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    Prospecting, photography, fishing, hunting and general outdoor adventure
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    SDC 2300, Garrett Infinium, AT Gold, Gold Bug 2, Fisher F-Pulse, Garrett Pinpointer, Falcon MD-20, 3" highbank set up, Vortex sluice w/pump, etc.

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  1. Filmalaska

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    That sounds like a great idea, Dig it. I’m headed for Reno Monday but let us know if coffee or brew is on the horizon before then. Grizz12 as well. I’m in Sterling but work in Kenai so anywhere in between is good.
  2. Filmalaska

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    Hey there Grizz12, I’m taking an old friend out for a ride tomorrow and a look around. But I’d be happy to get out with you another day. Really hoping the snow will thin out a bit with some warmer weather (yea right). I’ll let you know when I get out next. Morgan
  3. Filmalaska

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    I’m down the road in Sterling. I think I’m going to head for Cooper Landing tomorrow for a little walking/detecting as well. Before the temps dive down on Thursday.
  4. Hi WesD, Have you sold your pick?
  5. Robsdetectors has an order coming in of adapters.
  6. I seem to have lucked out on the one I recently bought. I’m not having any of the issues described. So far so good.
  7. Thanks Dig it. I did order a set of the GG but now waiting for the headphone adaptor for the SDC2300.
  8. Filmalaska

    SDC 2300 Headphone Adaptor

    I did contact Rob and ordered one. Thanks again.
  9. Filmalaska

    SDC 2300 Headphone Adaptor

    Thanks Majuba, I just found his site and remember talking to him a few years back while in Prescott. Appreciate it.
  10. Filmalaska

    SDC 2300 Headphone Adaptor

    Right on, thanks.
  11. Howdy, Can anyone recommend where to buy a headphone adapter for Minelab’s proprietary headphone jack? thanks, Morgan
  12. Filmalaska

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody and best wishes for 2019.
  13. Before buying the standard headphones offered by Fisher I’m looking a recommendation for any other options. Has anyone found something better than the standard offering? thanks, Morgan
  14. Filmalaska

    Wanting To Add A Third Detector

    Thanks very much, Steve. I think I'm going with the Gold Bug 2 for the high frequency. And I'm seeing the GB2 with 6.5" and 10" coils for about $750 on Amazon. Morgan
  15. Filmalaska

    Wanting To Add A Third Detector

    JW, Thanks for jumping in and for the leads. I’ve read quite a few of the reviews but haven’t looked closely at the Nox or Monster. I’ll go check them out and get back. best, Morgan