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  1. That's Karma buddy! So happy for you Struck! One of those coins that you never think will be found. Awesome!
  2. For sure. Recent vids where pretty boring. Hard to keep finding good sites.
  3. Tell him Dayray ? says hi! He used to detect with a guy named Rob, was why I asked. Nightray is a beast when it comes to detecting.
  4. Awesome finds...and your nuts for pushing it, lol. Just my o ponion, but would be careful putting on internet any location details...antiquity act...not judging, just a word of caution. Ask lowboy?
  5. The pic makes it looked toned..to the naked eye, looks fresh..and was sticking out the side of the plug. Have not looked under a loop yet, and my eye site is pretty bad, lol.
  6. No matter how careful I try to be, seem to mess up the best ones. Hit a hammered gold camp with my son. I run the Deus with full tones, and can call silver with certainty. Knew I had a deep coin, but somehow managed to Nick the back. Turned a high dollar coin into?. Anyways, only chance I get to detect or fish lately, is when it's raining...like it is now...so heading out. Cheers!
  7. Aaahh...guess you beat me to El's 13 inch coil? the f19 is a great detector. Enjoy it.
  8. Always love your stories...although I think your crazy? You got guts my friend, stay safe so we can enjoy more of your adventures.
  9. Awesome!! And not trying to be a downer, but something to keep in mind...DONT rub any gold or silver coin!. It's hard not too, we all want to see that date, what it is , etc. I just throw them in my mouth? Can't be any worse than Copenhaegen??. Congratulations to the finder.
  10. Nice find man!! Great detail. We find holed coins too! Adds to the history, in my oponion Looks like they used a square nail to do it.
  11. They are here buddy. That's a Mexican mint one bottom right. These came from gold camp last year
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