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  1. You can thank the Feds and their QE programs for the bump in PMs. Now that all the other countries are doing their own QE, we're almost back to dollar parity. Hard to peg gold since it's so manipulated. Same goes for the equity and forex markets. Once the Feds got involved, all bets are off on any price discovery. Best to just find as much gold as you possibly can and sit on it. Once the Feds lose control of the financial markets (and they eventually will) then gold will hit the stratosphere.
  2. I'm by far from "experienced", but I will offer you some advice on how I got into the gold prospecting business. First of all read everything you can on the basics of gold prospecting. In my opinion, this is the best book on the market for anybody interested in the pursuit of gold. It was penned by one of our very own forum members. I strongly suggest you read it, and then read it again! Second... read and research everything you can on the areas you are most interested in prospecting. This includes the history of the area, the geology, the mining reports, the assay reports, everything! Th
  3. How do you figure I was insulting you? Everything I said about your knowledge and experience on the Supers and LDM was true... right? If not, then I apologize for making you out to be somebody you're not. No offense Mike, but I'm not going to waste my time going to some rendezvous of Dutch Hunters. I'm sure everybody is nice and everything and I'd probably have a good time, but I just don't believe in all that gobbledygook. I'm sorry, but the LDM stuff is just not my thing. I'd rather concentrate my efforts on what I know is true fact. Here's what I will do though. When you're in tow
  4. Nice job! If it was that easy everybody would own a detector.
  5. BD... I was just joshing with ya and being a little sarcastic to boot. I totally agree with you. It's a nice story! The Supers are no doubt some very rough country which leads me to believe that not much activity (mining wise) took place in those hills for that very fact. The logistics of the myths and tales and what it would take to mine in that area just don't add up contrary to what many would have you believe. Here's a thread by one of the FS guys (now retired) that was in charge of examining any permits for "treasure troving" in the Supers. He pretty much confirmed my beliefs and sus
  6. If I was you, I would keep quiet about your unique talents. You could cause quite the stir if the LDM'ers found out how easy it would be for you to find the lost treasure. There are many in attendance who have been searching for the LDM for 30 years or more. I don't think they'd appreciate some new guy showing up and finding the LDM on his first hike into the mountains. That'd be a can of worms I definitely wouldn't want to open.
  7. BD... apparently you don't know much about the LDM. First of all, the Spanish or the Jesuits did all the easy work and dug all the mines in the SWA many hundreds of years ago before it was a wilderness area. After digging their mines, they then hauled all the tailings away so there was no trace of their mining. Plus they booby trapped all their mines so nobody else could find them or steal any ore when they went on vacation and came back to dig some more. Don't believe me, just ask Gollum, he's an expert on the LDM and will verify what I say. Second of all, Jacob Waltz was the best miner in th
  8. Here in AZ you are not charged for a legitimate rescue. Search and rescues are part of your tax dollars. We do have a "stupid motorist law" in which you can be charged for a rescue if you drive around any barricades and into a raging river during our monsoon season. Believe me... every time it rains more than a couple inches, there's always some bozo that thinks his high lift 4WD is immune to the forces of flowing water, so they disregard the warnings and end up getting swept away down stream several hundred yards and slammed into a tree. It happens every time we get a good rain. The GEOS in
  9. I've had the SPOT ever since they came out. I remember there were a lot of complaints on coverage just because they didn't have the number of birds in the air as they do now. I never had any problems here in the SW, so I've continued to use their services. Judging by all the world wide rescues they've initiated, sounds like they (GlobalStar) must have their sh*t together now. If I didn't already have the SPOT and felt confident in it's capabilities, the 406 EPIRB would definitely be in my survival toolbox.
  10. Ditto to what Jasong said... nice nugget no matter the size.
  11. That's the story of my life. Ever since I began prospecting for gold, my main point of focus was to find those undiscovered patches and pockets that the old timers may have overlooked, or else didn't want to mess with because of the remoteness. Speaking for myself, I consider it too easy to go where everybody else has already been. Sure I could probably get a picker here and there just from following all the dig holes and drywash piles, but that's not what I'm after. I'd rather reap the rewards of finding my own. I'm either going big or going home! Thankfully, each time I go out prospecting I
  12. Just gotta love those bubble brained government sponsored "scientists". They can easily get their desired results in a lab setting, but don't have the faintest clue of the reality of what it takes to scale it up to commercial viability. Just like the algae bio fuel scam. They could easily grow and process algae in a controlled lab setting, but in the real world, they soon discovered it wasn't so easy, as all it takes is a small fluctuation in the temps, or the slightest contamination, and there goes 1000's of gallons of product down the drain.
  13. If it's metal, chances are it was commercially mined at one point in time. What's the history/geology of your prospects? There were a lot of weird/exotic metals mined in AZ back in the day.
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