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  1. Who cares . Use what works for you.
  2. deathray

    '19 Misadventures In Baja

    Always love your stories...although I think your crazy😁 You got guts my friend, stay safe so we can enjoy more of your adventures.
  3. Awesome!! And not trying to be a downer, but something to keep in mind...DONT rub any gold or silver coin!. It's hard not too, we all want to see that date, what it is , etc. I just throw them in my mouth😁 Can't be any worse than Copenhaegen🤣🤣. Congratulations to the finder.
  4. Nice find man!! Great detail. We find holed coins too! Adds to the history, in my oponion Looks like they used a square nail to do it.
  5. They are here buddy. That's a Mexican mint one bottom right. These came from gold camp last year
  6. deathray

    Good Time To Start Finds Contests?

    Yes. Was just showing off, not entering😁
  7. I don't detect for modern stuff, so makes no difference to me. I just don't get any thrill from it, ya know?
  8. deathray

    2019 Goals

    Detect and fish more, work less.
  9. deathray

    Good Time To Start Finds Contests?

    Sure thing man!
  10. deathray

    XP Deus Wireless Ws4 / Ws5 Headphone New Features

    Good write up Steve. A buddy of mine just hit me up about this set up...wanted to know if he could get away without the remote. As relic hunters, I say no silencer function, no bueno.
  11. deathray

    Minelab In Sacramento Jan 16 - 19

    Probably will hit the show Thurs.