describe in text what my mind starts wondering lol
  6. So how do you tell it to run with the ground number you chose or go back to auto tracking?
  7. Ive read hundreds of posts about ground balance but what I want to get clarification on from Steve or somebody is this. When you say you mostly manual ground balance do you mean you just start at zero setting and just raise the number up till its stable? Am I understanding that correctly? Also, Am I right in thinking zero is the best depth in general an the more you have to raise it the less depth you theoretically get?
  8. yep just goes to show you need to put in the work to dig everything. I always dig everything I detect. Sometimes I get a surprise
  9. My only issue and the reason I stick with my orange carrot is I like being able to keep extra 9v battery in the truck when my battery dies instead of being stuck recharging a pinpointer. But that said I might end up buying the basic pointer just to try it out
  10. oh wow, thanks for the info. I couldnt figure out how to narrow it down from the seemingly thousands of chinese coins lol mine measures 33mm diameter with my digital calipers so I can only guess it falls into the 32mm category? Also I notice that mine is struck off center, not sure if that adds any value ill have to find a coin dealer and ask I guess Not super valuable but an interesting find here in Oregon thanks again for the info.
  11. Found this coin in an old neighborhood but google has not helped me figure out year or value? Anybody read chinese or japanese that can give me some insight?
  12. I exclusevly use a Radius Garden Root Slayer trowel. they have a lifetime guarantee and serrated teeth to cut thru grass wads or small roots. I also carry the full sixe root slayer shovel. It is awesome for chopping thru roots and things and has never failed me or bent prying on boulders. https://radiusgarden.com/products/root-slayer-trowel
  13. he makes all kinds of jewelry and stuff using real coins, you can search him on facebook "Coin Rings by Sully"
  14. never, it never leaves my pocket until I hang it up at home lol my truck has the proximity button so I dont even need it to start the vehicle as long as its in my pocket. Makes losing it harder
  15. Wasn't sure where to post this but since it is modeled after my Equinox coil I'm posting here. Just got this keycahin made by "Coin RIngs by Sully" a one ounce silver dollar punched out like a standard equinox 11" coil. He also makes all kinds of jewelry like rings and pendants from coins. You should check him out
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