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  1. Thanks...guess he just has me on ignore, since I have left 6 or 7 messages in last month.
  2. It goes directly to voice-mail, after 1 ring. Hopefully he is just busy filling his poke. I'm not in a super big rush, I mostly relic hunt anyways.
  3. I tried messaging off his site, and have placed numerous calls to both the 800 number,and the local number. Left messages. Figured he was out detecting at first,then feared something bad happened.
  4. Hey guys, been awhile. Any news on Doc? I bought a goldscreamer from him in January...it's not working, and tried to get hold of him for a month. Not airing dirty laundry, seriously wondering if he is OK, and if so, anyone know how to get hold of him, besides the 2 numbers listed? Thanks, Ray
  5. don't think to many collectors want crusty green pennys. I check the date, bout it. Rather keep room for relics and older coins...if you detect long enough, you end up with thousands of wheats.
  6. Holy crap! You made me look, and it sure does! Honestly, hope I dont sound like an elitists dick...but I dont like finding wheatys. Usually throw them in the change jar bound for coinstar. Now I gotta go find where I put that! Thanks for pointing it out, guess I will look carefully for now on!
  7. Hey Brian, long time no see. Yeah, its a real one, haha.
  8. GB...15-s..kinda scarce I guess. Kac...yeah, was hunting area with a Chinese Camp. Weve found probably over a 100 at this site. All history, tells the story.
  9. Thanks Steve! I knew you'd have the answer.
  10. Hi folks...been working my butt off last few years. Purposely trying to slow down for awhile, get in some detecting, fishing, and work on my own house for a change. Went with some buddies, back to a camp weve hit for years. Place had activity from 48 to depression. Deus with 9" hf coil is the ticket. The nug was nice ...was just discussing how we where surprised one hadnt turned up yet. The 3 cent nickel is a first for me, and rare Ca find. Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Oh my...too many ax heads to count! Picks..few dozen whole, numerous tips. Love picks!
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