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  1. Very nice work. A lot of modern points look like replicas, but that looks like the real deal.
  2. There is one ace in the hole for upstart companies. Patents only last 20 years in the US and cannot be renewed if I understand correctly. The 3500 and even the 4500 have to be expiring in some years. Heck, the GPZ patents gotta be 8-10 years old by now? If Minelab has an Achilles heel, it's exactly where they took a shot at the rest of the market with the Equinox: Price. Someone could probably make a pretty capable 4500-ish detector soon with modern updates for $750, and no patent worries. Put that in the Middle East and I be you move some units. Minelab has to ensure they are always
  3. It's kinda hilarious, this highly anticipated detector globally. And Minelab's big reveal outside the Middle East apparantly is a tiny booth at an RV show that really has nothing to do with metal detecting, in a 3,000 person town, with no advertisement so prospectors might show up and see it unless they happen to be also looking for an RV? Granted, lots of snowbirds there in the winter. But still... You couldn't get more diametrically opposite than the Equinox Parachute Guy than with this release I guess.
  4. If it was a new GPZ 7500 I miiiiight be tempted to do a midnight run down there. I'm on the sidelines watching this one though. But they are more than welcome to stop by my land if they are flying out of Vegas and I'll stream a demo for the internet. Glad to do a GPZ comparison too. Guessing that ain't gonna happen though. 😉
  5. I had her ask the rep if they'd be going to any other shows and it sounds like after tomorrow they are heading back to Chicago. So basically today, tomorrow, then gone. I'm surprised there was no advertising or anything, I'd have gone a few days ago if I had known, can't leave now though.
  6. There is a Minelab rep from Chicago in Quartzsite right now with a GPX 6000 exhibiting it. Tomorrow is the last day, I can't make it down there though soon enough to see it. Anyone else in the area and curious to see might go to the Miner's Depot booth at the RV show though.
  7. These Middle East and African dealers are showing the 6000 in shop aplenty, but none have shown it actually working in the field. That has to mean Minelab is allowing them to show a little, but not everything otherwise one surely would have shown it in action by now? So why exactly can those dealers show a little but the US dealers appear to have their hands completely tied about revealing anything still? I get that market is bigger, but so what? It's the same product and we live on the same planet.
  8. I don't know anything about relic hunting, but with the GPX there are ways to ignore tiny ferrous items other than iron discrim. For instance: in the Chemhuevis there are these tiny metal wires everywhere from airborne WW2 target practice screens. You can eliminate good percentage of them while still running high gain and hitting deep nuggets by running in Salt Coarse (I found a 28 gram speci there with this technique). Or, you can also ignore a good percentage of them while still getting deeper nuggets by getting a good, large DD coil but staying in all metal. Also, you can increase the stab
  9. For me, in my mild ground, running low smoothing and lower thresholds is simply about operational efficiency. I've tested repeatedly on in situ targets, for years, and there just are not enough targets out there which I missed at a threshold of 8-12 but I hit at a threshold of 24-28 to make it worth it to run high thresholds all the time. I encourage others to test it themselves. It's really almost an insignificant amount of targets in patches I've worked and reworked over constantly in AZ and NV. Your locations may vary... However, a threshold of 28 creates a huge amount of spurious EMI,
  10. Thanks for clarification, I will divert the topic no more. I'm not the greatest with social issues, just had to make sure I was reading the room ok. 😄
  11. It's a bittersweet progression in ways. The only reason I'm detecting today is because Fine Gold and the 5000 in general kept people from running optimally and thus left behind enough leads for me to find to get a sense of what geology and topography supported nuggety gold. Done by trying to understand the 4500 settings as much as I could, and testing testing testing. If everyone was running in max gain, mono, in sensitive extra or sharp (in the places I was detecting), I'd have probably quit years ago for lack of success and inability to find enough leads to learn from. I had already lea
  12. I'm glad JP has a place. I'm sure the others will find a place too. Both seem from my limited interactions to be good people. I've put great effort to detail everything I can in my reports (good and bad) not because it's a forum requirement, but because that's what I want to read in other's reports too including my own - for any product anywhere in general. I'm pretty much a total hermit though, and while I'm happy to have a chance to talk to all the good people I've met and learned from along the way - my primary purpose for coming here is not to make friends but to keep up with and talk
  13. I get the feeling that video was supposed to be the big epic pre-release first peek "teaser" from Minleab and they hadn't exactly planned on the Dubai dealers releasing their own previews a week ago showing 100x more.
  14. Longer and longer between them every year for me. Places I used to be able to depend on 1/4-1/2 oz'ers weekly I now struggle to get 2 grammers out of. There are still some good places to discover out there even in the lower 48 I think though. I've found gold in places no one has ever detected, no drywashing evidence, and no history of placer production. Just takes a lot of patience to explore and not find anything, which widens that gap between 10 grammers even more significantly...
  15. I try to keep out of most personal things as I just like to wander around alone mostly. My vocal chords sometimes go so long without use that I find it difficult to speak without my voice going in and out (my typing fingers however, stay nimble). So I don't know a lot of people personally. But I agree JP's knowledge and posts on this forum have been and will continue to be a great resource to many detectorists, and I find a lot of value in his posts personally as well. I do also see value in the thoughts and experience of those who were banned. But the underlying fact for me is, thi
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