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  1. I probably will try that hack at some point. It seems easier than trying to fool the altimeter. Anyways, just wanted to comment on that since the question was asked about using a drone in the mountains in AZ and the Rockies, that's the main issue I had. In AZ I've been able to find high enough launch points, but a few times I've had to use the optical zoom after hitting the restriction. In the Rockies it turns into a real limitation though where mountains with prospects can be 4000ft+ prominence above the highest launch point you can drive to without climbing the mountain. When I bo
  2. Finally some actual measurements...thank you very much to these fellows! Add me to the impressed list as well, I think the 6000 had a better response on the big deep nugget with both coils, and clearly better response on the smaller, shallow stuff. Definitely curious how they both do in Normal and at high gains now.
  3. That may be a rule, but there is an absolute height restriction of 500m from launching point on the Mavic 2 firmware, so it's not possible to stay 400ft above the ground when flying up mountains. Unless I'm missing some setting that disables it, but I tried and couldn't find one, thus I have to find the highest possible point to launch. The drone does not appear to have any capability to measure height above surface, only altitude from original launching point (it probably uses an altimeter, doesn't measure distance above surfaces). It doesn't care if there is a mountain under you increasing h
  4. There are these style that don't include the glasses, but still let your hear the environment too. Unfortunately not AptX either though... I stopped using headphones entirely because of rattlers and I like to listen for my dog in case he hurts himself. I dig the concept of having phones that let you hear the environment. I can see XP making something like this for some reason.
  5. I have a Mavic 2 Zoom that I use in the Rockies and Arizona. It's been a real time saver scouting prospect, mines, and outcrop up in the mountains. I can see which have features that interest me, it's high enough resolution to tell the difference between ore piles and waste piles. Resolution is good enough that I can pretty easily identify outcrops. The zoom is actually surprisingly good too. The height limitation sucks around the high mountains, but I find a high spot to launch and combined with the zoom I've been able to see whatever I've sought. It hasn't been as useful to me in the de
  6. Ok, well thanks for taking the time to type that all out. It was reasonable for me to wonder that if with new and unknown GeoSense, a brand new DD "unlike any other DD", and fairly top of the line modern signal processing circuitry that there might be some gains over 6-15 year old technology. That was the basis for my question, and it was a reasonable question to ask. I'm sorry you took flak for the Equinox, but I definitely wasn't one of those people. Just to be clear there. I'll move on, no intentions on bringing anyone down.
  7. Were you able to get a 6000 and get it into the field Steve?
  8. Not all experts are created equal. Can't really compare a person like JP who detects for a living and has access to Minelab engineers to some of the Easy Experts in Arizona who advise people to run in Fine Gold and 8 gain in very mild places like Q and GB, or who don't seem to understand what the stabilizer does still after how many years... I learned how to detect by targeting the voluminous amounts of gold missed by the latter group, and I see many of them still saying the same things today that caused them to miss all that gold 13 years ago, which means they still haven't learned and I
  9. How wet is the soil out there now Rick? I want to jet out there for a week here soon.
  10. Are those mountains in the background the famous range they appear to be? If so, my dude is pulling mad nugs out of what might be the most famous place in the US noted for having no actual gold. I can't stand Phoenix or any big city really, and try to stay far away, so cannot confirm. But I'd find it hilarious and par for this marketing strategy if so.
  11. That there is exactly why I'm still looking at how the 6000 does in the field. I could care less about a thousand tiny dinks, my GPZ and 8"/10" finds them smaller than I care to hassle with already. It's truly a waste of time in my mind to spend all that effort recovering a 0.02 grammer that I can barely see, unless I'm just looking for patch leads. And my GB2 and GM1000 are lighter and just as sensitive for hard rock stuff (plus have discrim) when I need that. I think the bulk of what's left for decent finds in old patches are going to be pulled out of places where salt and heavy mineral
  12. Interested about how it does in salt still and how that 14" feels swinging day in and out. Lost hope that I'll find out without buying it myself, and given my current lineup of equipment it doesn't seem worth it to me personally. If it was $2k I'd buy it just to find out, $6k no thanks. If all I owned was a 4500/5000/SDC/GPZ with no coils, I'd be all over this one too as it's going to pull a lot of dinks up those machines miss. If field reports convince me it can find me more than $6k worth of stuff my GPZ w/coil selection is missing then I'll pick one up though. Otherwise I'll hold off o
  13. Nice hunting and good luck with the move, with as good as you do down South I have no doubt you'll be making some nice finds posts up North in short time too!
  14. Thanks for the links Steve, I was confused if I had missed something here. I don't follow many other forums these days and that place sure made me remember why after I browsed around on various threads.
  15. Roof "pendant", different beast than a pediment. We have a few similar places in Arizona. Who owns X Coils now? Are they still Russian?
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